Repost – Mosby: The 12 SOF Imperatives For Preparedness

800px-kilcullen3pillars-svgAbove: Kilcullen’s Three Pillars Of Counterinsurgency

You ready for a ten-year struggle?

These ideas will help get you thinking that way.

The human terrain in your AO will be your salvation or your undoing.

Your call.

12 responses to “Repost – Mosby: The 12 SOF Imperatives For Preparedness

  1. Might want to think more along the lines of the IRA fought the Britt’s for a couple hundred years…. lonnnnggggg term stuff

  2. Kilcullens books are a ” must read” better yet “must own”. The accidental Guerrilla, is a fantastic read. ,I’ve got all his stuff, with Mosbys above, it’s time to re read.


  3. The Walkin' Dude

    I am eager to play SDG vs Bosniaks here if the cunt wins. The libtards playing the Bosniaks of course. Time for a divorce.

  4. That’s a excellent read so far … hope you have more like this.


    I’ll spend the next six months preparing myself both mentally and emotionally to die a violent death at the hands of a lawless, Godless Government.

  6. I don’t think anyone has ever tried humanitarian assistance in a first world country before. Aside from the welfare state, what more on the economic pillar can the corruptorats in DC have to offer?

    They are going to break it and then offer the solution?

    Good luck. We already seen that movie.

    When a illegitimate apparatus such as the USGOV comes in, what can they really offer that is better than what they are doing now?

    This model fails as it is designed for outside influence into a situation, not a internal scenario by the very ones being rebelled against.

    That’s OK though. They will fail. USGOV is wholly unable to come to terms with a group composed of the very same people who staff and built the system to begin with.

    The FOE may have the keys to the treasury, and some guns, but they are rapidly running out of qualified fierce men to do the deeds, instead the USGOV is staffing itself with the weak, stupid, lazy and cowards.

    To quote Tyler Durden in Fight Club: “We are the ones who protect you while you sleep. Don’t fuck with us”

  7. What are the chances of SHTF happening in the near future?

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  8. Brings back lots of meaningful memories from the Uwharrie National Forest.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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    Chapter I / Ignorance is Strength details the perpetual class struggle characteristic of human societies; beginning with the historical observation that societies always have hierarchically divided themselves into social classes and castes: the High (who rule); the Middle (who work for, and yearn to supplant the High), and the Low (whose goal is quotidian survival). Cyclically, the Middle deposed the High, by enlisting the Low. Upon assuming power, however, the Middle (the new High class) recast the Low into their usual servitude. In the event, the classes perpetually repeat the cycle, when the Middle class speaks to the Low class of “justice” and of “human brotherhood” in aid of becoming the High class rulers.

    That picture above is a plan for being a government, not learning anything from the old government, and making the same old mistakes again. A different option is to stop supporting the (bad) government you currently have. When you remove cancer, you don’t replace it with anything.