Schlichter: Stop Hillary

An attempt to rally the wobblers and #NeverTrump crowds.

Best wishes.

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  1. Absolutely right.

    This is the moment everyone realizes it’s not a drill, and there are less lifeboats than people standing on the deck of Titanic.
    Everything that follows at that [point, both good and ill, is entirely predictable, as Schlicter portends in that piece.

    If anything, he’s soft-soaping it.

  2. another neo-con snake who thinks he can vote his way out of an ethno- deathtrap he and his friends have been conniving in from Bush41 onward. Vote for the latest Republiscam all you want, Schlichter. The morning deluge is coming, and you and your kind will be swept away.


      Haxo nails it. Look no farther than the Reagan-Bush years to see the modern times genesis of our troubles. And, if you want to step into Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine, we can visit the “Republican” American Lenin(Honest Abe), or the psychotic little imperialist “Progressive” Teddy Roosevelt.
      I do not think it was an accident that the Dead Elephants got their start in that leftist septic tank of Wisconsin(The Ripon Society). Back in their day they were the flip side of the coin, the other being The 1848 Socialists. But time is too short to cry over spilled milk. Back to prepping, planning, and praying. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

    • What sort of person is still flaunting support of that utterly fake, graceless, lying, globalist, wife-works-for-Goldman, snake oil sleezeoid Ted Cruz? And here I thought Glenn Beck was the last of his kind, but PRAISE THE LORD, there is more than one resident of that asylum.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    I do tire of these “She must be stopped” things. “Must” is a mandatory term; it does not permit another option. If she “must” be stopped, then she cannot be allowed to see the sun rise on Tuesday – it’s that simple. But, since everyone knows that isn’t going to happen, then there is no ‘must” and the real article is simply: “well, you know, it would probably be sort of better if the other guy won, I sure hope things work out that way.”

  4. OK, most guys here probably don’t really need this advice, but it’s still pretty amusing . . .

  5. A prayer for this election eve.

    Realize, beforehand, that the purpose of prayer would not be to inform the Almighty of our wants since he already would know that! Rather the purpose of prayer will be for us to put our trust in the Lord’s promises to us which already cover the matter at hand, namely, the thing for which we are praying.

    Dear God of our Christian forefathers, the unseen yet all-powerful Creator of our Union and the Director of its destiny:

    As our nation prepares for a critical election tomorrow with anxious hearts and with high hopes, move our citizens to make a choice which, under your divine power and guidance, will bring peace to our land, not strife!

    Bring our voters to the realization that as once you gave the wise man Solomon to a nation to govern in peace without enemies foreign or domestic, so you could do the same today for America, if only our citizens would humble themselves, admit their sinfulness, and with remorse receive divine pardon from you!

    To this end, assure the voters that you are in control of this election, and that your plans will be carried out on earth as they are in heaven!

    While some voters may keep their distance from the polls because of corruption, voting fraud, and broken campaign pledges, remind them of their biblical duty to seek the peace of their country, and to work toward it!
    Above all on this election eve, enlighten voters to choose you as the leader of our nation’s souls! To accomplish this, impel our people by your biblical words to have heartfelt regret for the damnable wrong in their lives, but to rejoice that the substitutionary suffering of their Savior, Jesus Christ, on Calvary’s cross, has removed your divine punishment from them! Thereafter, prompt them to declare themselves for Christ!

    Despite our land’s selfish endeavors and its neglect of you, you have kept our Union together for these many past elections. Thank you for all of your past mercies and blessings! Amen!

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

  6. At this point, worse is better. Hiligula is the intended by the globalists who wish to see the US destroyed. Trump is the globalist hedge (longer fuse) in that he will simply buy them more time. Of the fights I’ve been in during my lifetime, I’ve never wanted to fight but there is always a time when you realize the asshole in front of you doesn’t get it and ain’t gonna get it. These marxist corrupt shitpiles have blathered long enough.

    They mean to do us all harm, that much is now clear. It’s ok, I never expected to live this long anyway. I love everyone in my life enough to lay mine down for them. No one on the other side can even remotely fathom that and it will be their downfall.

    • YES.

      DESTROY that lowlife infested land called usa.

      Had the people been worthy…

      But they are not.

      Have another drink.
      Watch some more games.
      Fuck your buddy one more time.

      HA! HA! HA!

  7. I was happy to vote for him. Happier than the last 2 elections. I’ve never heard a presidential candidate call a spade a spade.

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  9. Sir Lord Baltimore

    Ding Dong the wicked dyke is DEAD
    Janet Reno died today….Might I suggest cremation.
    Screw the evil witch. May she rot in hell.

  10. OT: Wikileaks getting DOSed this morning and last night. Optempo rising stay frosty.