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  1. Where is the concession, did she get caught up in a spirit dinner?

    • Tying on a puker in the (not) Presidential suite of her NYC hotel.

      • Yup. Call has gone out to NYC dealers for enough coke to get her to the podium lol.

      • ALCON,

        I travel the Keystone State and Ohio extensively. The “polling” I took in Pennsylvania was simply observing the lawn signs in front of residences, on the highways, at intersections, in front of businesses. There were literally NO Klinton signs. Trump signs were easily 100:1. Not very scientific but it told a story. Yet the in-the-bag pollsters for Hillary wanted you to believe otherwise. They manipulated. They lied.

        Here’s my question….who will be President-Elect Trump’s Attorney General ?

        Make America Great Again !

        DONALD JOHN TRUMP, 45th President of the United States

        • Rudy Giuliani, AG
          I’m hoping he goes for retired LtGen Mattis for SecDef.
          Allen West for Natl Sec Advisor.
          Newt Gingrich, Sec State.
          Giuliani’s second job, after Shrillary’s federal reckoning, will be to put Comey out for cause, and get somebody into FBI to begin the 20-year process of getting their integrity back.
          Disband DHS, abolish the TSA, and rein in the NSA and IRS.
          And when he starts construction on The Wall, we’ll have found those 100,000 shovel-ready jobs that have evaded Obozo’s notice for 8 years.

          He should also tell Obozo that if he lifts one finger to try and grant Clinton, Lynch, Holder, et al any presidential pardon/amnesty, the next day, proceedings will begin that hour to research his actual birthplace and certificate of live birth, and retroactively nullify every act he committed as moot and vacated, including every judge and justice he appointed, every law and act he signed, and any nominal pardons. Game over.

          The first act of the new Congress is either a full repeal of Obamacare, which Trump signs 10 minutes later, or else it’s back on like DonkeyKong with his entire electoral base.

          Excuse me now, I have to go pee on the local DNC HQ.

        • Either Rudi G or Cristie. Better yet, have them both. Believe me there will be a shitload of work for both of them.

  2. What if she doesn’t concede? Trump is ahead but I smell an establishment rat “adjusting” votes from Detroit and Philly. What are the odds that Cankles appears at the podium tomorrow declaring victory, and what happens after that? ROPE, TREE, JOURNALIST. ROPE, TREE, COMMUNIST.

  3. FUSA Today reports Podesta says Clinton won’t speak tonight. How’s that for unusual.

  4. 11:05 PM PST: (((Podesta))) – the Satanist – has just spoken to the assembled Reds – “no concession. Large numbers of uncounted absentee ballots have suddenly been discovered in Michigan and Pennsylvania”, etc., etc. MSM, playing along with the scam, is refusing to credit these and other states that Trump is leading to him.

    Like I said: it’s going to require bullets, not ballots

    • Can you find a link to either transcript or vid? I gotta grab some sleep. Thanks in advance.

    • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed,

      Fuck you ! Fuck you you moslem POS ! You wrote shit here and all across the hundreds of websites you frequent spouting how your moslem-loving Hillary Klinton would be the next POTUS.

      FUCK YOU !

  5. I just listened to Podesta, Lucy moment arriving.

    • Not Lucy.

      Commie-gotta-Commie moment.

      A good development, as is the continued MSM accomplice behavior.

      • If they act as per usual, they better hope they succeed.

        Julius Streicher could have warned them, had they been read into history….

        Glad, I am, for their arrogance.

  6. Hillary going to bed and sending Podesta to the podium… reminds me of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

  7. Trump says Hitlery called him and conceded. Speech is live. He says we should all thank her for her service to our country.

  8. I’d give anything to be a fly on the wall in her campaign office right now. I bet the tantrum is fucking apocalyptic…….

  9. colddeadhandsdays

    Trump elected 45th President of The United States! Told ya:)

  10. Hillary just conceded. The unthinkable has happened. Trump is the president elect.
    There is a God.

  11. But there is another side to the story: The Upside for Cankles:

    Clinton is now leading the polls in key battleground states such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Yemen and Syria.

    Chateau Hertisie calls her the cunt. Any of the above hellholes can have her.

    Or her taking a dirt nap would work for me. 

    Or both.  Win/Win.

  12. Way better than Greenwood!

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. It is not over. Continue to train, continue to prepare, continue to acquire the necessary tools and materials to be self sufficient, continue to get in shape. A fight is coming. Yes it is. A Republicrat congress and president. Trust not your life’s to princes, kings and potentates. This too is an illusion. Do not let your guard down.

    • Yeap… That “Swamp Thing” goes deep…
      “The deep calleth the deep”

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Yes indeed but he bought us some time that we better use wisely… Keep the faith Brother…

  15. Wisconsin went to Trump. Clinton has called Trump and conceded; probably on her way to Saudi Arabia already. Trump’s the new prez.

    Ya should have seen the grim faces on the ABC crew. I was laughing out loud all night. Disaster for the Ministry of Propaganda! All polling has turned to shit.

    Zerohedge was looking at how the polls were rigged to make Hitlery look inevitable, posted here a while back. Looks like they shot themselves in the foot because rather than depressing the rural vote, it may have caused the city voters to just stay home – why vote when Hillary is a shoo-in? Or maybe the city folk just couldn’t stomach the bitch any more, who knows?

    This was the best election night yet.

    The weird thing was that RT seemed to be just as dismayed as the American Ministry of Propaganda. They were still pining away about Bernie!

    • It wsn’t just ABC, Paul. I was flipping channels for confirmation of concession and laughed at the looks of consternation and tears on the face of every BS broadcaster. The utter shock in their eyes was priceless. Still laughing my… ummm, bunns… off.

  16. Congratulations President elect Trump! Thank God and Hot Damn!!

  17. This is no time to relax. Arms dealers will still have stock to sell, but at a reasonable profit instead of “last buy ever” pricing. Keep with the program as if it is Barry’s 3rd term. Does anyone think that the BATFE or IRS are going to be abolished and private property will be respected as if it was 1820? The financial crisis that Quadrillions of derivatives and 20+ Trillions of cash debt brings is here, as a slow burn. Brace for recession, then Dollar-devaluation/bail-in/inflation. Try to get your bank account in currency at the teller window and they don’t have it or resist paying out a demand account. Exits are being closed and secured.

    • And get to a place that you can be surrounded by people that love Liberty and can be counted on…Come on its not rocket surgery;)

      • Like SE Portland Oregon? Kidding! I know what I can count on after looking around. Cannibalism following looting in 4 weeks or less after the grid goes down. Ethnic/tribal gang warfare purging neighborhoods of every kind of good people (oh, wait, that’s happening now.)

  18. HHH Old Vet.

    I want to see the TREASON committed Dealt with, Obama, Clintoon, Podesta? Hanged or firing squad. Taking back our country without Civil War, that IS Priceless Gent’s. Might have to get rough but most here are ready right Now.

  19. Centurion_Cornelius

    soo close to the yellow brick road when the house done fell on cankles
    (P.S. what’s the going rate for Pres Pardons these days?)

  20. While everyone is busy laughing, backslapping, circle jerking and finger banging each other, may I kindly remind the quorum that the elite are uber-pissed beyond belief. If you think the orcs of Mordor are going to take it up the ass and retreat, you’re as crazy as they are. Today’s milestones marks the beginning of a period of high volatility – as evidenced by markets (stocks, currencies, commodities, bonds, derivatives), crowds and, potentially, geopolitics. As we saw with Brexit and this election, the propaganda, polls and media outlets were and are completely and totally useless. Going forward, retune and recalibrate. Stay particularly tuned in to non-traditional signposts, secondary indicators and sources. Observe changes to Internet slums’ terms of service (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc), pronouncements and public study findings by think tanks, casual meetings between industry and global political leaders, changes in business and corporate policies, etc. Don’t be smug. Be aware.

    A wise old owl lived in an oak
    The more he saw the less he spoke
    The less he spoke the more he heard.
    Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?

    • No.
      The Orcs are going to take it up the ass for the next four years, and get used to it.
      That’s what the shackles on the table are for.

  21. taminator013

    I can finally be proud of my state again. I never saw this one coming from a place that always votes blue. Thank you PA for getting out and sending a message……………………..

    And Pat Toomey also squeaked by to keep a Republican majority in the senate………………..

  22. I’m sorry to break balls this morning but first and foremost let me admit I was wrong about Trump getting elected. Dead wrong. He did it.

    Now put down your cornflakes and shot glass and listen to the wind for the following headlines:

    Trump will signal an end to all undeclared foreign wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
    Trump will direct his incoming attorney general to investigate “fast and furious”.
    Trump will direct his incoming attorney general to investigate claims of illegality surrounding pedophiles and politicians and Jeff Epstein.
    Trump will direct his incoming attorney general to investigate the Clinton Foundation vigorously.
    Trump announces he will pursue the destruction of the Federal Reserve banking cabal.
    Trump announces he will pursue honest money.
    Trump re-announces he will build the wall needed on the southern border.
    Trump announces a plan to deport 45 million illegals in this country.
    Trump announces his plan to address the infant holocaust and baby parts industry using his AG.
    Trump announces he will pursue any available means to end federally funded abortions.
    Trump announces he will work with Congress to repeal any and all Federal Firearms laws currently in place.

    It would have been far better if the communist psycho won in the long run. In the short run we bought a couple years but how many fighting age men will perish or hang up their guns in that time? Or decide they won the long fight and recline?

    I watched the entire Trump victory speech last night and among the crowd I saw mostly soft men. While I’m sure there are many hard men behind his movement (he’s a huge lawr enforcement and .mil proponent and there are clearly some here) I beg you not to get snookered by this circus. Please don’t stop seeking to change this broken system. Please God.

    “Thank you. Thank you very much. Sorry to keep you waiting. Complicated business. Thank you very much. I’ve just received a call from Secretary Clinton. She congratulated us. It’s about us. On our victory. And I congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. She fought very hard. Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time and we owe her a major debt of gratitude to her service for our country.” – Donald Trump

    We don’t owe her shit, if anything she’s owed a long walk on a short pier ending with a rope. Jeez.

  23. Now you can exhale, and take the pressure off them mag springs for a bit.

    But tomorrow it’s back into the mud, we got lot’s o’ necks to split.
    They’re still out there, needing their just due.

    Ka-Bar UP!

  24. I love the smell of The Great Fuck You in the morning.

    Watching the vote count through the night, it was apparent to me, and this is only my personal observation, something fishy was going on with the reporting, it almost became a pattern. States where the vagina had unsurmountable numerical vote majority, no problem, it was called and she was assigned the electoral votes, but the key states Trump had to lose to not be POTUS, man they where counting votes for hours right up to 98-99% of returns.
    They must have been scrambling like mad hatters to extend the margin of vote fraud, run out of rigged votes and “uncounted” ballots which is usually 1-3% for appearance of legitimacy’s sake. Their internal polling was way off, they ended up not having the corrupt manpower in key precincts required to counter The Great Fuck You.

    • Saw the same thing.

      May their choke on their Commie tears.



      • Brother, I really appreciate your observations, because if for no other reason, the system is so corrupt, sometimes you don’t know if your having delusions or what your seeing is as corrupted as you see before your eyes.
        And what really bakes your noodle is how many “American’s” are in on the corruption. That doesn’t lessen in it’s evil no matter how many times you see it.
        I hope the terrible things these scum have done to us is exposed in it’s entirety. It really needs to be done. It is a carthisis that is an absolute priority if us dirt people are to become who we are and need to be as Freemen. Nothing less will do. All the dirt, the crimes, the greed, and the perversions have to be exposed in the sunlight of the public stage of truth.
        No rock under which these vile creatures slither and hide must be left unturned.

    • I saw the same thing… and particularly late last night. The percentage reporting for key states stayed the SAME for well over 1.5 hrs. The talking heads were getting tired of stalling. What was really happening was as you described Mtnforge. The CORRUPT Dems “ground game” was trying to find trunk loads of “extra ballots” to eek out a win for Hitlery. When the Corrupt Dem ground game finally realized they were up against 100% numbers in precincts and they couldn’t add more votes… they conceded. I almost went to bed thinking these commie bastards are going to steal it in the middle of the night… but no, Trump had enough “margin” to out pace even the Communist machine in Philly. Thanks to all the dirt people in PA who got off their damn couch.

      Make no mistake though, these communists NEVER give up, they will double down at every turn and the MSM will help them to make Trump look like a deplorable BEFORE he has done anything. It’s the way the communist LEFT always acts. THE fight to turn the ship around is just beginning and if Trump doesn’t do what he said… he WILL be out in 4 years.

      Trump wins Michigan and AZ. Pads the electoral vote even more.

      Grey Ghost

  25. The Walkin' Dude

    My sweet dick, it’s magic!


    Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is 0545 hours on Wednesday, 11/09/2016. The Donald has done it. The proof of the pudding will be after January 20th, when he takes office. When the Wall goes up, when we pull out of NATO,and the Middle East, when the Saudis and their Bush-Clinton puppets are thoroughly exposed, prosecuted, fined, and jailed(or executed), then I will be truly content.
    To Dan III and the other supporters of President-elect Trump, I apologize. I truly thought Amerika was so lost that the FSA, gimme-dats, wimmen, and other dreck of color and deviate sexual mores would prevail. I was wrong. Please excuse the cynicism of an angry, frustrated old man. I am okay with what has happened. I am sure when I arrive at my workplace today I will see a lot of butt-hurt from some of the female school teachers. Schadenfreude!

    • Brother you don’t have to apologize we all had moments of despair and God answered our prayers… Keep the faith Brother and keep prepping, training, and building tribe… Let me know when you have a free moment and I will come see ya…

  27. I did not watch it last night, I was so sure the “moochers”(hattip to Neal Boortz) now were in the solid majority and it was over for the country; maybe Trump is just a stay of execution; but still it’s “A beautiful day !” – – (U2 – Beautiful Day)

  28. thanks for the hard work of staying on top of this. looks like another team effort that went well. next thing to do is start a bet pool on what day hillary gets free transportation to aliceville, alabama federal prison for women, and if she makes it. she owes a lot of people.

  29. Congratulations The Donald. Perhaps we can now avert WWIII with a frank honest ” as possible” dialog with Russia.

    i encourage all here to start their letter campaign on Jan 20 2017,demanding accountability for those who committed treason against our nation.


  30. “So, you mean the Russians aren’t coming? What are we going to do with all these guns and ammo we panic bought?”

    Get ready for yard sale prices.

    Congratulations Donald Trump and America.

    • It is not over for the internationalist cartels, the oligarchs, the one sky one world bunch. I would hang onto your weapons and your ammo. Really.

    • Prepare to vacuum seal and ammo-can whatever a grocery sack of $5 bills can buy. My favorite thing is the yardsale firearm, accessory, or misc. ammo collection. When priced right, caliber/type doesn’t matter. You may need another pole barn.

    • Natzsofast, Guido:
      We still have a few trillions of unfunded debt laying around.
      If you see anything at yard-sale prices, level up.

      And that canned food ain’t going anywhere for years, the freeze-dried neither.

      Preparations are still in order.
      The only thing changed is the level of apocalyptic urgency.

      For the moment.

      Enjoying the great shit-their-pants-fest of the lunatards is just a pleasant diversion from more adult activities.
      Indulge as the mood strikes.
      We’ve earned the moment.

  31. As Winston Churchill said, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing, ….after they’ve tried everything else.”

  32. I’d say a Trump Victory gives us a chance, but only a chance. With all the shouts of “Huzzah!”, I think we had best temper our thoughts with this: There are still 60 million or so assholes out there, who are very mad, and upset, and that are still our enemies. We got a shot at avoiding the Big Change, but only a shot. I think we should beat to quarters, and remain alert, and wary. An enemy is the most dangerous when defeated and cornered. Semper Paratus.

  33. I am happy to see the bitch fail … however … call me crazy. The international banking cartel is not happy. Neither are the globalist, nor the one sky one country crowd. They showed the world how strong they were when they took out John Kennedy when he decided to eliminate the FRN and replace with US notes. Maybe security is better now? Maybe the technology is better … that all works both ways. So their corrupted voting machines and dead people still voting etc was not enough to carry the day.
    The real players have not just plan A, they have a plan B and a plan C. So should Trump and so should you, because I am sure Trump will be told of his real place over the next few weeks. If not, then Pence will be there or whom ever they can manipulate. Continue to train, to get in shape, to acquire necessary goods and to build community and tribe. It is just not going to be Hillary that finishes the destruction of our country, our culture our heritage, our people …….

  34. Guys,
    Its a long season. This was one game, a big game but only one. Today we enjoy the message this sent, we have a little vice of your choice and relax a little bit. Tomorrow, we go back to work getting ready for the next game.

  35. Here in [D] im wit Dannel Malloy’s collectivist fiefdom of Ct.We are still saddled with 7 American hating, gun grabbing, collectivist toads. In the House & Senate. So now the Mad Hatter Malloy doesn’t get a position on HRC staff in the District of Criminals. We cannot let our guard down. As Dannel Malloy is the Lunatic . Who believes the Demonrat party are the masters & the dirt people are the slaves. We are still saddled with his Intolerable Acts. Malloy just may still drop the hammer. Hundreds of thousands of patriots gave Dannel the middle finger & didn’t register our little black rifles & standard capacity magazines. Sandy Hook was a hoax perpetrated by the Marxist bath house whore, Eric Holder ,Dannel Malloy .With the collusion of state & local LEO’s. Obama/ Malloy’s Litmus test failed state wide.So it never gained ground nation wide. Be vigilant as the 1000 yd .stare is still warranted. BROKEN ARROW !

  36. Hahaha. The best is she left all her supporters in the wind after she lost. All her supporters now know how the folks in Benghazi felt, except they didn’t have to fight for their lives.

    • “All her supporters now know how the folks in Benghazi felt, except they didn’t have to fight for their lives.”


  37. HHH Old Vet.

    Uhh, where can I get a couple gallons of those Donk Tears? Hehe,Hahahahaha.