CSG: Vehicle Movements in Non-Permissive Environs – Part II


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  1. Good thinking went into this article.

  2. Marlo Stanfield

    That is one sweet ride. Here in NC, I think it would get noticed. Specially in the day time. What I see a lot of in NC is those crew cabs with the flat bed or service bed the blue collar guys drive. You see them but you don’t see them. Usually every one in side has a beard, work clothes, ball cap or safety helmet. I see them in the early AM or after dark and don’t give them a second thought. Specially the ones who have spools of cable and some sign slapped on the side stating something independent cable LLC, address from out of town, out of state. The vast majority are plain white. Its nothing to see several of them together and no one pays them any attention. What does get noticed is the guy who pulls up to the coffee shop driving his deuce and a half. Same goes for the guys who drive first Gen Dodge Diesels. That have been well maintained or redone and stand out because so few are left on the road. Plus the driver is in 5.11 Tactical clothing. The utility guys from all across America driving those bucket trucks really don’t get paid much attention to. Sometimes people pay for their meals and shake their hands. But don’t know them from Adam. Security Guards, specially at night driving a used Crown Vic, or used Charger.  Even cashiers don’t pay them any mind. Just another blue collar buying coffee and donuts. Think about the people you don’t pay any attention to. Like the homeless dude that is of military age with the big box back pack? They number in the millions across this country. These people when they walk past your home and stay close to the side of the road and not in your yard and don’t loiter, don’t get noticed. Walk like you have some place to go. Don’t ask for money and you will be invisible.  Also nothing wrong with having friends at  various used car lots who will let you test drive for the weekend. A couple of friends at the dealerships, auto, RV, and a couple of RNs who work at nursing homes can go a long way.           The Unofficial State Cars of America     

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  3. First: IF CWII ever breaks out. Gasoline will be gone by the end of the first week unless brought in by outside forces. Second: ANYONE stupid enough to “patrol” in a lone bullet magnet deserves to get shot. You need to move supply’s you say? Well….. Try horses ’cause that soft skin bullet magnet is your basic death trap. If the modern day Jabos don’t get you. The first ambush by ten hillbillies armed with Mauser’s , Nagant’s and cheap AK’s WILL. Truck=B.E.S.T. BigSoftEasyTarget and anyone that tells you otherwise is an asshole that wants you dead. Think I’m full of shit? Then go out with three guys and do a group mag dump on an old car body. Now what if that was ten guys shooting and YOUR happy ass in the truck. Shoot back you say? You won’t live that long in the kill zone. Just ask Bonny Parker and Clide Barrow how that worked out for them when you get to hell.

    • Reminds me of an incident in South Africa, back in the 80’s. Boers thought they would travel armed in a convoy of civilian cars towards Swaziland. Worked ok until they came up to the first enemy armored vehicle. The first car got shot up and the survivors were pulled out and shot again. The rest of the convoy retreated and ran home.

  4. The pictures of the seat pouches
    were made inside a humvee, and not
    the Chevy truck shown above.

  5. Keep in mind that until we’re truly in a WROL situation in the FUSA that carrying loaded rifle mags in some states is illegal ranging from relatively minor DNR hunting citations to felony loaded rifle (and not covered by your CPL).

    • At that point since the environ is WROL, do you care? One has to embrace the change in environment totally, or live shortly like nothing changed.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You have got to be fucking joking.
      ” this section deleted, just could not post what I thought of your comment……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….”
      You remind me of some 12 yr old mommies boy who just can’t bring himself to run with the big boys.

      • If you want to drive through OH *tomorrow* with your fully loaded rifle mags dangling off the back seat in plain sight, that’s up to you. To show what a rugged induhvidual you are go install a dashcam and live stream it as you blaze across the entire state over the speed limit. No? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

        Your mom want her laptop back.

  6. Who might I acquire those seat packs from? Have not seen from my usual sources.

    • The back of each front seat on the F150 has a large pocket……might be surprised what all can fit in it. And since the colors the same, its really hard to tell if anything is in it to begin with (even if it bulges, unless you’re in the truck).

  7. If one’s AO does not require 4×4 capability I would suspect a van, say an older Ford E350, might draw less attention. Camouflage it with ‘Sewer Services’ or some such on the outside.

    • The pictures are just stock photos used to illustrate the point, so don’t get all wrapped up in that. The goal is to achieve “baseline”…blend in with your environment. In rancher country driving an F350 (like every other rancher) would be ideal. In your area it may be a Crown Vic. Since you probably won’t have an armored rig (which would obviously be preferred), you are relying on not getting noticed and having solid mission/route planning. As the gents above mentioned, soft-skin cars don’t stop bullets worth a damn. You have to make up for the disparity with intel, baseline, planning and mobility.
      Several manufacturers make the magazine carrier bags as pictured, but I would recommend a non-military style bag. Vertx and Arcteryx make some nice low-profile bags with internal mag pouches.
      Horses are an option, if you have them, know how to ride, can negotiate your AO’s terrain, fit the mission (limited hauling capacity) and won’t make you stand out……otherwise you’re just another nail sticking up and horses aren’t bullet resistant either last time I checked.

    • Those seat covers look like ASW Inc.

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