TL Davis: No Legitimacy, No Peace

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A howl of outrage from an American.

Not that the Cloud People give two figs.



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  1. IMO. One last chance, even with a rigged system, is a necessary prerequisite to justify the next step………

    • EXACTLY.
      I’ve been making this argument for years.

      If we want to win – we’re just going to have to let the evil play out in order to have the moral justification to do what needs to be done.

      To this day nobody knows who fired that first shot on Lexington Green, and my understanding is that the colonists were dispersing (as ordered by the British) – when the redcoats started firing.

      History records the British firing first, thereby generating justified moral outrage and support for the colonist’s cause.

      The results of Killary getting elected as President – are going to cement in stone the resolve that will be needed to rebuild this country – and make sure this 4th Turning goes for us and not against us.

      • They have already fired the first shot…again and again. Our line in the sand keeps moving.

        • For those who are engaged and paying attention agreed. For the masses, no. There is a still a cubical farm waiting on Monday morning that pays fiat money, 50% of which can still be used to put food in bellies, a roof overhead, and power a flat screen over the weekend for the NFL.

          There is a still perception that, on the micro level, the system still works for decent people while being run by indecent people at the macro level.

          That perception is being shattered right now. Our job isn’t to be there and shout “let’s shoot the bastards” but to point out there is no fixing this from within “the system” and letting that sink in. With that understanding, every action becomes an illegitimate act of aggression.

    • Notarealperson


      Once the people withdraw consent, the government is screwed. Of course idiots like Comey and TheBeast don’t get it, carefully protected and isolated from reality. They think they can give us the middle finger repeatedly and mock us with bananaland style law enforcement without consequences, they are dead wrong.

      Now it’s just a matter of when not if.

      Oh yeah if you’re invested in the stock market, move to cash or hard assets. David Stockman just said GTFO now because the ride is almost over, and when the shooting starts it will collapse.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    Yeah, pretty much.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Oh I agree.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. the murkins deserve everything they get….

    scumbag leadership, for scumbag people.

    the murkins are buddy fuckers. always were, always will be.

    I hate em. I hope they all die. 🙂

    • Get to killin, son. Oh wait, you’re a fucking blowhard, worse than the people you rail against. Never mind. Trust me when I say the feelings mutual and frankly, I wouldn’t cross a street to piss in your fucking cockholster of a mouth if your guts were afire. Bitch.

      • fucking poor and dumb scumbag murkins.

        anyone who doesn’t have a net worth of at least 500k should be exterminated.


        • Careful what you’re wishing idiot. Fate hates a fighter who’s looking for trouble and that fate only picks on cowards and quitters. Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength….savvy?

      • Blowhard? Is that it? You moron. LOL, No, bring it, if you have the huevos, which you obviously do not. I have put everything on the line for this crap, everything, my money, my family, my life and you, you freaking keyboard commando have the huevos to say crap about me? Tell me what you have DONE, tell me that, first and we will talk. Moron.

        • Think he was responding to Tfat not you…

        • You might be off an indent there TL. Pretty sure he was talking to the Field Marshal of the freshly minted army of rich folks on Fantasy Island, the ayatollah of the 100 perfect push-ups. Tfta. He’s rich, you know…

          • You may be right. I don’t tolerate a lot of bs associated with what I have done for this movement. For heaven’s sake, what more do I have to sacrifice? What more do I have to endure? No one has gone through the garbage I have and I am a little too sensitive about it, as you can tell, so my apologies to Lol No, if I jumped too early. But that is what the PTB can expect from me.

            • T.L.,

              Actually, your error is not so much an error. It is simple “English 101” that like the rest of Amerikan education is most likely not taught any longer. It is called a salutation.

              Certainly the common courtesy of a salutation is not practiced here or anywhere else on the Inter-sphere. Hence, your understandable annoyance.

              “Salutation. A salutation is a greeting used in a letter or other written or non-written form of communication. Salutations can be formal or informal.” See

              As a writer I would hope you would be in agreement. Use of a salutation would direct one’s response to the intended recipient. Other readers would know who the reply was intended for. Simple.

              As an aside, I hope this finds you well.

            • Apology…….accepted.

            • MichiganderJim

              “For heaven’s sake, what more do I have to sacrifice?”

              See? You should’ve listened to me in the first place. Sacrifice is the scourge of the Earth and brought us to where we are.

              Winners believe that they deserve to win; that’s why you’ve won too. Stick with Patton and let the other guy sacrifice.


          • Mayor,

            Be nice. You’ve been really gentlemanly as of late.

        • Try and keep up simpleton. And heed the advice “Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to”…..

      • Let me explain to all who visit these environs, my father spent a year and a half on the front lines of Korea as a machine gunner, now if I have to explain to you the life expectancy of such, you are not worth talking to, but if you understand that, I will tell you that if I do less than he did for this ungrateful nation, I am a failure in my own eyes,

        • Your doing good Brother… Keep at it you’ve helped and are helping a lot of people…

        • I wonder if he was in a nest with my father. Radio operator with the 1st Marines…. By way of mending fences, I concur with your last statement here. I’ve no intention of dishonoring the efforts and sacrifices men like our fathers made by sitting idly by as this nation flies up its own ass. Quick to act and slightly hostile are EXACTLY the character traits I want in anybody I have to share a fighting hole with. 🙂 Return apology proffered…..

      • Lol No, I just spit coffee across the room. Made my day. Now if we can get a fuck the cops outa these guys, I’m set for the week.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Don’t look now, but you just insulted yourself and wished for your own death.

      • FUCK the murkins. I have nothing to do with them anymore.

        I sure a hell don’t live in that shithole country anymore.

        What a bunch of losers.

        LET IT BURN

        • As was said of the joyously departed Janet Reno in a thread nearby,

          Good riddance!

        • tfA-t,

          “I have nothing to do with them anymore.” Really ? How so ?

          Just by virtue of you posting remarks here with all these “murkins” tells me you continue to interact regardless of your stated promise to “….have nothing to do with them anymore.” You don’t even make sense. In fact your bloviating about your immense wealth tells the opposite story. You don’t have a pot to urinate in. Do you ?

          I would suggest you research some mental health care for yourself. There are free services if you need them. Yes. It is difficult to come to that point. But, you’ll be glad you did. Get some help. If not for you for those you hold dear.

          Good luck.

          • I do all my business in Ontario these days. I refuse to support drunkards and imbeciles with my hard earned $s. I haven’t visited mainland Fusa in weeks. The Canadians and Indians are a respectable, honest, people and display a goodness and decency I haven’t experienced in murka in a long, long, time (besides a few folks here n there). Those who refuse to leave the sinking Titanic are still trying to find safety below decks in steerage. FUN NEE. 🙂

            Best advice is to get out of Babylon before it’s too late. murka has 330 million immoral and un-redeemable Demon possessed souls. I’ll enjoy watching it burn from from across the border. The sooner, the better.

            • Lol you really think a border is going to stop it from spreading up there…Come on your smarter than that…

            • Jimmy the Saint

              Yeah, because if America burns, Canada will be *totally* safe.

            • 330 million losers in murka.

              33 million Human Beings in Canada.

              Canada has a land mass greater than murka.

              It’s a no brainer…. 🙂

              Good luck with the drunkin, doped-up, mentally retarded, and broke-ass murkins!

  6. Peruse the admirable commentariat Gents, it is a dandy thread.
    Over a thousand comments in 6 hours.
    Quite a discussion on field expedient methods and materials for 13 knot neckties, and their proper application for suitable candidates:

  7. Hiligula will Bring. It. On. Trump (or Pence, if Trump gets too frisky) will throw a wet blanket over the WhiteRight for the next 4-8 years. By which time, with another 25,000,000 ethnoids insourced, it’ll be too late late. If I lived in a contested state, I’d vote for Hiligula 1,2,3, many times.

    • Haxo Your a sick Bigot. Drop dead.


        Michael: Do not shoot the messenger. As a former native of the Golden State, I can tell you, without hesitation, it has become a third world septic tank run by marxists, sexual deviates, gimmedats, and La Raza beaners. I dealt with them in high school, college, and as a Peace Officer in Orange County for over 30 years.
        You may not like his rants against the (((eskimos))) and their minions. I sometimes cringe due to my past association with friends of the (((eskimo))) persuasion. One thing to keep in mind is that this deterioration did not materialize out of thin air. Follow the money and you will find out who was/still is behind the demise of this once-great and peaceful state.
        If you have some time, look into the archives of WRSA. Over a year ago, CA posted an article titled “ANOTHER DEAD COMMIE” , or something similar. It was about Julian Bond assuming room temperature. In the reply section, I wrote a long missive about “they”. I described what “they” did to my state. Maybe you will understand. Bleib ubrig.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Even California – shitshow that it is – has a lot of good folks in it. Not so much among the people in power, but that’s pretty much true anywhere.

      • Bigot is a code word for anti-white created by Jews to destroy white children. Wake up, pussy.

  8. Marlo Stanfield

    Slam fire .410 built into his cane! From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Sunday, November 6, 2016 9:18 PM Subject: [New post] TL Davis: No Legitimacy, No Peace #yiv3712052616 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3712052616 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3712052616 a.yiv3712052616primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3712052616 a.yiv3712052616primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3712052616 a.yiv3712052616primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3712052616 a.yiv3712052616primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3712052616 | Concerned American posted: “A howl of outrage from an American.Not that the Cloud People give two figs.” | |

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    From the article: “That there are Democrats who continue to stand behind their candidate, when few Republicans would, is a signal that despite illegality, our fellow citizens are willing to destroy all that America is supposed to mean in order to simply ‘win.'”

    It’s not that hard to understand, really. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” The answer, of course, is very, very simple: the fucking *WORLD*. Not overly surprising that there are many who are willing to risk that which they either don’t believe in, or don’t value, for something very tangible.

  10. Personally, I’ve been watching the “Sniper 101” videos on YouTube, working on load development and practicing. And acquiring toys that go bang, and their “food.”. 😉

    • How you doing on the living situation though… You need to be getting over here before your stuck over there…

    • Capital, should you find yourself in Southern Oregon we have a range that would fit your needs. 30 ar 500 steel targets out to 1400y, can go farther, much farther, just can’t call splash for corrections.

      Uphill downhill, targets in the middle of a lake, we’ve had Rangers , SF, MARSOC, popo as our guests. All were reasonably happy with the challenges presented.

      Any long gunner here is welcome at my range. One requirement better be up on your wind reading. Many targets have three directions of wind to punch via different angled canyons. We shoot off of an old volcano which collapsed like 10 years ago, we even have caves to shoot into, closest after 100 zero is 560y.

      A great place to learn. 5000 achres of private land.


  11. Acts 20:29
    I know that, after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

    I pray now for all of you here who will and are fighting this evil, may God be with you. Amen.

  12. Thanks TL.

    Those were my sentinments exactly. What the Kenyan said was calling for blasts to law breaking however it’s been going on for years and not a damn patriot, III%, oath keeper, congressman, senator has done a damn thing to stop it.

    He had nothing to fear because he knows no one is going to do a damn thing and come Wednesday morning the panic buying will begin and the so called patriotic freedom loving people will be running scared.

    Hook and crook. She will win.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Hook and crook. She will win.”

      Wait until she gets a load of me.
      -Zombie Deutsche Bank