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  1. MaryfromMarin

    Is she emailing BHO? IMO, he lined up that info long ago.

  2. Looks like he took pa…

    It’s pretty much over. Plan accordingly now. These people won’t go quietly into the night.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Her spirit appears cooked.

  5. Drudge is posting celebrity tweets.The precious snowflakes are upset.One comment caught my eye. Something to the effect of ,”Don’t worry..we will survive.”
    No, you may not. There are recipients all around you who will burn Hollywood to the ground. Eat shit and die.

  6. Let the bitch run. I believe we have young men who specialize in tracking down and bringing to justice runners…. I’ve heard they’re good too. Leastwise I wouldn’t want ’em hunting my ass.

  7. Paul Ryan ✔ @PRyan
    Thank you to all Republicans who turned out this year to help us hold the House. A Better Way Forward starts now.
    10:50 PM – 8 Nov 2016

    In 2012 there were 240 million voting age people in this country. Thus far the vote count is at 104 million+. I would posit that while some of the 135 million non voters are like myself, conscientious objectors,however I think many have simply given up hope altogether. If you think DT can fix this economy/country after 40 years of destruction by Commies n Cucks well then I wish you well. Seriously, I would love to see that happen.

    Start by deporting EVERY illegal here. EVERY one of them. If DT called as president for volunteers to do that work, I would go. Won’t happen. Watch, learn. Meanwhile keep prepping, stay positive. Stay frosty, the commies are pissed their guy won.

  8. ALCON,

    To those of you here, ALl CONcerned, who for nearly a year stated how the Klinton bitch would be the next POTUS….

    To the scum of the media both electronic and the legacy print media who made all out war on Donald J. Trump….

    To those here at WRSA who stated how voting does not matter….

    To the weasel of all weasels, John Podesta….

    To the second most weasel of all weasels, John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, whose political career is done….

    To the third most weasel of all weasels, Paul Ryan….

    To the Republican Party….

    To the Democrat Party….

    To Hollywood….

    To the lying pollsters who manipulated their polling to favor Klinton….

    To the surrogates of Klinton….

    To every Marxist-believing low-life who voted to destroy Freedom & Liberty and supported Klinton at the voting booth….

    But most of all to the Klinton Krime family themselves, of the two-time loser Hillary, her philandering scum “husband” William J. and not to be forgotten Chelsea….

    I wish ALL you scumbags a most hearty FUCK YOU ! FUCK YOU ALL in the ass with a square peg ! FUCK YOU ALL through eternity. FUCK YOU ! ! ! !

    DONALD JOHN TRUMP, 45th President of the United States !

    • Fuck Yea DanIII and a Big Amen Brother…

    • Couldna said it better, Dan!!!

      Payback time. My hatchet is scoured bright and clean.f

    • …and? Hope he keeps the 11th hour thing going, but I won’t hold my breath. Math, it sucks. Survey says we aren’t a winning voting bloc next election cuz math and if someone can explain how he will turn SS and .gov liabilities solvent again then I will be a better looking version of Hannity for Trump. I’m rooting for the guy but there’s a difference between SYSTEMIC failure and PROJECT failure. 40%+ of the country was willing to elect literally a satan-worshipping pedophile…that’s a problem. We shall see how Mr. Trump uses that phone and pen and I very much hope he is a statesman. By hope I mean at low ready in cover with a shitload of ammo and a finger on the selector switch. I trust no one who willingly moves to D.C. but I’m willing to be ambivalent about him because I’m nice like that. We are on your team bro. 🙂

    • Rabbi Dan is entitled to his primal scream: it was a remarkable victory for Trump and all who supported him, of whom I was not one. Enjoy it while you can…because you just elected Lee Greenwood POTUS:

      * Hiligula: already let off the hook. We “owe her thanks for her service”, said Trump.

      *nor will the rest of the DC swamp be drained.

      *the illegals will be accorded touchback amnesty, and keep on coming, as

      *there will be no wall.

      *the trade deals will remain as is.

      you mentioned a skunk named Kasich. In fact, K. was Trump’s first choice as VP. When one of his sons went to Kasich to do the deal, Kasich asked, “what powers will I have?” Son replied: “complete power over policy”. K. asked “what policy?” Son replied: “foreign and domestic”. Then Kasich asked, “well, what will Trump be doing?” Son laughed, & said “he’ll be making America great again”.

      you’ve been had, Trumpaholics.

    • Amen.

    • Voting is still meaningless. 4.3 million federal employees, only 536 are elected, and at most you can only select 4 of those. Trump winning won’t stop the Deep State from continuing to expand its power over you. The government will still steal 30+% of your income directly, and more indirectly through business taxes passed on to consumers, inflation, etc. More debt will be racked up on our great-great-great-grandkids’ dimes. The police state will continue to metastasize. Our rights will still be violated on a daily basis.

    • I must remind you he is Not the next president yet. He has only passed the first post. Still up is the Electoral College. Then surviving to actually be inaugurated.

  9. colddeadhandsdays

    I never doubted it

  10. History is made.

    Hillary Clinton becomes the first WOMAN ever to lose a Presidential Election.

    What a time to be alive.

    • Far from it, the first woman to loose the US presidential election was Victoria Woodhull in 1872.

  11. Nothing will happen to her. The fix was already in. She will walk from all her transgressions plus … plus she and her bitch husband will continue with their acquisition of wealth in the most illegal of methods. Don’t agree, bet me…

    • The thing is LP she is now a liability to even her own so she has to watch her back and her front…

  12. HHH Old Vet.

    FUNNY- Our new President called up the clintoon side and offered to by HER Victory Fireworks, at a “Discount” of course, Hahahahaha, The Donald is already saving us Money!!!

  13. lon a follower

    DanI III & Hadenough, very revealing comments. You think it is now all good? Do you think many have repented?

  14. 11/09/2016:

    National, “Literal Day of Rope became Metaphorical Day of Rope” Day.

  15. Stealth Spaniel

    So much has been accomplished by this Deplorable Revolution.
    1-For those planning to flee to another AO; look at the voting maps. You can drill them down to counties. At least we now have areas to find like minded people.
    2-I love, love, love the fact that every Self Annointed Elite has just had a one size fits all noose put around their necks.
    3-I am happy that every coal miner in this country can now get back to work, support his family with dignity, and shove a fist up the EPA’s ass.
    4-The End of Political Dynasties; screw this “It’s My Turn” scumstream.
    5-God does answer prayers. This doesn’t end our problems, but we can now get our shovels into the earth. We are not part of a replaceable population.
    6-The Supreme Court just made a 90 degree right turn-for the next 50 years.
    7-The lamestream media has been served their own nuts on a steaming platter. Take your LGBTQ agenda, your white privilege, your “fairness”, your glass ceiling, your diversity, and shove every GD one of them straight up your fat, stupid, butt!
    8-Never again will we be forced to listen to the screaming vipers of Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton. Fauxcohantas take notice.
    9-It is our business: we will continue to “hoard, guard, secret away, and store” any and all supplies, guns, or ammo.
    10-Poll This: this is still America, and there is nothing a Deplorable loves better than a good, filthy, fight! We have enjoyed this with 5 patriots and with 5000. Talk about a hard on? Yeah, well we had a huge one and you’re welcome.

    • 1 “For those planning to flee to another AO; look at the voting maps. You can drill them down to counties. At least we now have areas to find like minded people.”
      You are more than welcome up here Stealth Spaniel and it doesn’t get that cold;)