Totally Legit


NY Post: HRC Directed Maid To Print Out Classified Materials, Retrieve Secure Faxes From SCIF


As the Mighty Kenyan said:

“I don’t think that there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.”


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  1. This, is totally legit. You may find a special place in your heart for it:


  2. Gee how detailed do AO’s on ‘party apparatchik’ have to be? Home address, work address and standing height for distance.

  3. As you go through the onion layers of secrecy, how much do you suppose might just be fiction marked as “classified” until you reach the actual truth?

  4. The real disappointment is the number of her supporters.

    • My own flesh and blood. Told her last night I’d have more respect for her had to voted for stein.

      • Ahhh see that’s what happens when she is surrounded by communist pukes…Maybe if you didn’t live in Austin she might of had a chance…

  5. I know a Phillippine maid who is going to suffer a sudden heart attack, or drown in the shower. Does anyone need to guess why the Justice Dept. (yeah, there’s an oxymoron) didn’t go after her stuff, or others laptops, blackberries, etc, when this all began? Or if that stuff is even available now, and not shit canned some where? Lynch is the epitome of restraint, especially when it involves her leash holders.

  6. Remember those old UPS adverts. “what can brown do for you”? Well, looks like we have not yet found out the limits on that. Henchwimmin, household staff, fetchers of classified….

  7. With this huge shitstorm all blowing towards Hillary, why isn’t the Donald up by 50% points ( to paraphrase Hillary.)? Even her most ardent supporters admit she is the most crooked bitch ever. But Hillary supporters would crawl over their dying mothers to vote for her, because of this. It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt, that Donald Trump is a jerk. It’s really that simple. No amount of logic can sway their minds. Hillary’s negative campaign has avoided any issues, no matter how valid and relevant. Their whole ad campaign revolves around the notion that Trump is a ‘jerk’ who said ‘pussy’. And it’s working. Just think about that.

  8. I wouldn’t trust that fat fuckin bitch with a grocery list much less state secrets and the useful idiots see absolutely nothing amiss here…… They didn’t earn that moniker for nothing, I reckon.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. GGGgggeeezzzuuusss H C on rye toast…
    Risible & pathetic
    Forget “drain the swamp” amputate it at the rotting head.

  11. “This tastes awful, what is it?”.

    “John gave it to me, its menstrual fluid, semen, urine, and blood”.

    “it’s nice but I have to lean to one side to fart”

  12. Ha, ha, ha, ha………
    What’s that you say, you stupid
    leg humping fucks.
    You don’t say?
    Comey has again said no harm, no foul,
    no charges warranted against the treasonous
    shitbag that is rod-ham
    Color my dick surprised, you stupid
    rainbow chasers and Unicorn taint lickers.
    Fucking morons, one and all.

  13. Hey, not to worry…if she goes to the livestock shute on Nov 7 to
    choose the desicated vagina that likes little girls that’s ok..she
    won’t get reported as an illegal dealing in ‘vote fraud’ (as if voting
    did anything more than choose your plantation master every few

    ARREST HIIM! Barack Hussein Obama tells illegal alien there will be no consequences if she votes illegally

    The kabuki/wcw puppet theater is getting weirder and weirder…..

    Alex, I’ll take Bill Buppert and Larken Rose Non-Voting for 1,000!

    Yours In Liberty w/o any frigging ‘voting’!
    NorthGunner III

  14. Howard Dennard

    Well ,there it is. The U.S has become a fascist country without a shot being fired. All the world now laughs at us, and why not. We put pettty lying dictators in the highest office , gladly surrender our freedoms and means of defense to them, Let them carry on an illegal war, and back their stasi -like police when an innocent person is murdered.
    I don’t believe a person under the age of 40 as read the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution of the United States.
    Funeral Services for the late, great United States will be held on the 4th of July.