SLL: A Reprise Of “Much More Than Trump”


Tuesday decides at least the surface appearance of something extending back over my entire politically-following life:


Or something else?

Stay frosty.

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  1. something else for sure … could be a whole new ball game and when the smoke clears the blue helments will have to keep the peace .you know like their counterparts did in Ireland.

  2. “Brutal disillusionment gave way to abject disgust when they returned stateside. They cynically, but understandably, concluded that the antiwar protests had more to do with fear of the draft (there were no major protests after Nixon ended it), and readily available sex and drugs than heartfelt opposition to the war. That conclusion was buttressed by their reception from the antiwar crowd. If they were expecting support and understanding, they didn’t get it. The US victims of the war, those who fought it—the wounded, the physically and psychologically maimed, the dead—were branded as subhuman thugs and baby killers. It was the first time in the history of the US that a substantial swath of the population turned on those who had fought its wars. Those who fought regarded (or, in the case of the dead, would have regarded) those doing the branding as preening, posturing, spoiled children. A subterranean fault line split into a gaping fissure, since widened to a yawning chasm.”

    I don’t think Robert is correct about this. For one thing, by the beginning of 1972, 400,000 American troops including almost all combat troops had been withdrawn. Why have an anti-war protest when Americans are no longer in the war? Also, I went to some of those protests and I never got any sex or drugs out of it. Nor did I get a bad reception from that crowd. The antiwar folks appreciated vets who hated the war and the scumbags who kept it going; it’s probably only the vets who still imagined they were in Viet Nam to protect liberty (in other words, the clueless ones) who might have been scorned. Most men in the service were listening to the same anti-war music from CCR, Country Joe and others, just like the “hippies” were.

    Other than that, the article is on target.


      Mr. Bonneau: I do not know what part of the country you are from, but I can tell you in Kalifornia, it was different. I was spit at and cursed at by the long-haired maggots and their braless, tie-dyed hairy-legged witch girlfriends as I walked through the terminal at LAX coming home on leave. I was called a “baby killer” and accused of murder by at least one member of my own family. This particular person fled to Canada and resides there to this day.
      The Nam vets who came home through SFO had to have a MP escort through the terminal to keep from being physically assaulted.
      When I was a Peace Officer in SoCal, I had to deal with the legions of dink refugees who, after the boat lift and the air lift into MCAS, El Toro received oodles of government freebies on my dime and then went on to get involved in every kind of welfare fraud scam they could find. And their offspring formed some of the most violent, mercenary criminal gangs in the criminal history of Orange County, CA. Oh, and those “flower children” I described above: they cleaned up, went to law school, and went to work for Billary in 1992.
      Yes, the Viet Nam War was a huge mistake, bordering on an out-and-out treasonous scam. I think that Kennedy’s efforts to end it was probably one of the reasons he was murdered. But there is no love lost between me and these rock-and-roll scumbags who fought the war for the North Vietnamese communists on the streets of America. I still deal with their remnant to this day. My list just keeps getting longer.

      • “The Nam vets who came home through SFO had to have a MP escort through the terminal to keep from being physically assaulted.”

        Sorry, it doesn’t ring a bell. I came in through SFO. I was discharged after 4 years in the Marine Corps from Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, in July 1972. I went from there to Seattle and entered the University of Washington, a year later transferred to the University of Oregon in Eugene. I experienced none of these things you mention, and I can assure you there were an awful lot of hippies in Seattle and Eugene.


          The man I talked to who experienced that came home through SFO in early 1969. He also had a hell of a time getting a cab ride out of there. I do not doubt your experience one bit. For some of us, however it was different. And, it was quite unpleasant.

      • Your story and others like it are why I didn’t join when I graduated in 1986. These “people” simply aren’t worth fighting for. It’s little and late but, Thank you for your service, sincerely.

      • DTW you and Sean would be welcome at my fire anytime…

  3. Paul, you may not think Robert is correct about this, but he’s talking about my experience as it happened. The Army, and every non-combatant civilian I encountered proceeded to take a giant condescending shit on me, every chance they got. Everybody seemed to know everything about the damned war, except me. I was Mr. Dupe, or Mr. Stooge, depending on who was sitting in judgement. It goes on today. I ain’t clueless, and I’m past caring about being scorned. About the only thing I want is to be left alone, and most of the assholes I run into can’t even manage that. So, just fuck it. Fuck the whole damned shitshow.

    • Maybe the difference was, I accepted that I was a dupe. And I did not reflexively hate “long-haired maggots and their braless, tie-dyed hairy-legged witch girlfriends” as Dweezil put it. When you hate somebody, don’t be surprised when it comes back at you.

      BTW I went to (very liberal) U of O with several of my Marine buddies. We were clearly ex-military even though we grew long hair, because we were 4 years older than everybody else in those classes. It was no secret. If anything, we got respect, not disdain. Not only did I not experience any discrimination, none of them did either.

      None of us had to deal with the VA or VA hospitals. That might have been a factor too.



  4. The notion that Trump is going to “fix” anything is really bordering on the babbling of the insane.

    There is no voting out of the current decline of the US government and that’s a good thing.

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  6. There is no FIXING this.

    I went to a young deputy sheriffs funeral yesterday, ambushed as he arrived at an assault call. I’m retired, was asked to drive a marked unit for a smaller agency in the area, and I reluctantly agreed. Mixed emotions as I’m at times very very critical of my brothers, and police corruption.

    Modoc County Sheriffs Office in The NE corner of California. As I drove, I noted swat teams in the pucker brush, at the memorial site, and along the procession of 3000/4000 police units, to the grave yard.

    It dawned on me “Again” just how fucked this nation is. It dawned on my just how fucked up I am, for actually,caring about our nations direction, right from wrong, good from evil, and I realized that were simply fucked.

    I’m so conflicted right now I’m ashamed to admit it, I attend a deputy sheriffs memorial whom I consider a hero for doing the right thing without question.

    I attended LaVoy Finicum’s funeral for the very same reasons. And to spit In The eye of our govt and my state police for murdering LaVoy. Both men to me are heros.

    how does one become this fucked up. I’m hurting badly, for my nation, for my tribe I have the tools, the knowledge, I just don’t want to cross the rubicon, I know it’s coming, yet I’m holding out for a miracle that isn’t coming.

    Yesterday I was able to see the real americans, 1000s of them Lining the streets of small, and tiny towns, waving flags, and offering prayers for this young man who gave his life trying to protect a old man sheep, from his son the wolf.

    Real people who maybe or maybe not understand what’s coming. Who maybe can hold their tribes together long enough to get thru.

    I reflected on this deputies awesome place to be buried, under the shadow of magnificent Mt Shasta, in Northern Ca.

    I saw the future yesterday, with clarity. It’s not looking so good boys. I will pray for us.

    Dirk Williams

    • It’s what we all should be doing Dirk…

    • Williams,

      Jose Guerena a USMC veteran. Jose Guerena murdered in front of his wife and child by your beloved thugs with badges. Mr. Guerena just one of hundreds and hundreds of citizens murdered by “law enforcement” each and every year under color of law.

      Badged thugs….the biggest organized crime syndicate in Amerika today, protect nothing except the growing tyranny of the scum of government, the growing, militarized police state and their lucrative pensions.

      There are no good cops.

    • Copsuckers All,

      Perhaps those of you who worship at the Altar of Blue or Multicam nowadays should just look at the blogroll to your left. Scroll down and you’ll see the link National Police Misconduct Reporting. Start reading that once a day or even once a week. Just like politicians your badged thugs cannot be trusted.

      National Police Misconduct Reporting.


      There are no good cops.

      • Dan, I feel your pain I also see what you say, is truth. No excuses from me, this epidemic is a symptom of an out of control govt. a govt who doesn’t respect its people.

        I hope you are able to find peace, I know Im having one hell of a time. Like I said I’m conflicted to the bone. I don’t even fucking know, what I actually really know anymore.

        My anger is consuming me inside out. I don’t want to live a life of hate. Yet I know we face a battle with pure hatred for our way of life.

        Those thousands of citizens lining the streets yesterday were real people, with real dreams, they are also seeing the wrong happening in law enforcement, yet they made a physical commitment to use their time to,come down and support this one young deputy.

        That has to count for something. It’s clear to me that this young deputy’s loosing his life, protecting an old man who was again beat by his adult son, who the court system repeatedly lets out of jail. This shit bird is also a registered sex offender.

        Dan, I get it, I understand you A-FT’s and Marks position, in fact even as a retired police I support you right to your opinions. That what cops are supposed to be doing, protecting every citizens constitutional rights.

        Their are pockets across this nation where good cops, or Deputies still exist. Where, The needs of We The People are the priority. Not protecting the Govt.


    • It is sane to mourn death… do not feel conflicted over that. Dirk Williams said, “I saw the future yesterday, with clarity. It’s not looking so good boys…”

      Grey Ghost

  7. Violence appears inevitable.

  8. Passed by a large sign today on a barn which read “Everybody Sucks 2016!” made me smile.

    Hoist the jolly roger. Now.

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