Totally On The Level


UK Daily Mail: Hillary OFF the hook as FBI Director James Comey reveals the department will NOT change its July decision after further email investigation

Any questions?


Director James B. Comey speaks during an F.B.I. press conference at the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C. on Monday, June 23, 2014.






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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. – Insert Obnoxious “HA! HA!” Miserable Serfs Guy Meme Here –

    • Looking for weasel comic first

      • 😉

        • It’s on like Donkey Kong now.
          Maybe it is all for the better. regardless, it is always good to know exactly how far gone and fucked up illegitimate your countries “government” is.
          That way you know exactly what is required of yourself to defend the piece of liberty below your feet.
          So ya, “Any Questions”

          Got this funny feeling nobody and I mean none of us with our heads screwed on right have any conception of how ungovernable this country is going to become.
          It is a SHTF fan event nobody has any idea what it will be like. Pretty sure bet there is so much pent up had enough of this oligarcy bullshit anger and frustration, along with a few million axes to grind regarding local government, that it could very well be it is where the collapse of this system of tyranny posing as legitimate governance begins.
          The reality here is the multitude of village – town -city – county administrative tyranny teeters on the economic precipice of bankruptcy. All that needs to happen for it all to come crashing down is for people to begin in onesies and twosies, out of disgust, cold anger, defiance and just good “ol plain because fuck you that’s why. It could take the form of a myriad of simple acts. But it’s a preference cascade thing. It isn’t even organized resistance. It’s the weight of withdrawal of consent. It gets heavier on a logarithmic scale with every person who turns their backs on the legitimacy of it all.

      • CA, you notice something here about these two dates?:

        Maybe they need a little ornamentation if I grok things correctly?:


  3. The Usual Suspect

    Do any of you remember the pictures from the Balkan Wars?
    You know the one, where the camo clad young man w/AK
    grasped in his hand casually aims a snap kick at the head of
    a matronly woman lying in the street, presumably after being
    shot like the others laying around her.
    Did you think, ‘how could he do that’ ?
    ‘How could he hate this ole lady this much, I doubt he knew her’
    We are fixing to find out, because the elites and all who enable
    them are forcing us to shovel them into the ground, before they
    do it to us.
    The elites have signaled their intent to dispose with any appearance
    of propriety, and just spit in our face again.
    What will it take before the Anglo Saxons begin to hate ?

  4. What! .GOV won’t police its self? No worries the NYPD said they would release everything. Hold your breath for that. All on our own. Stand or kneel. I’ll take Henry Bowman for $1000 Alex.

  5. Finding it very hard to give a shit anymore about anything here. So, do I vote TRUMP! in hopes he wins and sics a new DOJ on her in January? Or do I vote Hillary to get this shitshow started?

    • Do what you think will be best in the medium run.

      I will see you in Berlin.

      • I think I shall vote for the candidate whose election is most likely to create a type and degree of backlash which will cause Good People to firmly commit to the cause of cleaning house in government and restoring a Republic based in ordered Liberty.

        That could, in the medium run, lead to multiple Article V Amendment efforts to take the Fun & Profit motive out of elected politics at the Federal level (individual measures, not a complete Constitutional rewrite). Either as a “prevent this Cold Civil War from going completely Hot” measure, or as a “stop the bullets and chaos” measure. That is not up to me.

    • Stop &^%$ing around and vote Killary to get the shit show started.

      Best *strategic* choice for long term success.

      • Carlsbad,

        How Marxist of you. Will you be leading your “shit show” from the front or the rear ?

  6. Well the good part of all this is that we can stop deluding ourselves that this can be easily fixed. The country is corrupt and bankrupt, heading for insolvency. It will happen no matter who is elected. Parasites will keep sucking up the life blood until the host dies, or the parasites are given a righteous bolus of deworming medicine, or both.

    • Clarity.

      It is important.

      Lose your illusions.

      • Somebody wasn’t paying attention to their civics class studies here on WRSA. TINVOWOOT.
        Voting was never intended as incorporated into republican form of government as a way of voting out of anything, it was an instrument of freedom specifically for not getting into a situation where you had to vote your liberty back to begin with. Because by then it was too late. That is the purview of why the 2nd Amendment.
        Because Patrick Henry and all the rest of the anti-federalists where right. They smelled a rat and never trusted to Fabian sonofabitches who conned the confederation into signing that desiccated piece of parchment and instrument of administrative tyranny.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You and I see it, but a great many of the masses will just continue to hope their vote counts in 4 more yrs. Guaranfuknteed!

      • Voting … it commits you to inaction.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Exactly! You go flip the lever and your duty is done for another 4 yrs. No need to get involved, like sending the NRA money, they’ll do all the hard work and you did your part for gun rights.
          Fukd up way of thinking people have gotten into, thanks to all the donations, grant money and special interest groups.

  7. At least if Hillary is elected, she gets to preside over the biggest economic disaster in the history of mankind, and will get the blame (even though it’s been years in the making).
    I’ll still vote for Trump, but she’s been the appointed one since Bill left office, it just took them this long to get all their ducks in a row.

  8. This picture? “A Serb irregular in 1992 kicks the body of a Muslim woman executed seconds after coming to the aid of her husband. During the war Muslims were routinely ‘cleansed’ from their homes by Serb forces.” (From here: I don’t care if it’s a civil war, that is not how a professional soldier (even an irregular one) is supposed to conduct himself.

    • Piece of trash. No humanity. There are people in this world who deserve that type of treatment. That women was not likely one of them.

      • How the fuck do you know? Were you there? Were you a witness to what she did? That the problem with types like you; polluting the pool with your bullshit.

      • thesouthwasrght

        How noble of you. I personally know a lady of serbian birth that was a 9 year old child in the middle of that. She is a tough one and speaks of those times with amazing clarity and calmness. We’re you to hear her speak of what the moslems did that led to the reaction in that pic you’d go kick that worthless piece of shit too.

        No one had a problem with the vast atrocities being committed by the moslem, that is until the modem started getting their ass kicked. Then bill, with his now obvious moslem connections, came to the rescue.

    • It doesn’t matter if that’s how a soldier is “supposed” to conduct himself. It doesn’t matter that you don’t like it. I expect atrocities will become the rule more than the exception.

      It’s the reality of what our degenerate elites are bringing down on us all.

    • Don’t just love Monday Morning Quarterbacking…Were you there, did you see the atrocities committed by the Muslims, did you know this particular soldier, if no to that then why sut on your high horse and say the horror… What if that woman and her husband just got done butchering someone’s kids maybe even his we have no idea how we are going to act if evil is bestowed upon us and our families and if that happened I would be doing more than just kicking them in the head…Reality is going to bitch slap some of you awfully hard…

    • Anything muslim should be treated with extreme prejudice. And in war that shit happens; get used to it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “that is not how a professional soldier (even an irregular one) is supposed to conduct himself.”

      Unfortunately, virtually the entirety of human history says otherwise. Protection of civilians is a relatively modern concept, and even then it’s observed more in the breach than in practice.

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    …will not end well.

    • War never does…for some. And there’s no guarantee the righteous will prevail.

      • Odds are against it actually…

      • Winning is nice, but ultimately not even on the table.
        Live or die, come a war, all the righteous care about is living righteous.

        All one should ask for if they die in such a contest, is plenty of company from the enemy on the journey out, in piles surrounding as far as they can see to shoot them.

        “Duty is heavy as a mountain, death is light as a feather.”

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The righteous ALWAYS prevail. Just ask the ones who prevailed – they are always convinced of the righteousness of their cause.

  10. a goodly number of us folk saw this decision coming. there are just too many hands working overtime to push that genie back into the bottle before the election. and comey didn’t want his name on that long list that starts with vince foster and ends with seth rich. the election will be close, and everyone knows that’s by design too. contesting the vote to the same doj that’s in the tank for hillary dooms that outcome either way it pans out. wednesday morning coffee might be a little bitter. might as well check that old inventory, one more time, and make some phone calls first thing monday morning. like you’ve been saying for quite a while — there’s going to be a fight. let’s win.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    Wendy,Wendy, Wendy, ….. Lose your illusions.

  12. MaryfromMarin

    Guess he doesn’t know whether he’s Comeying or going.

    • Maybe they let him know in no uncertain words that his kids could be made into Performance Art too.

      • I don’t recall the guy’s name…Angleton’s successor at CIA. Now I do: Colby, James Colby. He bucked the system in some way, and wound up floating face down in the Potomac. That’s the message Comey got from Soros/Obama/Clinton/Lynch: restore the fix, or we’ll X you.

        • Angleton was the mole-hunter at CIA, also concurrently running the illegal US domestic spying activities during his tenure, before he was ousted. His successor was George Kalaris, who ended up no such face-down in the Potomac, and died quietly in bed at hospital 20 years later.

          William Colby was former head of the CIA, who retired from that post in 1976, and died of drowning in 1996, also twenty years later, at the age of 76.

          More cornflakes, and less corn juice, please.

        • Actually, as I recall, Colby died in Chesapeake Bay.

  13. So… Comey, being hand-picked by the globalists to be head of the FBI, and we are surprised? Next is… will the NYPD, a subsidiary of the Dept. of Homeland Security, actually put up, what we are to believe they have?

    I’m LMAO because this is such a brilliant mass psyops perpetuated on the American people. Well played.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The American people will never accept the fact that they have been played their entire lives. From grade school thru college, thru the military and all those sports events, from Walter Cronkite to Sean Hannity, it’s all a big fucking illusion of democracy and free will that never existed.
      But now comes the really big whammy, what do we do on Wednesday?

    • O so true, 42 years ago I bought into the psychology of voting. Tough motherfucken habit to shake. Like the DT’s after this shit show, I’m done voting forever more.


  14. Stealth Spaniel

    Okay, how many assholes at the FBI are now resigning? What? Crickets? Thought so. We are on our own-in every possible way. I am still voting Trump, and plans have gone to warp speed. Advise the same for all who actually have realised that we are on our own & in for the long haul. Patriot Dawn? We should get so lucky.

    • Notarealperson

      Of course not. Would you give up a six figure salary where you don’t have to work and the worse concern is a paper cut and then after 30 year get a platinum pension?

      Most folks wouldn’t and was a good gig provided the population remained peaceful. Now with the facade of the republic and rule of law dead. It might not be a good or healthy thing.

      And when a Feeb asks “what went wrong” tell them to look in the mirror.

  15. I just hope that I don’t puke on the first on .. perhaps I have built enough wind if hate so’s not to give a crap and piss on them instead … of course both these leave DNA though……….

  16. Smiling Steve

    Reading the actual letter nothing is of fun the table. Think he says no charges over the server deal right now, but I didn’t catch where all the investigations were called off.

    Has Comey done something very very clever? Just might be!

    • emails seem to be the “gray area” of criminal activity. I am awaiting the show to kickoff when CF fraud is exposed and bill/hill are charged in the child sex ring. Now THAT will be worth the price of admission!

      • I have absolutely NO faith in the NYPD to do the right thing, but it seems that is the last mote of hope left. After that, it’s all over but the blood-letting.

  17. Jimmy the Saint

    Director Comey? Your white kimono and wakizashi are waiting for you on the National Mall, sir.

  18. Comey is simply Benedict Arnold.
    No more, and no less.

    The tip-off should have been presidential mouthpiece Josh Earnest giving him the “absolute trust and confidence” speech earlier in the week, but it’s hard to believe in such outright brazen corruption until you’re slapped in the face with it like it was a frozen mackerel.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Less than Arnold, actually. Arnold did quite a bit of good for the Continentals before he turned his coat.

  19. As a Bircher. I have no pity for what has befallen the Grand Old Republic.We were warned in the 1950’s about the globalists. But We the People had other priorities. Maybe after this election that blank check I wrote to Uncle Sam .Will finally get cashed.

  20. Faith in that the NYPD will do the next right thing. ROTFLMFAO ! Ask retired Detective Frank Serpico that question. He took a small caliber bullet in the face .Exposing the corruption from head to toe .In that thin blue line. The copers are our friends .Give me a phucken break.