Ear Pro


A good suggestion from SiGB.

Especially if the “collar” can go inside your shirt.

Your hearing is very important.

Protect it.

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  1. Ordered from WalMart for lowest found shipped price (No Bass Pro nearby). If I can find this post I will critique them after I use them a bit.
    I just had a really accurate hearing test and realized my SensGard is not effective at the range, even for the quieter trap shooting. This is a reasonably priced insurance policy against deafness IMO.

  2. ALCON,

    I have a pair of the Razor- X non-Bluetooth ear buds. The Noise Reduction Rating is one of the highest out there. However, I’m not as satisfied with them as I was hoping to be:


    1. Reasonably priced. I believe I paid approximately $105 shipped from OpticsPlanet.com for the non-Bluetooth version. With Bluetooth about $150.
    2. For shooters with decent hearing the available volume is sufficient for most outdoor range work.
    3. The 31 NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) is some of the, if not the highest, for electronic ear protection products.
    4. Around the neck design is out of the way. Lightweight. Works well with all headgear.
    5. Cool on a hot summer day.
    6. Folds up into included small, stuff sack for storage.
    7. Recharges in about 3 hours from total discharge.
    8. Very good hearing protection as just normal ear plugs.
    9. Bluetooth version allows one to pair with B-tooth devices. Use them on your riding mower even. Not just the range.


    1. When a nearby weapon is fired all sound is cut off. Sounds are not just muted to a safe hearing level. Granted the cutoff is only 2-3 seconds. But, if a string of rounds are fired the intermittent cutoff is increased. Annoying.
    2. For me, the available volume to hear range commands is lacking.
    3. The right side ear bud/cushion separates from the wired post it is attached to. I have to use a pair of tweezers to get the ear bud out of my ear.
    4. Battery is internal rechargeable. When they’re dead, they’re dead. Unlike electronic protection that uses replaceable batteries to instantly return to service. Can’t do that with USB recharging.
    5. Electronic wiring is very thin. Flimsy actually.
    6. Charge drains even when turned off.

    I don’t consider these as a replacement to ear muffs. Rather, I consider them a supplement or alternative, in some environments to ear muffs and/or standard ear plugs. A reasonable value if one can purchase for $105.00 or less.

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  4. Doesn’t the army have some nonelectronic plug of some sort they use?

  5. PeaceableGuy

    Be aware of the limitations: proprietary non-replaceable battery, USB-charging, max runtime of 10 hours (before needing that USB recharger).

    Pretty slick formfactor – I’d really like to see a AAA-battery powered version.

  6. I used a Walker’s game ear in the past. Lots of fun sitting in the dark listening to shit move. Was a good product.