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  1. My Comment at TL’s place:
    “The United States of America is an open society, welcoming of any shade of color or religious fervor,…”

    This is our destruction. That was NOT US immigration policy until 1965. Since then our Western Christian Civilization has been deliberately deconstructed. Displacing the culture which created the most prosperous society on Earth with persons who have not the ability to sustain, much less create, such a society is the recipe for degradation, disorder, and decline. The people now repopulating The United States, are NOT the people with whom our Grandparents lived, worked and built. They have no affinity for Western Christian Civilization, for our culture, our values, our Nationhood. Assimilation? Into what, exactly? The best we can hope for in the future, is a geographic realignment and secession. Separation. Nationhood.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Yes. It’s time to be VERY SELECTIVE about who we let in. If they have nothing to offer and do not share our cultural outlook and worldview than what benefit are they to a cohesive society? Keep them out.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Why have more people at all? I would prefer some empty space for my progeny much more than drive the wealth of people’s whose businesses depend on continuous (non-organic) enlargement of the population.

    America reached the Zero Population Growth ideal of 2.1 kids per woman in around 1970. Every new subdivision, mini-mall, and farm sacrificed to new housing is basically to support the huge stream of immigrants.

    Do we want to populate America until it’s as dense as India? Why? What’s in it for those of us already here?

    In 1900 America symbolically marked “the closing of the frontier”.
    In 2020 we should mark the “closing of America as an immigrant country”.

    That should include (pretty much) everyone. No more refugees, not more Filipina nurses, no more Hindu computer programmers, no more Nigerian Taxi Drivers, no more Mexican farm workers, no more Thai cooks, no more Cuban future Senators.

    • I am not disagreeing Jackson. My statement was more in line with what has been and what we want from immigration, but that includes to have no immigration as well, but that has not been proposed as you have here. So, yeah, I am up for that, too. Along with systematic editing of the current crop to eliminate criminals and jihadists first and others later.

    • Yea but what do you have in place to keep them out of your area…Like I said if we had Communities of like minded people then we could have a system in place that would be a deterrent to them…