Baugh: Breathing Room


Read and absorb every damned bit.

The Evil Ones are just wounded.

Check your ammo, water, equipment, and casualties – then get back at it.

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  1. He’s right.

    Cultural rot is deeply ensconced, and, as one of the commentariat posted, this is a lesson for IFF.

    If anything, it bears noting that half the electorate willingly voted for Pantsuit Negan.

    The wolves may have been beaten back temporarily, and despite the BFY, this election doesn’t solve the societal/ideological undergirdings that are in place.

    There’s not a political solution to spiritual and cultural problems; you can’t vote in decency. You can’t vote in fellowship. If anything, the cultural traitors beholden to globalist scheming, self-exaltation, and cultural-suicide hate our guts even more, and have four years to plot and scheme their way outta the gutter.

    Never take a victory, even a small one, for granted.

    Now get yer asses out there and Make Freedom Great Again.

  2. If you want your head to explode, look at Slate’S front page:

    “Gay Jewish Men are now in fear for their lives.” This was a “Victory for White Supremacy.”

    These people are completely off their meds.

    8 years of kicking the shit outta traditional, conservative America, and now we’re all cheeto-crusted neckbeards, invoking Hitler and flaunting our “privilege.” GMAFB

    Expect identity politics to be ratcheted up, BIGLY.

    Expect anyone who supported Trump, and or “America First” to be demonized.

    Wikileaks exposed that the Cultural Marxists and Globalists are not above dirty tricks.

    Prepare yourselves accordingly.

    • tangotango-03

      I did see some commentary that this election was a “white”lash, whatever that means.
      I agree and I do know this fact, they will not stop they will only grow more bold with a penchant and predilection for violence towards us. The only way to shut this down is when you hear them talking their big talk, punch them in the mouth as hard as you can. They will think twice about talking stpid shit further and will show the “silent” majority/minority that that is how we must handle this business moving forward.

      • Amen Brother…

      • Whitelash?

        That was Van Jones. Puhleeeeeez. He’s a reasonable dude, but he’s carved out a niche for pandering to that bullshit.

        It was a Walletlash. A Freedomlash. A Sovereigntylash.

        If not being robbed, under pain of imprisonment, for absolutely unrelenting onerous taxes, if not championing a lower standard of living, if not being anti-Liberty, if not embracing mediocrity, if not rewarding failure, and if not hating America are characteristics that are espoused by white people, so be it.

        Dear Special Snowflakes, Racial-Identifiers/Baiters/Huckers, Gender Studies Activists, etc. Get on board, ya fuckin’ losers. All the crying, bitching, and moaning hasn’t gotten ya bastards outta the hole you’re in. The “Touchy-Feely Kumbaya Industry” doesn’t put bread on my table, and it doesn’t put it on yours. A rising tide raises all boats.

        Make Freedom Great Again.

        • Beg pardon, but that negro POS named Van Jones is not a “reasonable dude”. That SOB is a full blown communist.
          You need to begin reading Obama history going back to around 2006 or so.

    • Ah yes, slate…another collectivist/gloabalist indoctrination/propaganda
      organ by collectivist elistists…FOAD them all!

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  3. Preach on Brother Tom!

    Funny you should mention HR departments.
    I was given a stark lesson yesterday from my companies HR department.

    I submitted a report on one of my employees (constantly late, I have kept her around because when she is here she is a fantastic employee) I wanted some meat in the threat that she needed to get her shit together and get to work on time. Clearly she has paid no attention to me when I have attempted to address this with her a dozen times.
    I now have to take a class on “Dealing with our employees compassionately”. See I cant discipline her for being late all the time because I was late one day last week…….So being late one day is a greater infraction than being consistently late forever???
    Well we dont want to look like hypocrites.
    And I keep the door to my office closed too much.
    And the emails I sent to her were very harsh….
    Okay, I see.
    Thank you Fat HR manatee, I copy clear.
    I will not discipline the female employee.

    • Oh man Brother I could never work in an office in this PC environment… I feel for ya…

    • Animal Farm.

      Show up late yourself, and see what compassion you get.

    • When I married my wife (w/a degree in HR) I had no idea what sort of vermin hide in the college courses that are behind the anti-male horror that is HR. It took nearly two decades of my life to learn just what twisted individuals teach and are attracted to HR; very few can maintain a healthy relationship of any sort and so use animals as a substitute, cats and horses being the favored objects. I also had no idea that these women get worse over time as they descend into their Femi-Madness, mine resorted to base manipulation and even theft, when she started to threaten my mother I engaged an attorney and ended the association on favorable terms. My current, non-college-educated, GF is a blessing.

    • “Funny you should mention HR departments.”

      Yeah, and a good friend of mine has been trying like Hell to get me to jump ship and join his design firm, which is now quite large.

      A few weeks ago he’s priming me, for about the dozenth time, to just submit my rez to their HR person and then he tells me a story about how the whole firm, about 150 people, had to go through “sexual harassment awareness training,” or some similar rot about a week before.

      Fuck that noise.

      Getting treated as though I can not comport myself in a professional setting, like a real adult, is beyond insulting; I’m simply not going to stand for that childish shit, and I’m at a point where I can simply refuse to comply and therefore do.

      I suggest others do so as well.

    • ‘Human Resources’ makes us look like cattle. I still call it ‘personnel.’
      HR does abound harpy manatees.

    • I long ago decided that I would avoid at if at all possible working for any company big enough to have an HR department. To give some idea how long ago, I made the decision while employed at a company where I attended a meeting for new hires also attended by most of the senior management, who introduced themselves by name and department. The HR boss introduced himself as “[first name] [last name], overhead”.

    • Well I hate to shit on peoples misfortune, BUT…
      We had a small layoff going on in the company. About 400 people were let go between last Thursday and today.
      HR Manatee was let go yesterday….
      Karma hammer!
      Think I will skip the compassionate manager class..

    • I am my company’s HR Department. And Operations, and Marketing, and Finance, etc…etc…

      Small business – the only way to go. Long hours, hard work, but well worth it in the end. Much less stress, despite the harder work involved.

  4. The evil ones are only stunned.. I suspect the most dangerous time is between now and the inauguration. There’s a lot of clock left for those clowns to run out.

  5. Amen and thank you both CA and Mr. Baugh.

    60 million people think everything changed because their guy won and they got some cool hats. This ain’t any given Sunday.

  6. On victory. As I said in conversation with my brother, a Trump victory only delays the inevitable. I am happy to be wrong, however on victory, think Carthage. Raze and salt the earth at every opportunity. Attack the cancer not the host. We need neighbors not corpses (figuratively). This victory is a reprieve in the onslaught of a long war strewn with numerous losses on our side. Evil intent has always been present and always will be, it is the exercise of dominance that holds it at bay.

    • Well of course it does any with half a brain can see that…On the neighbor part we all have a choice on who are neighbors. .Choose wisely…

  7. Cause the only way to reset this country is to separate it or clean it. That’s it.

    Anonymous Retweeted
    stimulator ‏@stimulator 30m30 minutes ago
    Mark your calendars! Friday January 20th all roads lead to #WashingtonDC
    #BlackBloc2017 #TrumpRiots

  8. Exactly right.

  9. Yep. Just a delaying action, even if The Great Orange One does what he says he will do.

  10. Before the win, the Left mockingly dared us to do our worst.

    We should.

    They hoisted the black flag. They must suffer the consequences.

  11. LOLs out the ass:

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The news channels forgot to put out trigger warnings last night. For shame.

    • neat. And she’s good for dry-fire target practice. See those blue areas indexing ethnocommunist control? Each passing day, Trump or no Trump, they will keep getting bigger.

      • I disagree. I think the retards are self-radicalizing at such a parabolic rate, that they’ll eventually auto-delegitimatize.

        That said, I don’t see it being a fading into obscurity. I see them having a tantrum of epic proportions. Legendary tantrums.

        They’ll ultimately fail, BIGLY.

  12. There are many times where when a snake’s head is
    cut off, the rest of the body, all the way to the tail continues
    to move, and even the head can still move and bite.

    Was listening to the following, even though it was recorded
    yesterday (short mention of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense):

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  13. Take a knee and take a sip, for a day. Then get up and commence pursuit and exploitation.

    It’s morning in America, collectivists. Fill your hand….

  14. What victory? The fight starts on Jan 20, 2017.
    The media is complicit. They are lock step with the liberal leftists. Wikileaks proved it. This is no news, only op-eds and agendas.
    The hoards of activist judges, politicians and others who turned their backs on the rule of law must be driven from positions of influence.

  15. No compromise. For over 100 years, the left has said “compromise just a little with us”. Then the next year or next decade, “compromise just a little with us”. They can pause for four years without affecting their overall strategy.

    We must push back now. There is no time to rest.

  16. Dick Summers

    “After victory, tighten the straps on your helmet.” — Tokugawa Ieyasu, The Third and Final “Great Unifier” of Japan

  17. hope McCain and globalist Repubs won’t be helping Obama get his commie supreme court pick in before inauguration

  18. Actions I don’t expect president-elect Trump to take:

    The greatest hazard facing the country is the pending collapse from the unrecognized bankruptcy, due to the deficit of $200 trillion. Trump could tell Boomers that Social Security’s purchasing power will continue to decline by 10%/year forever, and they should seek part-time jobs now. He could tell Boomers that they won’t be receiving $250,000 in medical care in the last year of life, instead they will receive hospice. There is no constitutional objection to a president-elect talking about this.

    Spy and police agencies, always and everywhere, exist for senior mobsters to collect blackmail material on junior mobsters, and to hide the senior mobsters’ misbehavior. There is no constitutional objection to a president-elect talking about this.

    The US Navy wargame Millennium Challenge shows the carrier group concept is obsolete against swarms of cheap missiles from cheap boats. I don’t expect Trump to propose the end of carrier groups, billion-dollar airplanes, etc.

    The bankruptcy was politically enabled by the official counterfeiting of “money” and the automatic withholding of income taxes. Don’t expect to hear Trump calling for the end of central banking.

    Don’t expect to hear Trump calling for removal of Saudi Arabian influence.

    Or for the EPA to start allowing oil refineries to be built.

    Or for modern forms of nuclear power.

    Or for the federal government to give up ownership of half the land area of the West by lottery, and to restrain itself to a District (not exceeding ten Miles square) and the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.

    Or for the commerce clause to justify only the removal of trade barriers between states.

    Or for ending all drug prohibition.

    Or for ending all infringement on weapons.

    Or allowing private rocketry and space exploration to open up the final frontier.

    What I expect is a rerun of the Reagan administration. President going around saying nice-sounding fantasy, meanwhile no material change in the size, composition, or behavior of government.

    • All he needs to do in order to be successful (IMO) is to be constitutional and nominate conservative S/C Justices; we might get 3 or 4….

      And not let the conservative justices visit a democrat’s resort-ranch on the Mexican boarder; without a security detail…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      You do realize that he was elected President, not appointed Emperor, right? There’s quite a bit of limitation on what he can and cannot do.

      • There are no constitutional limits to the issues he can drag onto the national stage by talking about them.

        Sales pitch for the constitution said each branch was to make up its own mind about how to comply with it. Executive branch’s claimed purpose is to enforce the laws. How does one enforce 2A? Lay off the entire BATFE and do not enforce any laws that infringe 2A. Similarly for any other executive branch agency that doesn’t have clear support for it in the constitution.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Yes, he can talk about anything; however, actually getting anything done requires Congressional action.

          “Lay off the entire BATFE and do not enforce any laws that infringe 2A.”

          That would only impact Federal law. All of the state laws would remain – he has no influence over them.

    • 1+!!

      Agree with you on all points!
      Especially drug possession/’War on [Some] Drugs”
      and ending the double financial slavery via the extortion
      syndicate politely called the ‘irs’ and the counterfeiting cartel
      called the ‘federal reserve’ and ending the war on guns and
      gun owners by repealing NFA ’34, GCA ’68 (undiluted nazi
      weapons law imported wholesale here!) and every other
      completely unlawful anti-gun/anti-self defense dictat issued
      since the War of Northern Aggression!

      If he wants to attack a couple of collectivist megasaurouses, let
      him loose on those to decap those issues asap!

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

      • Here’s another reason the insane war on cannabis MUST end asap!!

        Idaho Mother Loses Custody of Children After Treating Daughter’s Seizures with Cannabis

        So rather than bow down to the ‘Big Pharma Gods/Collectivist Medicine’
        she goes for a treatment that truly does deliver the goods where it counts..her only mistake was going to a dr. who then showed proof of
        being a collectivist shitweasel by snitching her out to the other collectivist parasites.”

        Lesson and Takeaway:
        Treat yourself,
        SHUT UP! (Utilize Comsec!!)
        Note Response to condition..document (encrypt)
        Rinse, Repeat and Reclaim Health
        And FOAD to Pharma/FDA/FTC and ‘gov/authority’!!

        Yours In Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

    • Johnny Walker Blue

      Have an adult beverage and chill out a bit. The guy was up till 4AM giving his victory speech. Then do a search for his nominee for EPA administrator. Put a check in the box beside that item on your list.

      Next break out some stationary and pen a respectful note to ALL of your congress critter cuckservatives to inform them that you will be watching them closely and that any shenanigans RE this nominee or any other worthy nominees will result in them being kicked directly in their mangina on the way out of office.

      The rest of the list? Patience grasshopper. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  19. Baugh is spot on correct. Tighten chin straps, check equipment. We shall beat to quarters.

  20. LaVoy….?
    Mr. LaVoy Finicum…..?
    This victory was not $5.00 per vote victory some have said. This is not a permanent victory either; as some have said, but a victory non the less.

    Plenty of state battles to fight during the 2017 legislative sessions.

    Freedom isn’t free; LaVoy Finicum’s death must have opened the eyes of a number of people on the “fence”; and pulled them over to the side of Individual Liberty.

    • God I hope so. RIP LaVoy. For those of you who never watched any of his you tube videos, you should. He was squared away with the man above imo. And I believe he knew to his bones he was going to give his life if not that day, soon. He was marked and he knew it. RIP LaVoy.

    • Unfortunately, neither Mr. Finicum’s murder, nor Jack Yantis’ murder, will likely be atoned for in the coming years. Those are on the heads of “Law Enforcement”, and their Brothers in Blue will not tolerate justice for them. Justice Scalia’s murder, on the other hand, MIGHT be. As for the rest of this county’s ills, at best the Blue Wall will bring to justice many corruptocrats and fraudocrats from all levels of government across this nation.

      It would sure be nice to have justice for Mr. Finicum and Mr. Yantis, and I commiserate with their survives that such will not be done, but flushing the toilet that is the District of Corruption is a good start. We did not get where we are in four years, or even eight. And President Trump will not be able to fully reverse the evils brought by our past “leadership’ in one term, or even two. But just like that old joke:
      Q: What do you call a bus full of lawyers going off a cliff into a lake with three empty seats?
      A: A good start.

      Flushing out the Augean Stables sure would be a good start.

    • Oh please.

      He was an idiot who fled one felony stop, almost crashed into officers at a second one, and then jumped out of his truck and ran around like a headless chicken at that police roadblock yelling “Shoot me! Shoot me!” with eleventy-nine weapons pointed at him. That worked out for him about like anyone could reasonably expect.

      Everyone else who surrendered hands-up as “peaceful” protesters is back home with their family tonight.

      Whatever else Finicum was or might have been, at his end he was a hysterical jacktard with poor reality-coping skills, and he paid the ultimate penalty for felony stupid.
      I hope, for his sake, he was squared away in respect to eternity, because he won’t be around this life forever due to a mortal case of dumb@$$ery.

      I would counsel a more honest appraisal of the man, particularly in regard of learning appropriate lessons from a negative example – i.e. “Don’t be that guy” – but if someone wants to bow down and worship jacktards, that’s entirely their own business.

      One is always entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts and reality.

      • William Wilson

        Aesop, right. The “murder” of Finicum was staged. Most of the crowd at Malheur was Mormon actors. If an event is on the jewstream media, it’s a psyop.

  21. I wept this morning not because “Trump’s gonna fix everything!”, but because I knew I had gained a little bit more time to prepare for what is coming.

  22. The wallet has spoken. Disposable income evaporated. First to go are the restaurants that need a two drink minimum to meet debt service. Every time they run a special,they pump their gross and lower their net. Restaurant Armageddon. Many joints carry a triple lease. Ground,building and equipment. They are so fucked.
    The toy sector is saturated with inventory. New and used. Prices plummeting for motorcycles,RV’s,boats etc. Retails bloodbath will occur after Christmas when sales haven’t materialized. The medical industry doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind. Obamaaaaa and the boys fucked the pooch. Just like they planned.
    This is mathematics at work. Wait until Mother Nature kicks us square in the other nut.The libtard fuckwads have no idea of the brewing shitstorm heading their way. They don’t understand the validity and resolve, many now have to punch you in the fucking face. How did all these liberal,progressive, commie bastards end up in Colorado? Target rich environment.
    .I sang,hummed and whistled,”Ding dong the witch is dead.” all day. One women gave me a dirty look so I increased my volume and intensity. She scurried off. I am one obnoxious motherfucker.If you are going to do something, be the best at it.

  23. Marlo Stanfield

    Besides how the media treated President-Elect Trump, but her millions of supporters that don’t give a shit that she is a criminal. That is a dangerous group of people.

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