A Two-Fer From The Burning Platform


Part I: The Fourth Turning Intensifies

Part II: The Fourth Turning Intensifies

Much excitement ahead.

Stay frosty.

Learn skills.

Share skills.

You don’t have enough food, friends, or firepower.

Keep bashing on.

5 responses to “A Two-Fer From The Burning Platform

  1. These articles point out some of my reasoning why I think a Killary Presidency is the better long term *strategic* – if we really want to win the war.

    In order for a new way to succeed – the “old way” must die a ignominious death. That part is already well underway – but if Trump has done service for all of us – he has pulled back the curtain and revealed how deep the rot goes.

    This election cycle has also revealed how utterly bankrupt a good part of the electorate is. They will only be defeated by overriding force. That force will only congeal once it has found sufficient motivation.

    I believe a Killary Presidency will be a great motivator – as well as providing the previously mentioned ignominious death to all things leftist.

  2. The old way must die. Hmmm. How about the new way must die, to in fact preserve the old ways of conservative America.


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  4. Fast – slow….”at this point, what difference does it make.” We are facing a shitstorm of biblical proportions. We won’t vote are way out. TPTB are not going quietly. Stay frosty indeed….

  5. “Deserves got nothing to do with it.” – William Munny of Missouri