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From a reader:

…[Trump] should also tell Obozo that if he lifts one finger to try and grant Clinton, Lynch, Holder, et al any presidential pardon/amnesty, the next day, proceedings will begin that hour to research his actual birthplace and certificate of live birth, and retroactively nullify every act he committed as moot and vacated, including every judge and justice he appointed, every law and act he signed, and any nominal pardons. Game over.

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  1. Indeed, a most excellent quote.
    A quote to warm a real American’s heart.

    • MichiganderJim

      The best excellent quotes are from you. Talk about having it pegged.

      • Jim, the only quote that matters is this is just the beginning. All that cold anger has found it’s zeitgeist, as of now it has found it’s peaceful limits. Trump didn’t win the presidency, he has been served a writ of the legacy of bitter clingers and deplorable’s, and woe to anyone who thinks the vagina oligarchy was a bridge too far, Trump better be up to the task, not of governing this country, because if anyone thinks the oligarchs got off easy, they are delusional, but because the reprieve here is this government is what got it’s one and only reprieve, it better be up to the task of governing itself into what it is supposed to be. Not what it wants to be. It no longer has that luxury of rule and power.
        There will not be another chance Jim.

  2. Trump should do those things, pardons notwithstanding.

    • Absolutely !!! Drain the swamp with a clean sweep.

    • Understand that the e-mails are only ONE of the many felonies and treasons committed by Shrillary and the rest of the Muslim Administration. And some of those felonies are outside the Federal jurisdiction, instead violating state laws. It would take a VERY creative pardon – or SET of pardons – to clear Hillary of prosecution. And I would bet that, no matter how creative the Muslim in Chief’s handlers might be, the right AG would find a legal way around their best efforts.

  3. I think you should put a picture of the middle finger under Obama, because he just got it and I still can’t believe it. Way to go “America” and put the beatdown on “Amerika” !

  4. tangotango-03

    again expect nothing to change. Stay on the plans you have made, train, prep

  5. Nope. Trump will do no such thing.

    “Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country.”
    -DJT prezident elect FUSA.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    Damn right, they would do same in a heartbeat.
    Destroy then in detail.

  7. And make an appointment for him to visit the gallows, too.

  8. Seeing as by the end of today, the executive order machine will be in full swing as much as any DC shredder has in the past. Trump will need a full three months just to un-executive order most of the mess. If he even will attempt that is to be seen.

    I would like to believe as a ball buster, that would be his first act. You know, to set the tone, that he is not going to be dictated to by someone who is not even there any longer.

    • I would think that ONE executive order, rescinding previous EOs by their number, would be sufficient to do the job. Trump should already have a list of the existing ones to get rid of, and every future EO will need to be published to take effect. I would not expect it to take more than one week after he is sworn in to get a MAJOR cleaning of the Augean Stables under way.


  9. Pete/CA,

    The posted quote is a day late and a dollar short. Those same accusations, substantiated accusations, were presented before Federal judges numerous times during the illegal Kenyan’s first term. Time and time again those Federal black-robed bastards would declare ” No Standing”. They would dismiss the challenge.

    So please. Spare the drama of that bullshit quote. If the Congress and the judiciary had done their sworn, Constitutional duty the proposed threat to soetoro-obama posted today at WRSA would never be posted. soetoro-obama would have been gone 7+ years ago.

    Oh, BTW Pete, in case you never noticed….I’ve posted here at WRSA the USC, Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 violation by soetoro-obama so many times that my good, WRSA acquaintance “oughtsix” complained about my many reminders of the corruption. I never read you address it one way or another. Or does my memory fail me ? So why bring it up now as a “Quote of the Day” ?

    No one cared 7 years ago about the illegitimate POTUS. Why would they care now ? “Game Over” should have been over before it started 8+ years ago. If soetoro-obama had been vetted we wouldn’t be discussing this today.

    No one cared their Constitution was violated and that was then and this is now….so all I can state is:

    Go Trump ! 45th President of the United States. May he make America Great Again.

    • Deep breath.

      Barry is not eligible.

      The BC is a put-up job.

      There was agreement across the Elites that nothing would be made of it.

      And hence nothing was.

      There was no fight to fight.

      FreeFor will now have to keep the heat on the new regime to make sure they aren’t just the pink version of the current group of mopes.

      No blue on blue – today, at least.


    • MichiganderJim

      “May he make America Great Again.”

      That would be a neat trick; let’s all watch him do that. Bring me some popcorn and a beer, willya?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Could be interesting – the ball is now in Congress’ court. If they go against him too much and block too many proposals, many of them could find themselves unemployed in 2019.

    • Dan we all knew it but we knew while we had a bunch of pussies in Congress nothing was going to happen with it Brother… We just focused our energies elsewhere… Now that Trump is at the helm there is a chance that something will be done about it…I hope your doing well and we all need to meet up at some point… Next spring at my place what do say?

  10. Centurion_Cornelius

    pop that clutch into O/D, “Mr. President-Elect!”

    • Notice Putin congratulated Trump before a single oligarch on American soil? Leaves no doubt how utterly corrupt the political class is in my thinking.

  11. This is no means the end of them. A major setback yes, but the Human Extinction Movement must be made itself extinct. Since they like destroying everything so much, that is what should happen to them.
    Zero Hedge has a picture collage of the truly brainwashed useful dupes at the moment they realize their cargo cult vagina has last.
    WTF are these people thinking. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It is stunning in it’s implications. We got to remember these useful idiots are deranged, more than a little cheese fell off their crackers. And they walk among us.
    When I see these useful dupes I think the Peat Party,
    ( http://alternative-right.blogspot.com/2016/11/the-peat-party.html ),
    ( https://www.traditionalright.com/victoria/ ),
    is a prerequisite to national survival of everything we hold dear and honor about liberty.
    And that wall, to dump them over.

    • Hell yea mtforge…Think of what this country could do without all the dead weight… We need a Coalition of the Saints(Dirt People) to start Righting the Wrongs that have been done to us…

      • MichiganderJim

        You can’t right wrongs. The very very most you can do is make yourself believe that you did. Better to stay in forward gear IMO.

        • Ahhh Klein you just can’t help yourself can you…Lol I’m in a good mood today so will let it go at that…You be well…

      • That is the idea, bigger tribe.
        You read William S. Lind’s ‘Victoria’?
        The scene in the Dartmouth College auditorium where the traditional right puts the Gladius to the cultural marxists, every one of them. They lock the doors and wade into the leaders of the human existence movement and put cold steel to all of them.

    • Cargo cult vagina…I like that. I have images of disoriented college kids building giant vagina sculptures and staring off into space like they are waiting for the mother ship to rescue them.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “This is no means the end of them. A major setback yes”

      Yeah, this was just Helm’s Deep. The enemy will regroup and launch an even stronger attack as soon as it can.

    • most of them we’re thinking: “there goes my $300,000/year fake job at the Dept. of Climate Change”.

  12. Continue planning, training, laying in supplies. This shit ain’t over yet.

  13. What’s with the “men” with the tears and the hands-clasped-to-the-mouth-and-face bullshit gesture?

    There ain’t no crying in politics.

    Man up, you pussies.

    One cannot continually pour buckets of excrement onto the things others hold dear and not expect eventual push-back.

    The pendulum always swings both ways.

    Deal with it, sweet peas.

  14. outlawpatriot

    Shouldn’t that be done regardless? 🙂

  15. lolz.
    That’s MY finger.
    I am humbled and honored.

  16. Just a ‘LULL’ in the fight is all it is. The enemy is re-loading & not done w/ it’s maelstrom of chaos & Ouroboros. Be prepared, keep your mindset right & stay in the fight. These people breed & metastasize. They are desperate to continue their reign & rule make no mistake.
    Focus & continue to prepare mentally, spiritually & physically. Jan. 20th is long way off when your at the bottom clawing out of a hole.

  17. How sweet it is!

  18. Camp David will be used again….

    And payroll deduction for all the damage his fucking feet did to all the furniture in the W.H.

  19. Trump should walk the walk ,talk the talk and then kick the ass. Not necessarily in that order, cause he’s Trump, right?

  20. Sadly, I haven’t been tapped for the Transition Committee Policy Advisor job.

    But I’ll be happy to consult.

    America, Fuck Yeah!
    Deploreables, unite!

    Now we get a little breathing room, before the Obozo economy delivers the mother of epic meltdowns, exactly as was intended.

    Make the most of the time.
    As Churchill once said,
    “This is not the beginning of the end, but it may be said, at least, the end of the beginning/”

    If I drank, I’d be spending the day well-tippled.
    Instead, I’m just bathing in liberal tears for the months the phenomenon will last.

    “This if for 2008 and 2012, bitchez. Sauce for the gander.
    Eat me!”

  21. The Donald was humiliated at the Obozo press conference and by the hack media years ago. That forged document Zero was forced to release with no chromatic aberration, wrong filing date number (in relation to Nordyke twins in HI Dept of Health records), no stamp or seal, and never verified by any official can be dusted off for review and re-open investigation including his phony social security number after the vile treason is found in the white mosque with muzzie bros and the Iran deal. Heard Zero has property in UAE, Hitlery in Qatar, and Bushie fam in Paraguay, all non extradition countries. Run you bitches

    • SemperFi, 0321

      No one will reopen the birth certificate case, it’s been beaten to death.
      But what about the phony SS card, especially now that he’ll be leaving his gated community, isn’t there some sort of penalty for that?
      Somebody call Judge Napolitano…………

    • none of them are in the slightest danger. I lived in Jew York, 1972-1994, and am familiar with the Donald’s antics. Trump is a lifelong liberal Demoncrat.

  22. Since we’re talking about the unimaginable: how about justice for Judge Scalia? Dead with a pillow over his face with no autopsy? Now that’s power. And the ultimate exercise of power is its abuse for people like this.