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UK Daily Mail: The Donald’s dream of incredible victory close to coming true after he takes Ohio, North Carolina and Florida with Wisconsin and Michigan both set to fall into his lap on a night that confounded all the experts











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      • all the Trumpaholics did was elect the NY end of the oligarchy instead of the DC end. And Trump is way worse, because most the Right will now take a long snooze. While each and every day, another 7,000 Black/Brown/Yellow/Muslim collectivists will be pumped into the country, then another 7,000, then another, then another…for 4-8 more years.

    • Nope. The fun is just beginning. They’re not going to go silently into the night.

  1. thesouthwasrght

    Poster sums it up nicely.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    My fingers are crossed. I am not a fool-we still have LOTS of problems. But I will take the Trumpster over that CXXT Clinton any hour of any day of any week of any month. Hillary for Prison.

  3. Holy burning piles of Arkansas chicken shit, Batman! I lived in Batesville,Arkansas. Whoever would have thought one of the most powerful and ruthless crime families in America would originate from the poultry capital of the USA. Good riddance. Motherfucker! (hopefully)

    • Al Gore lost Tennessee in his bid for POTUS.As badly as HRC lost Arkansas. A big thank you to my brothers & sisters below the Mason /Dixon.Clintons ,Tyson & Mena Airport have much in common. Broken Arrow .

  4. Fuckin hilarious, in a sad sort of way. No matter, I’m still loading mags….

  5. Now the real work begins.

  6. Where is the concession?

    While you are celebrating your “victory” Soros is chuckling to himself about “Local, local and local”.


    <—–see you think cause your guy with the "red hat" won that you've actually fixed your nation, that's the danger kids

    • Too early for concession.

      Amigo, I don’t think anyone here sees this as anything but a gift of time graced to us.

      The country is fubar. Frankly, it can’t be fixed.

      But we have time to build and prepare for the aftermath.

      • BTW, didn’t mean you in particular CA. And yes perhaps that’s the good in it. I don’t think we could have a more dangerous transition period than we have now.

        This has to now be entered as one of the 10 Biggest WWE Upset Wins.
        3. Ivan Koloff Ends Bruno Sammartino’s Eight Year Championship Reign – 1971

      • Build on what?
        Preps are the foundation. What is it?

        • Reality.

          Like the lie of democracy.

          Like the lie of the benevolence of the central (or state or local) government.

          Like the lie of the legitimacy of voting — i.e., by what right does another presume to impact my person, my property, or my people by his “voting” fetish?

          Like the lie of the Constitution, and how its authors promised that it would contain government while delivering largesse.

          Like the lie of “equality”.


          • Or the lie individuals can stand against even a Tribe much less a State. Those who beat there swords (states) into ploughshares (stock shares) will do the plowing (dying) for those who don’t.

      • You can do a lot with a minute….. Don’t waste a single one.

      • It is not over. Continue to train, continue to get in shape, continue to acquire the necessities to become self sufficient, continue to prepare to fight, continue to build community and tribe. This entire episode is a shame. Despite the globalist and international elites condemning Trump, it is a play. We are being played. Be ready, be frosty, be prepared and harden your hearts.

  7. “To Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!”

    Fun just beginning?
    Even odds Fat Bill and Shrillary are in a non-extradition country by noon tomorrow.

    “If I were president, you’d be in prison!” is a lot less funnier to the Witch now than it was at the last debate.

    • From your eloquent lips to God’s Ears.

      2 Billion, is it, shipped to Gutter or Bahrain?

      Good riddance, cheap at half the price… although somewhat less satisfying than an interminable public trial placing the entire and undeniable deep state record of the clintons, et alia, into the
      resionabldehanging on utube, xbox, Fox, dish, and every other propaganda outlet.

      Oh! the wailing and gnashing, the delicious schadenfreud, followed soon after by the very public, televised, Julius Strieicher antigravity Rope Dancing with the Stars

  8. We have a better than even chance of Holding Don to his promises AND we’ll see far less obstruction as we try to regain a society respectful of our Constitutional rights. Make no mistake, any improvement in America will not be because of politicians, it will be in spite of them and because of the efforts of you and I. I have hope…… It’s dangerous but I have it. Ain’t none of you motherfuckers taking it either. Gentlemen, we have work to do. Go.

  9. Crushed! I am visiting the mother ship in Silicon Valley and drinking the tears of liberals… because fuck you that’s why.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Damn. And I was hoping to cash in on all that ammo I’ve been hoarding.


      Sir: You may still need it. These mooks will not go quietly. LAPD is already gearing up for riots. Bleib ubrig.

  12. Hey, smug ass liberal motherfuckers… we have a brief announcement from the basket of deplorables…
    FUCK. YOU. Now, run, you fuckers…

  13. The Talking Heads tried to soul search but couldn’t find it, so they just whined instead – before accepting Trump’s Acceptance Speech as an Apology, one of many more that he owed them.

  14. Were I an evil globalist with my hands on the purse strings of the nation I’d be licking my chops over this Trump win. In my dreams I’d see conned-servatives enthusiastically celebrating their “victory” over my evil globalist agenda. Little would they suspect that the noose was just slipped over their heads and that a far greater fall would snap it tight.

    I now have the perfect excuse and ready scapegoat to crash the USD and fully implement those evil globalist plans. Better yet, I will appear to be the savior, the man with the plan, just when things look their worst.

    Let us be even more cautious moving forward then ever before.

    NOT that I believe we are living in the end times of Gods wrath (just the opposite in fact) but this is the context of what Paul describes to the Thessalonian believers as he writes; this verse says much about the potential for that time to soon begin…

    1 Thes 5:3… “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”