Molyneux: The Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation and James Comey’s Announcement


7 responses to “Molyneux: The Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation and James Comey’s Announcement

  1. Shit slides off that old dishrag like cheese out of a square copper fry pan.

  2. And BTW, every one of those 650,000 e-mails constitutes a separate criminal count in violation of federal law in evading the FOIA and federal records-keeping provisions, and all those of that number at the level of Classified or higher represent a separate 10-year sentence under the federal laws governing security and proper handling of classified material, over and above the separate server affair, because Anthony Weiner’s laptop is a separate device and destination.

    Had Comey and the clowncarnucopia of Fibbies reviewed them all, even granting 20K-30K duplicates from the prior investigation, that would have required nearly 11,000 man-hours of time at 1min@- in the last week.

    IANAL, but I’m pretty sure Comey is now legally on the hook, because ass-raping the Statue of Liberty has got to be a federal felony in and of itself. Both times (that we know of so far) that he’s done it.

    • nonsense. National Public Radio – reds, sodomites, and other Jews – explained a couple hours ago that a “quick and thorough search” was accomplished through “advanced algorithmic programs” that corporations use to examine their vast e-mail volumes. And there you have it: Mrs. Clinton is innocent in soul, pure in heart, and will shortly be ‘Murka’s 45th Prez. And a good thing too, despite all doubters, naysayers, and nattering nabobs of negativism.

  3. Study the case of Jimmy Bulger, Bulger was so up the FBI’s ass they didn’t want to drop him as an asset because they could get lots of nifty headline arrests for ‘bringing down the mafia’, meanwhile Jimmy was mowing people down like a Muslim on holiday in a rentavan. Jimmy’s brother was a state senator in mass. The whole damned state was rotten from top to bottom. Still is.

    Anyway, Hilldog and Slick Willy are so far up the deep state’s ass they can’t be brought down. And that’s a shame cause it’s going to bring the rest of the country down.

    If you’re reading this deep staters, you must realize that their cost benefit has now slipped into the liability column no?

  4. The brain dead unwashed lemming masses have no clue. We have been in Broken Arrow state of affairs. For far too many generations. Voting has availed We the People Naught.

  5. A great achievement has been accomplished . For those that have been angry at the direction of the country now have millions of new allies . Many are young and idealistic . No matter who wins tomorrow America has changed forever.