Why They Hate Us


Cloud people versus Team BFYTW.


Can’t grow food in clouds.


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  1. May the purge begin!

  2. Remember the law of 3’s.
    For the average healthy individual. Excludes places like Najaf Iraq or extreme work. Depends on location, activity and health of the body but the lesson is..
    3 weeks without food the body is incapacitated.
    3 days without water the body is incapacitated.
    3 hours without shelter in extreme weather the body is incapacitated.
    3 minutes without Oxygen the body is incapacitated.
    3/10ths of a second slower in a gun fight then your adversary and your body is incapacitated.
    Plan accordingly and continue to acquire, practice, train and work out – get fit. And when you are not doing that, build tribe and community.
    Watch your back trail. Good luck as luck favors the prepared.

  3. Food, water, shelter, community, defense preparations….

  4. Tango tango 03

    The those mother fuckers

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  6. This isn’t that complicated. They hate us and Trump because we’re a real threat to their source of income and their power. The idea that we’ve begun to view them as “job attached welfare recipients” terrifies them. Truth is, that’s all they are. They do nothing, produce nothing and value nothing beyond their own personal gain, period. They HATE us for saying as much to their faces and spreading this little truth as far and wide as we can. Think about this. If %95 percent of all government employees, city, county, state and federal were to be fired tomorrow, would you, personally, even notice a blip in any of the “services” they claim to provide? I wouldn’t. They’re literally worthless, period.

    • Right on target – except that they are worse than worthless.

    • There’s a whole lot of people that could suddenly end up dead by end of day tomorrow – which would have absolutely no effect of the actual functioning of the country and all it’s many parts. In fact the rest of us who actually do contribute and keep it running – would be better off.

      This is a long winded way of saying there are a lot of “worthless” people out there – who are nothing but a burden.

      The worst part is : they’re getting arrogant about it and DEMANDING to be supported.

  7. Frame of Reference: “Broken Window Scheme”.

    In some circles, the legend of the “Broken Window Scheme” originated in Paris where a window/glazing company sent-operatives to break windows; in order to drum-up window/glazing business. Today’s public and private Enterprise Architectures (EA) depend heavily on using operatives to go out and break “windows” in order to drum-up business…. at the very-least, allowing “windows” to be broken.

    The business model of the majority of Trump’s opposition depends heavily on opposing whom-ever is in office.

    Rhetorical Question: Who needs people Beck, O Reilly, Krauthammer, or Hume unless they line up in opposition to the liberal agenda? The answer is no-fucking body. Younger people at FOX are positioning themselves (perhaps literally) to conform to Murdock’s more liberal replacement.

    90% of the conservative pundits owe much of their paychecks to the biggest scandal this country has ever seen; the half-Irish son of a Kenyan polygamist sitting in the oval office.

  8. The butthurt from those about to be dispossessed from “their” party is strong. When they find out they will occupy 0% of the new sinecures and such, the screaming and wailing will start, and then the defections to being openly Democrat, because paycheck.

    I give the GOP a 50/50 chance of surviving if Trump wins. Or loses.
    And their own insiders have sussed that out too, and it scares the living $#!^ out of them, in their darkened bedrooms late at night.

    After you piss on a sizeable crowd’s heads for 15 months, it’s awfully hard to try to win them back.

  9. Mona Charen is a wannabe cloud person, but all she can manage is fog. She and her cohorts in tyranny are so desirous of a place at the table that they would sale their own children if that’s what it took. So what do they do? Obfuscate, redirect, filter, and cloud the perception of reality.

    She is a FOG person. She is Main Stream Media.