Herschel: Presidential Election Post-Mortem


Well said, as expected.

Worth your time as well.

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  1. Yes, everyone here deserves a couple weeks down time. A huge victory has been won. But now Trump is expected to fix the havoc Obama (and Bush) has wrought. Our health care system is totally broke and there are no easy fixes. Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are complete shit storms where any fixes involve heaping more horrific fighting and killing onto countries sick of such. Which means more rape refugees into a Europe that is in near civil war in many countries because of immigration. Which means Europe’s fragile economy, which is mostly dependent on tourism, will crater soon. And that will crater our economy for Europe is Amerika’s biggest buyer of our goods and services. Trump is facing problems no one man can fix. But the good news is that we have a much better chance than if Hillary had won. Everyone here deserves a couple good stiff drinks before having to sober up to our uncertain future.

  2. the “ideological divide” cannot be healed…because it is not fundamentally ideological. It is spatial-genetic, racial: White countryside vs Jew/Black/Brown/Asian/Muslim cities. One must and will destroy the other.

  3. Meanwhile … Brit media reporting the prospect of Presidential clemency for the Beast.

    Got to happen … else she’ll drag Obama down with her.



  4. Well said as always. Stay positive, keep prepping.

  5. Is this the last photo…? I hope not. I want to she her in an orange jumpsuit instead of that count Dracula outfit that she is sporting at the moment.

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