Ten Weeks


Use the time remaining well.

Tempus fugit.

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    I hope I am in error. I believe we do not have that much time. Should The Donald win, it is possible Barry and his puppet masters will exercise their version of the “Samson Option”. While we are all focused with rapt attention on the latest news involving the Hildabeest and the Wieners, other dark forces are watching and prepping.
    The war-mongering Neocons and their toadies in the media such as Bill Kristol, et. al. have a lot to lose if Trump triumphs. Soros, the Rothschilds, and the rest of the international Bankster(((eskimo))) community also have a lot to lose. They could orchestrate some false flag catastrophe to derail everything and cause the election results to be nullified.
    I put nothing past these people. They are totally in the thrall of Satan. I know that I posted previously that the sun will still be shining on November 9th. But, there is always that storm which is circling offshore which could or could not hit us. The folks at the local big-box ammo and gun store over in CDA are ready for the big one. There are pallets of ammo all over the place. Get what you feel you need NOW.

    • “I put nothing past these people. They are totally in the thrall of Satan.”

      Some of them are flat our worshiping openly. http://www.dailydot.com/layer8/podesta-spirit-cooking-email-wikileaks/

      I don’t think we have that much time either. Global war is an exit strategy for these bastards.

    • I hope you are in error too. But the international cartels will not simply roll up and go home. Nope. And I agree I don’t believe we have until the third week of January. On Wednesday the 9th if Hillary takes the stage, the sporting good shops will look like the grocery stores in Florida a couple days before the hurricane hits. Hour is late, inventory your stash and pick up what you can afford. Regardless it probably will not get any cheaper. If we go into huge civil unrest and riots. Stay down stay quite and let the first wave roll over. water, food, medical, extra fuel, ammo and magazines. etc etc. Watch your back trail. Have a well thought out kit in each of your vehicles. Keep the top half filled on your vehicles. Sure most know the drill. And by all means keep working out as a strong body improves the mind and keeps it clear.

      • ak-shully, if Trumpet wins there’ll be some minor ruckus on the Left. Then nothing. If Hiligula wins…nothing much will happen either. Until the dollar dies. Then, things will happen.

    • Mr. Weasel,

      Allow me to remind that some months ago when Mr. T. M-F’ed the global community, in particular the ChiComs for the two way street of “free trade”….foreign crap in, fUSA jobs out, the Frogs, Kamerad, and quite vocally the Red Chinese WARNED citizens of fUSA not to elect Patriot and Nationalist Donald J. Trump ! Foreigners, communists meddling & warning Amerikan citizens not to exercise their voting rights !

      The international community has been feeding at the trough of free trade for decades. fUSA has been funding the fucking world at our very own expense. And Mr. T. is telling the Free Traders “Go To Hell” !

      Ammo is already getting scarce. Prices reasonable but if one ventures to the Nosler factory outlet site they’re out of stock on almost everything.

      Tariff the living crap out of everything coming into this formerly great nation !

      Never give up your guns.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Just got an 8 lb keg of powder today at a good price ($180), the 1 lb of RL-19 last week was $34, fukn insane when the last one was $26. Can’t even imagine what we’ll see in a week.
        Good luck to all.

        • Come down to my location. Trailhead guns has 1# at $27 to $29 each depending on type. Pistol and shotgun powders at $27 to $28 each. 8# running a bit higher at $190 each. Not much Reliant but plenty of Winchester, IMR and Hogden. Lots of folks are simply waiting for the 8th to roll around. Sooo it should prove interesting.

        • SF0321,

          I’m finding the best deals on powder and bullets over at http://www.powdervalleyinc.com. Found Barnes’ 85 grain .224 bullets there that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

  2. Simply, functional affordable. Simple is best.

  3. I find it interesting how msm is actually putting up articles about folks preparing food wise and actually shows the idea that is not paranoid nuts but folks just covering their ass to a degree whether man made or natural disaster hits.

    • James,

      I saw for the first time ever a TeeVee commercial for Mountain House freeze-dried food.

  4. Don’t forget food. You can’t eat that ammo and you can’t carry your load without energy.

    Beans and rice: The Mexican grocery stores are happy to order 50# bags for you. It’s pretty cheap. Put them in clean 5gal buckets with gasket lids. You can put it in mylar bags and purge with nitrogen or add O2 absorbers, but dry beans in a dry bucket is all you really need.

    Buy meat in bulk and can it. Way cheaper than Mountain House.

    Pickled eggs are easy, store well and a good source of nutrition. You don’t need a canner.

    Salt is cheap. Store some of that too.

    Drive a wellpoint. It will hit the shallow water table at 10′-20′. This is the same water that our ancestors got from a hand dug well. Depending on your location and proximity to septic systems, you might need to run it through your Berkey or other filtration before drinking it. You can do this in a subdivision.

  5. With respect to the election … the permutations are endless.

    But, if Barry thinks that they can’t swing a convincing win for the Democrats, he might be tempted to instigate “something” this coming Monday, or even Sunday. The groundwork has already been laid in the MSM; all that talk of “crazed Right Wingers” and of “Islamic” threats to disrupt the election. Something big enough to warrant a postponement of the electoral process.

    God knows, there are enough people out there, upon whom the blame can be convincingly laid.

    For starters, there’s all you guys … known to be “enemies of the State”.

    I dunno what it’s like for you, but for me, the tension is palpable. And, it’s not even likely that I’m gonna get shot, here in my English Soviet. Well, not for a little while, anyway.

    As for the FBI being saviours of the Constitution … well, the best predictor of future behaviour, is past behaviour. I think it’s a psyop. These guys have shown no interest in jeopardising their own status and privileges. Why would they start, now? Hope I’m wrong.

    • He’s already tossed out the “Russians are tampering with our election and we’re going to strike back” bullshit. From what I’ve seen, If hilldawg wins, it’ll be because of MASSIVE voter fraud. I haven’t seen a single yard sign or bumpersticker endorsing the vile bitch all election season and I live in a supposedly blue state. Just more leftist projection only this time they’re telegraphing their punches, HARD…. The only unknown is how America will respond to it.

      • LoL,

        I travelled across the northern tier of three states, NY, PA and Ohio last week. The number of Klinton signs I could count on one hand ! Trump signs ranged in size from standard lawn size to billboard size. This crap the MSM (including Faux News) is feeding citizens is pure, fucking horseshit. The polls are lies.

        If the bitch “wins” I agree with you….it will be voter fraud.

  6. A Tip on extended camping –> I have over 300 nights of camping under my belt. What I learned was that a light weight hammock (with spreaders) stretched very tight and as far apart a possible is best (this helps you to get as close to parallel with ground as possible). If you do not have trees for support large bushes will work also. A comfort trick—> tie the hammock very low. Low enough that when you are in it your butt/hips touch the ground. This works great, it allows you to stretch out fully and get a better nights sleep. A small pad under your hips helps make even better.

    Tip #2
    You MUST have a bivy sack. You need something that will block the wind. I learned this the hard way while camping in the middle of winter in west Texas. I had a -20 sleeping bag, hammock, and tarp. the weatherman called for temps in the 20’s. I positioned my hammock very low as described above, I positioned the tarp to keep off sleet and drizzle, about a foot above my head when IN the hammock. That night the wind picked up and brought in that 20 degree cold front —> with 40 mph sustained winds. I had very little wind protection. Even with the -20 rating of my bag I had no choice but to take down my tarp and wrap myself in it. The next morning I was alive and warm —> but wet with moisture. Tarps don’t breath to well. The Lesson here don’t forget your breathable bivy sack (gore-Tex, etc).

    • Don’t let your butt, etc. rest on the ground in when the weather is warm and you are sleeping. Spiders, vipers, etc. would then find a nice warm place on your body to rest. In warm weather you always want to sleep at least a few inches off the ground. In bear country, make that distance at least 5 meters.

  7. If Trump wins, I expect the establishment to manipulate him and bog him down. Anyone see or hear Mitch McConnell the last 2 months? Where has he been hiding? Not on TV.

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  9. “Government is presently defined as the governing body of a nation, state, or community. The word is also defined as:
    “the system by which a nation, state, or community is governed.”
    Which may include:
    “the action or manner of controlling or regulating a nation, organization, or people.”
    the group of people in office at a particular time; administration.
    We assume that government is a matter of force by those who govern. But the word govern only means:
    “conduct the policy, actions, and affairs of (a state, organization, or people).”
    What if the “policy” of the government was to not exercise authority one over the other?
    What if it was the policy of particular kind of “government” to only serve the people through voluntary system or public affairs where those people in government service to the people were not allowed to exercise authority one over the other”.
    See http://www.preparingyou.com/wiki/Government
    “The kingdom of God and the Church appointed by Christ is that form of government and the people and the ministers are to be seeking that kingdom of God and its righteousness daily.
    The modern Church have lead the people to depend on the benefactors who exercise authority one over the other.
    The modern Christians have become addicted to the benefits of the world and slothful in the ways of the Kingdom of God at that form of government.
    The apostles walked daily with Christ.
    Many who sought to be his disciples fell away.
    They bickered amongst themselves right up to the Crucifixion and even disagreed and had to learn more after Pentecost.
    Seeking the kingdom is a journey and believing in a form of government that operates and functions by faith hope and charity and the perfect law of liberty is the way to become a true believer.”

  10. No, the end of the world as we know it doesn’t happen any time soon.


  11. Folks need to understand the EC. There is nothing that mandates electors to vote with the popular vote in 26 of the states. The others mandate it by state law. A look at the “electors” can be really fun (for those of you who are voting, I am a conscientious objector since no one I see on any ballot is not in the grips of Satan). Here you go.


    (this list has all, not just PA)

    For fun take a look at some of NY states electors:
    Democratic Party[edit]
    William J. Clinton
    Andrew M. Cuomo
    Kathy C. Hochul
    Thomas P. DiNapoli
    Eric T. Schneiderman
    Carl E. Heastie
    Andrea Stewart-Cousins
    Bill de Blasio
    (list truncated for brevity sake)

    Good stuff that eh? It’s a big club and you ain’t in it. But if you don’t vote you’re a coward. It’s your duty. You have no voice. Your thoughts don’t count. Blah blah blah.

    The political process has failed.

    Once I shot a buck with a 300 win mag at 25 yards. Good shot as he stopped where he was on the side of a thicket and fell down to bleed out in the snow. The blood was bright red and there was a ton of it. His breathing looked to have stopped altogether so after 30 mins I climbed down from my stand and cautiously approached the thicket. That son of a gun then stood up and leapt 6 feet over the damn thicket and down the hill. I waited a few secs and then pursued slowly not wanting to push him on to the neighbors farm but knowing if he got across the creek I had maybe 50 yds to get a shot before he got on that farm and follow up shots would become impossible. I made the follow up shot from about 125 yds and dropped him for good.

    Morals of the story:

    Much like our political process, he didn’t know he was dead on his feet.
    Blood trailing is an essential skill so make a good first shot so it’s easier.

  12. People living on the “wrong” side of a city and/or a water obstacle might consider an inflatable raft and/or bolt cutters.