Image In Windshield May Be Closer Than You Think


Via Twitter.


17 responses to “Image In Windshield May Be Closer Than You Think

  1. Man hands.
    Looks like a tranny holding a demon granny to me.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. It CAN get weirder, and it WILL.

    • Oh yeah, the clown car that is our political process hasn’t disgorged its last floppy shoed surprise….. Yet. I’m beginning to think We the People will be its last surprise and wont they be……… stunned.

  4. I LOL’d heartily at this one:

  5. Thanks Owen, Deplorable Pussy @ Giant Hotdog trolling a satanic state sychophant was definitely the chuckle of the day for me. I needed a smile, thanks.

  6. Ah, now the one in this thread is an even closer representation to Tarot Key 15, The Devil, with wings and approximate hand position included. The meme is starting to accelerate, it seems.

    Make no mistake, these evil bastards really do satanic rituals, practice black magic and drink blood (they supposedly derive a LOT of power from the blood thing).

    Considering the expected response received from my last post on this topic… I guess I’ll keep it short today!

  7. Exactly how does one kill the devil, or his minions?


    • Jimmy the Saint

      In theory, the Devil would be eternal/immortal, at least insofar as humans go. Perhaps God could off him, but that would be the only one who could.

  8. The way everything is playing out when it comes to this vast satanist child sex network I’m not doubting the Podesta bros were in town when this little McCann girl disappeared. Maybe this is not true, but hell they just as well could have used a photo in place of the sketch.