Victory Lap

Via Brock.

God bless North Carolina and Florida countryfolk.

God bless America.

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  1. link below just have duct tape handy in case your head starts to crack……


  2. Even though I am all but certain, intellectually, rationally, that it’s going to come to shit – at best more slowly and less grotesquely than had Trump not prevailed – I have to admit that right now it feels good. And those liberaltard-SJW-gibmedats tears are oh so yummy and sweet . . .

    • ikdr, you have the right attitude. Victories have been few. Savor today. Then it is back to gearing for the real fight. The fight to refresh the tree of liberty.

  3. God probably won’t be blessing America anytime soon. Doing such would be undeserved. But He may be willing to give us another chance or two. I’ll settle for that.

  4. Don’t forget the PA and OH deplorables either. If they hadn’t shown up bigtime, the bitch would be working out her death camp plans for all of us irreconcilables as we speak.

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  6. Shinmen Takezo

    Yes–everything will probably go to shit.
    Trump may not be able to stop the collapse that is coming.

    But most people fail to realize the difference between Trump and Clinton when the collapse comes.

    Trump will not sell-out the country, your rights and liberties to appease foreign and domestic banking interests… he would not plunge the country into a “world currency” –with all the strings attached.

    Clinton on the other hand would fuk us all in the ass with an unlubed axe handle multiple times over a period of years–and completley submerge the USA into a globalist run system from which there would be no return… at the price of nearly all your liberties and the shredding of the US constitution.

    This is the main difference…. and that main difference is why they/them opposed him so violently and visciously.

    • Takezo,

      “….and the shredding of the US constitution.” (by Klinton).

      May I suggest to you it has been shredded years ago. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5….the eligibility for POTUS. Soetoro-obama failed to meet it. Yet he was annointed nevertheless. Those who challenged via the courts were dismissed. How about my favorite, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The 2nd Amendment…SHALL. NOT. BE. INFRINGED. It has been infringed time and time again, thousands and thousands and thousands of times. Let’s consider the 4th & 5th Amendments. Search & Seizure and the Right to Due Process. Both Amendments obliterated by Bush II and his so-called Patriot Act. I could cite further examples of USC destruction. But, the cited examples should suffice.

      I could go on and on about your remark that Klinton would shred the USC. How ? There’s nothing left to shread except perhaps the Preamble. The above remarks are simple examples that the Constitution is long gone. Freedom & Liberty were compromised long before Hillary Klinton decide to announce her POTUS candidacy.

      Don’t sell off that ammo you stockpiled. This show is far from over.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Dan, when I say “shredd it” –I mean there would no longer even be the pretense of a US constitution. As it is–it is in tatters already. Under Clintoin and an economic SHTF…. she would burn it, and then piss on the ashes live on CNN.

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  8. This frees hitlary up to pursue other, more pressing issues, like her Parkinsons… maybe she can start a small business shaking aerosol cans for gang bangers.

  9. Great video and when Hillary referred
    to half of the country as “deplorables”
    she triggered the avalanche that
    brought her to her ruin.

  10. Thumbs up on today submast head entry. It is indeed a great day to say GFY to the globalists.

    • dog,

      We’re not out of the woods yet. The Bitch won the popular vote or damn close to it. That means there were tens of millions of Marxist Amerikans, collectivists if you will, who support leadership that would make the former USSR and the current Venezuela look like picnics.

      Every individual who voted for and/or supported Klinton and soetoro-obama are the enemies of Freedom and Liberty. Treat them accordingly.

  11. So glad to see everyone so white pilled. You’d have to be dead inside not to celebrate at least for a day. I will never forget how good it felt today seeing so many of the people I hate melting down in agony and despair. Feels good man.

  12. Brilliant!

  13. Maybe it was just me..but as I left work this morning, the Sunrise seemed
    to be absolutely stunning as it rose over the mountains..air was filled with
    a bit of cleansing crispness.

    Still getting ready and prepping for anything regardless, to not do
    so is just plain foolishness.

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  14. Congrats, guys.

    I’m sure none of you are about to sell up your preps and cancel your range dates but this truly has the feel of something monumental. I’ve got people in my sleepy little rural Australian town cold-approaching me on the street and asking if I’ve heard the great news.

    Apparently that crook Clinton lost the election.

    *smiles* Y’dont say?

    • Thanks, Wombat.

      Hope you and your mates can pull of something to reclaim your own country.

    • outlawpatriot

      Fuckin’ Aussies. They are us ya know. 🙂

    • Awesome Wombat! I didn’t know y’all down-under were paying any attention to the drama up-yonder…awesome.

      • You would be surprised. My sleepy little township was quite energised. I had a random truck driver on my ear for fifteen minutes explaining that Hillary was a murdering crook and deserved to lose.

        I nodded dumbly and in the end told him “I hope nobody testifying against the Clintons in the near future asks a stranger to spot for them at the gym”.

        He just about shot coffee through his nose.

  15. The Usual Suspect

    I would feel the same way if the media would admit that
    they are a big part of the reason the bitch was rejected.
    But they don’t, and they won’t.
    They are, at least for me the main ingredient that helped
    coalesce the anger and resentment that bubbled up from
    the highways and byways here in flyover country.
    That they still pretend to be detached and unbiased is a
    rotting corpse in the lefts closet and it smells to high heaven.
    They have relegated themselves to the dung heap.
    During this long painful campaign they were the character
    assassins, the spin artists, the truth deniers, the liars
    incarnate and they have only succeeded in destroying themselves.

  16. “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…”

  17. Tango tango 03

    Already protesting in NYC. That didn’t take long

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Wait until the Inauguration. That could get kinda zesty.

    • Coast to coast now, north to south, millions of wetbax and muzzies clamoring that P-elect will ot be ‘their president’. Bothers me much that I saw more white faces than black in the corwd shots, and very few hajibs (or whatever those face masks are).

      It warms my heart to see the libs crying and protesting in crowd form.

  18. No doubt that the American people chose the least worst candidate – but let’s not call this a victory lap, that’s many, many years out. Let’s call this a defeat lap, insofar as in we defeated the wicked bitch. It’s not the end, or even the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning. (Shit, where’d I hear that before?)

  19. The train wreck is likely unavoidable, but we have successfully laid some additional track. Gaining the surface for a few bright shining moments, and breathing deeply of some precious oxygen, feels good. Sending a large “fuck you” to TPTB is nice, as well. Watching the shock/disbelief and tears of Hil liar y’s supporters, as well as the tasty “fuck off” to DeNiro, DiCaprio, Cher, Woo Pee, and assorted other “stars” – that is priceless, especially since now – if they have a brain at all – they realize we do not give a fuck what they think. At all.
    Tomorrow I will continue my nose to the grindstone effort to finish packing and move north (local, local, local…) and abandon the left to consume themselves. Tonight, my deplorable tribe and I shall drink beer, talk, and clean guns that are already clean; simply because we like spending time together and cleaning our guns and drinking beer. Attention Clinton voters, and social justice warriors:
    Because. Fuck. You. That’s. Why.g
    As to 0bama’s “legacy” – fuck you Barry. And the motard from Saturday Night Live who “tweeted” (do grown men do that? sad…) “rural = stupid” – especially fuck you.

  20. We are celebrating this turn of events by breaking out the “good wine”, a Avalanche, a 2013 Cab Sauv. We even made popcorn to re-watch the Killary “concession” speech. I may even put fresh clumping cat litter in my litter box as a means of celebrating.

  21. I am very concerned that the Marxists have so quickly organised themselves into protesting bodies… and that they can muster so many motivated people. The reports would suggest that some millions are on the streets; in total.

    You should be concerned, too, because you guys can’t organise the proverbial “piss-up in a brewery”.

    Right now, instead of patting yourselves on the backs, you could be more profitably engaged. Those protesters will not long confine themselves to street demonstrations; especially as the Establishment condones their activities with its silence. And, probably with its Dollars, too.

    I would remind you that Mr Trump is not yet the POTUS.

    Just my ‘effin’ Limey opinion.