Mosby: Living a Barbarian Life – Don’t Settle for the Mediocrity of the Minimum


Don’t be That Guy.

Be a barbarian.

They thrive as empires die.

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  1. Simple AWESOME post from Mountain Guerrilla.

    I have lived the life that he speaks of. Work a job during the day – and built a house during any and ALL free time I had. And I live in MA – so I am utterly surrounded by people like “Bill”. When I first started my house project – which began with ripping the roof off and adding a second floor – I actually had a co-worker tell me: ” You can’t do that” – as if I was violating some law of the universe. I guess he thought that homes suddenly appear by magic or something and all those 200 year old colonial era houses that still exist around here were put up by Toll Brothers.

    I have to say though – living the life that he describes – has made me wish for the apocalypse that much more. Even if everything I have burns to the ground – I will get a deep sense of satisfaction seeing a whole bunch of Bills laying dead by the side of the road before I check out.

  2. This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a very LONG time!! Excellent!

    And it turns out, predictably, that I do everything he suggests, except about paying finance charges. I have a mortgage and we’re paying that down as fast as we can. Everything else that comes into this family is paid for or we simply do without. Every. Single. Thing.

    I am going to use this with the young men’s youth group at church though I’ll have to redact the effbombs to protect the innocent. 😉

  3. good stuff thanks .

  4. You don’t like what bankers do, or their decisions, quit using their money to live your life.

    Our world was built on credit, that’s the structural basses of the American economy. The money you pay monthly, especially the interest, is the very money being used to finance and pay for everything we are here on WRSA despise.

    I JUST last night had the chat with my wife about how her parents do use a card, but pay the balance end of month. Dosent matter theirs a built in three percent. Nothing and I do mean nothing is for free, especially the privlage of using other money. Then to think you used their money for free, is unrealistic.

    It’s the psychology, of the lie, it’s the propaganda of credit.

    Dirk Williams

  5. Always nice to see that some young folks “get it”, just as we Olde Pharts have been doing for forty forevers. 🙂

  6. Outstanding.Working in mining,construction and agriculture puts you in touch with the earth.Making a product from scratch is gratifying.Producing a visible,needed commodity or product is good for the soul. Work hard and smart. Teach,learn new skills,challenge yourself.Watch out for the scumbags who are full of envy,sloth and greed.You can’t have anything of real value unless you are willing to defend it. Man,you nailed it.

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  8. Excellent article. That is the real America.

  9. +1