How To Make A Schadenfreude Pie


Recipe time!

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  1. Madam President…


    Wasn’t there something long, long ago in a millennium far, far way, about Truman holding up the NYT (whatever) with the headline, “Dewey Defeats Truman!” printed the day before the election? Truman’s grin as priceless.

    This is not the first time the pundits and pollsters forgot to pull up their pants… and zip theircockholsters.

    • How about Trump holding up the NYT with the headline, “Clinton Defeats Trump!”


  2. Many of us are reminding each other all over this place to remain vigilant, keep prepping, etc, and rightly so.

    But remember also that we have not even begun to realize what a tectonic shift this is.

    Many folks have been looking for leadership that wasn’t cowed by the pc, for “permission” to say what we really think of “them.”

    Well, now we (and our less aware but no less pissed off fellow country men) have it. Talk about empowerment. The gloves will be coming off all over the place as the Great Fuck You gets ever more real.

    Press this advantage pedal to the metal. Take every opportunity to rub their noses in every pile of shit “they’ve” perpetrated for ________ years.

    If the Tree of Liberty is watered in blood, the Libtardian Cultural Desert and Death of Language and Reason (TM) is made to flower again with the libastard’s tears. Make them flow like a river.

    Next, the Tree and the blood.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    oughtsix! ya took the words right outta my mouth! these bastards have never tasted humble pie–and don’t plan on trying out even a tiny slice. the Rx:

    The Great “FUCK YOU!”

    love it. and I don’t believe for a heartbeat, all those bullshit crocodile tears of the “Visiting Team” aren’t really volcanic suppressed rage to come at us and our liberties and try again and again to enslave and to burn us out.

    Tree and Blood.

  4. Everybody gets pie.

    “According to online caches, the page still displayed the message on the 8th November, but the redirect to the donation page was added later that night, before it was announced that he had won.”


    He might as well have said “read my lips, no new Muslims.”

    Nothing has changed except the speed of the change.

  5. Someone had to post the original:

  6. Enjoy the ‘LULL’ as the enemy is reloading. Always surveilling, probing, exploiting. The infiltration happened long ago & is navigating via the shadows & using political agenda as a smokescreen for the takedown in progress. The election results were still mucked w/ as there is no way Hitlery won the popular vote as fraudulently represented in the matter of record stats. I suspect Trump will not be allowed to implement his full plans once he’s taken to the special room & shown the Kubrick style video of the JFK schawack of how they did it. The fluoridated – GMO infected hormonal Zombie’s are not going to awake from their psychopathological condition & stupor. I suspect they will @ some point have to kill the dollar – start WWlll to get the outcome they want & try to make Trump the scapegoat & fallguy. With Trump’s family a JFK 2.0 re-did is easily in their sights. It’s all about control & any control the people get will be hard fought & temporary until the eventual ballon goes up.

    • So quit relying on Trump to make your life better and the government irrelevant… Trump gave us a chance to build our communities without being under fire and that’s all…Use the time wisely Brother…

  7. Everyone in that picture looks like they got grabbed by the Pussy, and they didnt like it.

  8. The pic with Valerie Jarret and the White House staff frowning is staged. It’s being shown on the MSM this AM as them waiting for Trump to arrive for his meeting with Obama. The propaganda never stops. And it never will. Until they’re all dead.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. The Usual Suspect

    Now is the time to buy it cheap and stack it deep.
    The market is soft and will get softer, rifles are in
    abundance and prices coming down because the
    perception is that we won and they will just go away.
    ” You guys won fair and square, we will catch ya in
    four years.
    Bullshit !
    The honeymoon is over in 3,2,1

  11. A lot of grudge-sex opportunities there; I hope the young guys are taking note…

  12. That pie looked really good… think I’ll add me some pecans to the mix. Consume with a few fingers of Jimmy Beam over ice. One does require a break from cold hard reality now and again. Sweet pics too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Marlo Stanfield

    Make them all inner city school teachers.

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