The Mauer Just Got Four Meters Taller


“…Separating locals from aggressive foreigners was precisely why men invented such things as nation-states, masonry, and machine guns. But memory fades under the lights of liberalism, and thus what was previously plain is now the province of extremism….”

The Kakistocracy

37 responses to “The Mauer Just Got Four Meters Taller

  1. We will need such walls in every state, in every town. Too bad we can’t have one to protect the country and its citizens who have behaved, worked hard, paid their taxes and who have assimilated into the American culture. Harden your hearts as it is going to get real bad. It is you or them. Understand?

    • Just buy a home on an Island.

      The scum have a hard time getting here, as in… they don’t.

      You’ve never known security like being surrounded by other invested property owners on an Island. 🙂

      Of course, if you don’t have any $…


      • Jimmy the Saint

        “You’ve never known security like being surrounded by other invested property owners on an Island”
        – Yeah, what he said.
        Denizens of Hiroshima and Nakasaki

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Looks like were going back to castle building.
    Jeder Mann und seiner Burg.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Walls in their own country against invaders THEY let in??? Fucking ballless feminized pussies! Kill the motherfuckers and burn their bodies in 20 story high pyres as far as the eye can see across the countryside LIVE on the internet for the world to see!!!! This is what I’d do at minimum.

    • Unless you’re willing to do that to the pigs FIRST, you will never have a chance to significantly touch the terrorist invaders.

      The Only Ones will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. Proven yet again by the FedPigs and the NYPD in this latest Hillary episode.

    • Cold,

      Careful now. You’ll offend the closet moslem Haxo and his supporters.

    • One has to go after those white traitors who are bringing in these goat fuckers from the middle East first. And that is how it should go down even if you have to take out every Lutheran priest in Idaho. Then go after the goat fuckers themselves. Those who create this shit get to die first. Sounds reasonable to me.

      • LP,

        It just isn’t the Lutherans who are helping the illegal Kenyan with his “fundamental change”. The Roman Catholic Church is up to the Pope’s eyeballs with efforts to Tsunami fUSA with hundreds of thousands of moslems.

        These “christian” morons are creating their own demise.

  4. interesting. It appears the German Whites, instead of expelling the invasive goatfuckers, are already preparing concentration camps for themselves

    and BTW, at least one of the header pics @ Kaki is antisemitic. It must be removed.

    • Schlurman/Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed,

      Shouldn’t your Soros check-cashing ass be over at your mosque calling out for the daily prayer ?

      What screen name iteration is this ? Six ? Seven ? I’m losing track.

      Got hemp ?

      • Traditional Catholic

        Oy veh…. ever the obedient kosher thought cop. Bark like a doggie, Dan. Now, roll over a few times for the synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse 3:9).

        • Dan3 is feeling triggered by (((Aviva)))’s micro-aggression. She is an antisemitic Jewess, and much to be deplored. Here is some safe space…and a couple puppy videos for Dan:

          • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Schlurman/Mohammed,

            Well, it appears you’ve pulled another new screen name out from the grip of your sphincter (you did use your left hand, didn’t you ?)….”Traditional Catholic”. Have some consideration for CA’s bandwidth I have to use to keep lengthening your salutation.

            Hahahahahaha….you crack me up. Meow.

        • Traditional Catholic,

          Catholicism….the religion of Marxism.

          Interesting how you cozy up to the closet moslem. Then again, that’s what the commie in the Vatican, you call him “pope”, wants for you “traditional” Catholics. Traditional like yourself and good, little abortion-loving RC Nancy Pelosi. Where’s the excommunication from Rome for THAT traditional Catholic ? I suggest you tell your pope he needs to be traditional.

          Hahahaha….you crack me up

  5. ALCON,

    Merkel. Germany’s soetoro-obama and Klinton rolled up into one. But, that’s what the Germans got for annointing a Marxist from the former DDR.

    Remember folks….your family, “friends”, neighbors and strangers on the street will be responsible for sending this country to the point of no return. Barry took fUSA to the brink and Merkel-Klinton will finish it if annointed today.

    Never, ever, not in your lifetime….give up your guns.

  6. “…nation-states, masonry, and machine guns.” Awlrighty.

  7. Liberal Horse shit.

    The muzloids are utterly incompatible with Western culture. Either drive them out….or oil up the machine guns.

    All you ‘conscientious objectors’ can sit this one out too. This is more heavy lifting, kinda like voting to keep that traitorous whore Klinton out of the white house, that will require you to get off your sorry asses and actually do something. Go back to bed.

  8. Now all they need are showers and an oven.

  9. A 12 foot wall? Yeah, that’ll work. (roll eyes) How far did those immigrants travel to get there?

    I guess the Germans will try every possible worthless and idiotic alternative before they finally decide to arm themselves.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And being armed is working so well here too?

    • Bonneau,

      There’s a moslem in the Oval Office and he has embedded his kind throughout the fedgov bureaucracy. Amerikans are armed pretty much to the teeth. Imploring kamerad to arm themselves means little without the will to exercise that armament in defense or reaquisition of Liberty.

      Where has a chicken in every pot; an AR-malite in every household gotten us ?

  10. Actually, the walled (secured) areas will work quite well. Manned by those who cannot, or will not, go out and do what needs to be done, they will provide security for the Mike Force that can go out and find, fix, fight, and finish the enemy. They then return to the secure, walled area, rest, refit, and train to go out and do some more. Once the county area is cleared, another walled and secure area is completed, staffed, and a new Mike Force, consisting of some veterans of the old, and the new guys, trains and goes out and clears more territory of the enemy. Once say, a state or greater area is completed, join hands with your allies and complete the “cleansing”. You keep the walled cities, and they are the new govt. centers, and the local power. It all remains local, and refusing to participate in your own elections and govt. operations is grounds for banishment. Emphasis throughout is white people. Everyone else can get the fuck out.

      • Tilt 285 over on edge? To keep people out or in?

      • Amen Brother… Why do you think I’ve been shouting from the rooftops to be moving to areas of Liberty minded people…That’s the only way we will be able to save our culture, children, civilization…

        • Lineman, You are preaching to deaf ears. I have all but given up as the city knot heads don’t grasp what happens in cities when shit goes down. Been part of that and know from first hand experience. The always present thought … it will not happen to me. Okay. Sure, believe that. uh huh. Got your Southern flank brother. Any time you are in the neighborhood love to hook up. New phone # so ping me on my email or hushmail. Cheers

          • Thanks Brother… I will do that…Yea I know it will fall on deaf ears but I’ve got to keep trying maybe one day the deaf will hear and the blind will see…

            • “one day the deaf will hear and the blind will see…”

              When Jesus come.

              Meanwhile, we must do our uttermost to oppose Evil, though it imperil our souls.

    • That works for me. .

    • refusing to participate in your own elections and govt. operations is grounds for banishment

      In the Soviet Union, voting was mandatory to increase the pretense of consent. Everybody knew which candidate to vote for, and the soldiers made sure they did. Government doesn’t work, so you’re going to do it harder.

      • Anony,

        “Government doesn’t work….”

        Gee, that reads like ANARCHY ! Glad to know there are some realists out here.

    • Sean,

      WORD !

    • As usual, Sean cuts to the chase with Reality as his base.

      Base and chase… see?