#2016ElectionNight – Open Thread


Have at it.

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US doesn’t even have 2 parties, just one endorsing inflationism, Fed & IRS – Ron Paul to RT

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65 responses to “#2016ElectionNight – Open Thread

  1. $10 on cankles. It’s rigged. If I bet Erin we then need to bet on which cities burn down first.

  2. In a system where “sovereigns” insist that their “servants” govern them, the “sovereigns” deserve everything that is going to happen to them.

    Or, another definition of democracy… “The demand by the stupid to rule the intelligent because the stupid outnumber the intelligent.”


  3. What Robert said in the WRSA banner.

    Regardless of the outcome tonight, the fuckers are going full court press in the next phase.

    Stay frosty.


  4. I picked a hell of a month to give up drinking! If it weren’t for the corruption, Trump would have this easily. With the corruption, it’s going to be neck and neck, soon to be followed by doooooom!

  5. Look on the bright side: As much of a disaster the Hillary regime will be, it will at least be an upgrade over the homosexual Muslim POTUS we have now.

    • Barry didn’t have Hillary’s bad judgment.

      • I forgot he spent most of his time playing golf.

        • He also spent time jerking off to drone porn in the white hut when
          he wasn’t ‘shooting skeet’ on/in Reggie Love’s backside (and vice versa) off the golf course…funny how his cell phone was always ‘off’ (‘unavailable to moochelle’) during their golfing visits and that the praetorian guard were told to honor the ‘do not disturb sign’ on the places door, eh?

          Not that you needed that mental image (mega mental eyewash needed) but yeah, I just went there where the ‘first kenyan homosexual gigolo’ is
          concerned..and he gives a bad name to honest homosexual gigolos everywhere!!).

          Yours in Liberty!
          NorthGunner III

  6. MichiganderJim

    Something big must’ve happened. I heard they’re gonna publish detailed IFF stuff in all the major media tomorrow…color maps even. Hell, maybe by January we’ll get filled-in range cards.

    • I take it by IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) you are referring to to detailed maps of of who voted which way in each district. That should be fun to look at. As to filled out range cards, unless you are located at the Camp Grayling artillery range, whatever you have for a trunk gun / battle rifle only needs to sighted in at a near zero of 50 yards to cover an impact point + or – 2 inches from all ranges from close in to 250 yards out (http://www.ar15.com/content/page.html?id=599) which would cover anything you would be using it for SE Michigan. Of course tomorrow and the near future would also be the time for even those people who have CPLs but almost never carry a handgun, to actually carry the handgun and to be prepared for anything to happen.

    • Klein,

      You are truly an idiot.

  7. The Donald is KILLING IT in KY, NH, and IN.

    Landslide style.

  8. Sack up you fucking ninnies.

    Tomorrow we grab America by the pussy!

  9. It’s happening.

  10. Oh boy is this gonna be great! LMAO. Where’s that kid from Animal House when you need him?) CA, by all means sir, have a beverage & kick back. God knows you deserve it. 🙂

  11. How many Clintonistas are digging out their passports right about now?

    GA did our part.

  12. Freaking Buckeyes.
    They are busting ass trying to manufacture the bitch some votes in NY, PA, NJ and MD.
    WI and MI need to get Red and quickly.

    • Lines were out the door 20 minutes before the polls opened in SE Michigan….it’s gonna be tight here. Lotsa socialists/FSA in Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Flint, and Grand Rapids. Hope the red people outnumber the FSA types….

      • Made a delivery in Mesik over the Summer, beautiful up there.
        Flint is right out of Thunder dome.
        Once the roads narrow down to two lanes and the bear crossing signs are out I am sure that the demographics and terrain help the area become more easily defended.

      • Right before I went to bed last night they said Detroit had some precincts that had still not reported. I suspected that they were waiting till they had a better idea of how many votes they needed to fabricate in order to push the state her way. Looks like it wont matter now.

        On a side not my county voted blue first time since Carter so either all the illegals over on the west side got an urge to vote , we had a big third party turn out or some of our “principled” conservatives decided they just could not vote for the Don. Either way it made me shake my damn head. Lucky the rest of the State carried the water.

    • Don’t hold your breath on WI. The dynamic in that state is to elect a R Gov 3 times, yet the theft of winner-take-all holds sway for the Gen’l election in the hives of Milwaukee & Madison and anywhere there’s a field office of the High Church of Academia (aka, UW campus). If the state actually goes for Trump I will be happily shocked.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Atlanta to Opelika to Birmingham to Memphis tonight.
    Eyes open by the time I pull into Memphis looking for festivities.
    Had a happy crowd at the truck stop in Opelika as they called out the score.
    Heading to Sypsy Street now.
    Yes there really is a place.

  15. And I add my 1 cent…

  16. Damn O’Keefe & Proj VERITAS at it again.

    Thanks fer havin’ our boy Flounder up there. 🙂

  17. My county did it’s part. 73/23…though I am curious where they found 2300 Cankles supporters.

    • I hear Gov McAuliffe might be in need of a good Attorney soon, Counselor.

      Business opportunities. 😉

      • Funny how those 60k felons came in handy. Him and Killary and the rest. Plot twist, Trumps a globalist too and just did it for the laughs. Appoints O to SCOTUS and tells Americans ‘you’re fired.’ Oh to be a fly on the wall at Beck the Magic Mormons house tonight.

        • Ha…Beck and the vanishing dream lab…

          The irony is that they tried to hang frivolous charges on the last Governor- that few commenting here know anything about.

          But you and I know. And now the real work begins.

  18. Apropos of nothing, those 300 ISO containers of ammo may be for the musloid masses.

  19. I may be biting my tounge on this one but I’ll hold onto my cynicism for now.

    Expect massive rush hour disruptions of he wins….

    • Already planning my Memphis detour. Big intersection where the truck stops are on US78 coming out of MS is a logical choke point.
      Nobody uses CB much anymore though.

      • Good. My commute keeps me out of urban areas but thank God for Remote Desktop 😉

        Sadly most of my blood is still in dense urban cesspool areas…..

  20. Get rekt, ya fucking cucks!


  21. The CBS election coverage crew acts like they’re at a funeral, and can’t stop saying how it’s the dumb, non-college educated rayciss honkies dat did it.

  22. My 2 cents.Told my wife yesterday I believed the reason Comey stood down was the deep state told Hillary ….you won’t be potus. too much poisonous baggage and you can take too many people down with you. so here’s the deal. you can keep the money you stole and you won’t have to worry about an indictment. this is a one time non-negotiable offer and if you fight us on this your plane will suffer catastrophic mechanical failure at 30,000 feet…..or something to that effect.

  23. Fox just called GA for Trump at 11:39. What a bunch of idiots !!! I made a note on my Nov. calendar from Aug. that Trump would take GA by minimum 5points.
    I took vacations days Wed.-Fri. in case of a Trump win 🙂

  24. Cautiously optimistic. I Believe!

  25. Wake me up when the wall is built and we start deporting 45 million. Wake me up when CONgress is cleared and traitors are arrested. Wake me up when the people who killed Finicum are behind bars. Wake me up when 9/11 gets confronted. Yay Red team. We tried the “magic negro” now we get to try the “magic rich white guy”. Deep state bought 4 more years today. How many of you on this board are hoisting “Mission Accomplished” flags right now? Heck of a job Brownie.

    It’s ok, I get it that you’re happy but in reality the treasonous bitch would have got us where we need to be sooner. Now remember, you wanted a ruler and you got one. Oh and we are in an incredibly dangerous time period in that the commies may pull a pin on the grenade as they exit stage left, don’t put it past them, they are now scared and incredibly debauched.

    • TY, Tom. You said it way better than I could. I will continue researching a remedy for Buyers’ Remorse.

    • Man up bucko and grab your nutsack and quit your fucking bellyaching and whining…You know you’ve gone off the deep end when fucking Mohammed agrees with you.

  26. Some Guy in WA

    Rise! Rise! Rise!

    This is no passive effort. Those days are over.

  27. I for one don’t agree with the negative mindset that seems to always be saying that even if we win we still lose. I for one will thank the Lord God Almighty for this election victory tonight. I think it is the best outcome for America. I will pray that God protects and guides Donald Trump to be a great President and to do what is right. And also that The Lord God protects and guides each of us in the upcoming difficult times ahead. Amen.

    • You and me both Sister… Don’t stop coming here Wendy you can learn alot from these guys…