That Would Explain It


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  1. Lol !!!

  2. that’s about it. Mrs. Clinton is a killer. Perfect for us. She’ll complete the Polarization, and fast. Trump? 4 more years of Greenwoodistan. And we are running out of time.

    • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed,

      What’s this “we” crap you’re spouting from your Taqiyya-spewing pie hole ? Or do you have a pork chop in your pocket ?

      Speak for yourself Mohammed.

      • Nope, Haxo is right on this one, even though he usually has a hard-on for Joos. Better find some way to deal with it, because as Julian Assange says, they won’t allow Trump to win (even assuming Trump was a decent alternative – which he ain’t).

        • Bonneau,

          Trump not a decent alternative ?

          He wants to:

          1. Tariff the crap out of products brought into this country because of traitorous trade deals made by TPTB.
          2. He wants a ban on the invasion of poverty brought to you via soetoro-obama and his 1,000,000 moslem that have been imbedded throughout fUSA.
          3. He wants the Mexican border sealed. No more invaders via that route.
          4. He wants Amerikan troops OUT of the Middle East and 100+ countries around the globe.
          5. He wants a return to manufacturing. We’ve lost 70,000 manufacturing plants and 5,000,000 jobs to the free trade crowd over tne last 15 years. Manufacturing creates wealth.
          6. Last, he wants to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !

          You’ve got someone with a better plan than that ?

          So Bonneau….you bad-mouth Trump but offer no alternative. Who’s your saviour….pothead Johnson or one of the GOPe clowns like Bush3, Rubio, Kasich and on and on ? Maybe the Marxist Klinton suits your Libertarian mores ?

          Go Trump !

          • He wants to go back in time to the dark ages where he would already be dead because of his age so in other words he is suicidal but wants others to die first kinda like any Communist/Marxist piece of shit out there…

  3. That line is probably more true than we think it is. Her body count would make Al Capone PROUD!

  4. TFF

  5. PO'd American

    Commey the Clown: aka “The most expendable man in the whole.”

  6. PO'd American

    Commey the Clown: aka “The most expendable man in the world.”