Good Riddance


Janet Reno Dead At 78






Amarillo Globe-News: Retired Army Special Forces Sergeant Says 10 Members Of Army Delta Force Operated At Waco “Takedown”


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David T. Hardy: HRC & The Chain Of Command At Waco


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  1. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Ok City. All crimes of murder/mayhem committed by Slick Willie, Hillary ,Janet Reno & her coffee boy Eric Holder.She doesn’t even deserve an interview with St.Peter of the pearly gates.We did it for the children. I hope she burns for eternity in the lake of fire.


    A rousing chorus of “Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead” comes to mind. But, I will reserve that ditty for when the Hildabeest infarcs. This creature is finally before a much higher power and a much better Arbiter of justice than here on earth. Anathema sit.

  3. May she rot in hell

  4. It’s hard to have any sympathy for the lowly bearded wonders of Waco II.

    Mebbe if they took a bath and had a shave? Nah.

    SCUMBAG Scooter trash.

    • You have no sympathy for anyone not you, as amply demonstrated by your every comment here.

      Money isn’t everything. You’re about as impoverished and wretched as a man can be in the riches that matter to happiness and fulfillment. I won’t list them as it will be met with more rage and insults from you, and most of the rest of those reading here already know what I mean.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Hero’s all !

  6. Parkinsons was some justice, but being trapped in a burning building would have been more appropriate.

    19 children burned alive because they embarrassed a government.

  7. “Just one more time and people are gonna rise up.”

    “Well, yeah, that was bad, but there were some strange things going on.”

    “People won’t stand for these abuses of power.”

    “Well, yeah, that was wrong, but he DID sell the FBI a sawed off shotgun.”

    “Never again!”

    “That’s just murder! But, he was stupid for leaving the compound.”

    “That does it!”

    • MichiganderJim

      Good stuff. Problem is, it makes one look at oneself instead of the others. Verboten…might lead to accepting responsibility.

      The eskimos like to yap, “Never forget,” even as they lead everyone–remarkably including themselves–right back to the showers. There is only one power left on Earth to stop it all—“No.”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s like a playground fight – it’s a good thing that there’s all of this air holding people back, or else some asses would get beat!

  8. Who are the guys in Orange?

  9. lolz

    Satan’s rusty Anal Intruder will be working overtime.
    For eternity.

  10. Don’t forget the highly respected, “conservative”, Gen.Gerry Boykin, who was Delta commander at the time. He sent his boys from B Squadron to “assist” the FBI. Don’t forget the Federal THUGS who carried out their orders. A Federal employee is NOT a soldier. He can say “No!” at any time and go home.

    Remember, folks, they are PROUD of themselves.

  11. I wake up, boot up the desktop, take my first sip of coffee, and read this.

    Things are looking up.

    It’s gonna be a great day! 😀

  12. MichiganderJim

    “This is not an assault.”

    Hard to see through all the flames, but it’s always epistemology.

  13. FYI

    Pulled mugshots as were Waco biker pix

    Should not blog w/o coffee

  14. I remember watching the church in Texas burn to the ground live on TV as a child.

    I’m not going to wish literal hell on anyone, and I’d like to be above tapdancing on graves, but I’m not shedding any tears for her.

  15. Of course Delta was their. I’ve told you all this several times. They were in Rodny Kings, Watts gig, they were present at Weavers in Idaho, they were at Waco, and they were also present in the Malhur Refuge here in Oregon, earlier this year. Don’t ask.

    Official title “observers”.


  16. Another tidbit, the 700 Remington rifles those FBI snipers are holding were made by a small company named Buzztail rifles. Back then they were the shit. Rich Goolsby the ” smith” recently died.

    Still have mine.


  17. Huh. I read somewhere this morning that some dog-shit child killer and child kidnapper who was an incompetent lawyer and well known as a political fuck up and serial liar, snapped off yesterday. Too fucking bad. I would have preferred she stepped out in front of a moving garbage truck, and been dragged to death. But, you can’t have everything.

  18. May the pedophile Mohammed ass-rape her ugly, vile carpet-munching ass throughout eternity. Hope she has lots of fun with the likes of Stalin and Mao.

    Attn! Lake of Fire custodians: Another one coming down the pike to your offramp.

  19. The Walkin' Dude

    Ding dong the Waco Witch is dead!

  20. The filthy vermin lived far too long and much too comfortably for a mass-murderer. I sincerely hope that there is a place called Hell and she burns in it until the end of time. ….and that she will be joined soon by the Clintons.

  21. Rot in hell, you rancid cunt.

  22. Hope it’s hot where you are Janet. Scum.

    • Look at it this way – now she’s with friends for eternity! Teddy “Swim, Bitch!” Kennedy, Robert “KKK” Byrd, John Murtha, Josef Mengele, George Tiller…

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  24. Opportunity lost.

    ~ Dexter

  25. Alfred E. Neuman

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  26. Lavoy Finicum RIP. Murder, no trial.

    The Republicans’ NDAA destroyed our Bill of Rights and not a shot was fired. That was 5 years ago. Are we ever going to take the offensive? I think not.

  27. Lurchs Mom passed away ? I heard that her and Bill had rubber sheet and Wesson oil parties every week.Something to do with pineapples, electric drills and farm animals.

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  29. Simon Jester

    The Bells of Hell go ting-a-ling-a-ling
    For you but not for me:
    For me the angels sing-a-ling-a-ling,
    They’ve got the goods for me.

    Oh! Death, where is thy sting-a-ling-a-ling?
    Oh! Grave, thy victory?
    The Bells of Hell go ting-a-ling-a-ling
    For you but not for me.

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