New Woodpile’s Here!



8 responses to “New Woodpile’s Here!

  1. Thanks for this, was watching the Trumptard rally livestream. A nation of morons. Jeez. Even if the vag doesn’t win, this guy is promising shit he could never possibly deliver in a million years. Unpossible. What’s dismaying is that should he be elected (which is highly doubtful) it would put American’s back to sleep. All is well, Murika was saved and is great again.

    How can you tell a politician is telling a lie? Hold a mirror to their mouth if it fogs……..

  2. I have been a lifelong registered Democrat but I am voting against the Hilda Bitch in the morning. I personally knew one of the Clinton Murder Victims that was killed in Arkansas. His widow also lost her first husband to the Clinton Crime Family murder spree. I prefer the unknown Trump to the known Criminal Clinton Crime Family.

    • Trump is well known: as a louse and a con-artist. He will build no “walls”. expel no illegals, revise no trade deals. Precisely as he told the Jew York Times editorial board back when. There will, however, be plenty of flag-waving as he “makes ‘Murka great again”.

  3. No Choice but Trump

    Go ahead. Hate on Trump. Enjoy your re-education Clinton camp.

  4. The WPR is awesome!

  5. My greatest fear is that one of those two idiots will win the election tomorrow!

  6. “Whadda series. The Cubbies came back from three games down to win over a tough opponent. Top shelf baseball, a near-equal match, as it should be. ”
    Keen observer that one. Damn, I enjoy that guy. This particular edition is of a caliber above his standard elegance. Be sure to share the link to this one with others.