Codrea: State Ballot Measures Path Forward For Gun Grabbers



Understand that they will never stop.

Keep organizing.

Keep training.

Never give up your guns.

39 responses to “Codrea: State Ballot Measures Path Forward For Gun Grabbers

  1. 2017 legislative sessions are going to be brutal.

  2. Well,a constitutional scotus appt. and a few good cases might buy some breathing room,that said,keep up the fight at the local level,keep introducing new folks to firearms,keep buying what you need and may need while you can.That said,anyone reading here pretty much already doing the above!

  3. My former state has had UBC’s forced on it….

    what’s worse is the left knows the vast majority of “freedom loving patriots” will abide by it.

  4. Californians believe that gang bangers don’t have cars, or, if they do, they can’t find Nevada or Arizona.

    Portland and Seattle control Oregon and Washington. Unfortunately, they seem to now be controlled by people who fled California–and who want to make where they are more like where they left. This compares in realistic fashion with Einstein’s theory of insanity.

    • Portland and Seattle might think they control the roll. Those snow flakes , really are smart enough to understand they don’t want to tangle with the rest of either states.

      Have a look at the election maps, a giant sea of red, and a couple micro pockets of blue. All the food is grown not in Portland, or,Seattle. Everybody outside the boundary are gun totting, God,fearing red blooded Americans.

      Even in the cities ther are pockets of real,Americans, who,will stand for the right reasons.


  5. Stealth Spaniel

    People in my area of California are once again, overwhelmed by the foreigners and their lackeys in the megapolises. Sad. But no one is giving up a gun-period.


      SS: Word. Who will come to get them?! Over twenty-five years ago I bought a Bushmaster lower receiver through the local Peace Officers store. I filled out the required DOJ “Assault Rifle” form and mailed it in. From that time until I left Kalifornia in 2002, I did not hear a peep from the perfumed princes and princesses who reside in their royal enclaves in Sacramento.
      But have a care. If you decide to travel to the Cashman Center in Las Vegas for one of their gun shows, DO NOT drive and park there in your own car. The DOJ minions are in the parking lots writing down CA license numbers. The CHP checkpoints at the state line will nab you. I am sure this would hold true for Oregon and Arizona, also. Use UPS to send your “contraband” back ahead of you. Bleib ubrig.

    • also in Mexifornia. White compliance with the latest communist gun-grab measures will be no greater than it was in Connecticuit: c. 10%.

    • Stealth, I saw this coming in the early 80s, and left a great job and my family in the Sacramento/ Roseville area.

      Moved to bumb fuck Oregon. Haven’t looked back.

      2016, ALL my associates at 50 to 70 years old are being driven out by California legislatures who care nothing for these life long Californians standing. Their nothing but cash cattle to southern ca,

      Vote with your feet brother, get the fuck out,,,,,,,,, don’t look back. Your leaving nothing important in CA.

      Word to the wise, do your due diligence, on where your going. A hair ball move, an emotional move, to yet another legislative heavy state defeats your purpose.

  6. European American

  7. Soros, Bloomberg. Who else?

    • (((Chuck Schumer))): he and Trump go way back. Not right away, but about 2 years on, you will see the Uniparty Congress and (pre-July 2015 lifelong gun-grabber) Trump get together to pass some “commonsense gun laws”.

  8. lon a follower

    And God(Yahuah) willing do not become like them. Do not let the hatred spread.

  9. On an important note to all the Veterans here on WRSA, a humble Thanks to each one of you!

  10. Correct. This isn’t over by a long shot. The divisions will only continue to get worse. Turbo liberals in many states who saw the vote and electoral college go to Trump at the national level are now greatly disillusioned over a process they couldn’t outright steal and will now go over to “we can’t vote our way out of this” camp [sound familiar, WRSA readers?]. Remember, these are people who knowingly voted for someone who should be in federal detention awaiting trial. They will embrace other means now.

    If the elections results are to be believed, I would be very concerned if I was currently residing in a state that voted for Hillary or didn’t have about a 20% or more vote for Trump. Although Johnson’s vote was certainly respectable in some places, I wouldn’t see this as any insurance.

    The map and data below (again, if they are to be believed) should be scrutinized and your future residence plans made accordingly:

    I’m not going to do a full analysis here, but provide some opinions. We should probably have a separate post here at WRSA to do that.

    Parts of AZ are disheartening to say the least. This is due in part to the West Coast influence as liberals with families, single young people (also liberal) and retirees (mixed politics) pour into what is often cheaper real estate. This will be a battle ground state as demographics shake out.

    The old deep South/Confederate states have a blue snake that extends from the Mississippi River to the mountains of Maine. Not a complete write off yet, but everything will be a struggle just to KEEP what you think you have there. Michigan is a weird animal. Always has been. People want guns and welfare and “leave me alone until I demand government help and then it should be free when I get it” attitude. OH is similar. All uphill battles as trade offs will be made in backrooms: “Turn in your guns and Bibles for free food and medical care.”

    Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia all had very respectable showings. Positive populations are large and deeply entrenched which is a good thing. Public schools are still “conservative” because teachers actually have something called common sense and don’t teach stupid as a way of life. Hopefully, political activists from the coasts don’t infiltrate your schools and churches.

    The plains states and WY, ID, MT, etc. should by no means consider themselves safely “conservative” and “Free”? Why? Their SMALL POPULATIONS. This makes them very susceptible to demographic change simply my migration, current residents aging out (dying), and eventual population preference shift. The only thing currently protecting them are high real estate prices in rural areas (agriculture above/minerals below) and a social/entertainment infrastructure that makes them “boring” to the under 30s. Throw in some strategically placed housing projects and free wifi and that changes in ONE generation. This is already underway as chants from mosques are heard above the amber waves of grain. Add in more corporate-subsidized coffee watering holes and Seattle socialists will be on their way.

    • Don’t forget Faceberg and other Lords of SillyCon Valley,helpfully providing DC with the data to find all those areas in need of “diversity”. A few more thousand Syrians or Somalians will fix that right up. Those taxpayer funded NGO “church” groups need to have the money plug pulled,yesterday.

    • The map and data below (again, if they are to be believed) should be scrutinized and your future residence plans made accordingly:
      Well somebody is finally seeing the light of getting to areas of like minded people… I’ve been shouting that for sometime now…If the communist can overtake an area and turn it into a cesspool why can’t Patriots turn an area into a bastion of Liberty Folk…It can be done boys/girls it just needs to be encouraged…

    • Simmer on this:

      The more they act out, the more they self-deligitmatize.

      They will only go critical-mass-retard after this latest defeat.

  11. “Understand that they will never stop”.

  12. no more days where I blow off concealed carry…..the apes were content when they had power but now they are literally out for white blood without apology…..will even be carrying at work where it is frowned upon

  13. OT: Ann Barnhardt.

    How many times has anyone seen Ann Barnhardt revisit a past prediction of hers and say “Welp, I sure was totally wrong about that one”?

    As far as I know, it has never happened. This in spite of her being clearly wrong on multiple high-profile claims, from as far back as her claim that the Seal Team 6 plane crash was Obama assassinating them to shut them up (that was systematically disproved right here on WRSA in the very thread she made the claim; she never answered any of the criticism) to most recently her categorical statement that Trump was in it to take a fall for Clinton, which – after the fact – she attempted to reinterpret so as to claim that the good guys had lost anyway, were still going to lose, the betrayal just hadn’t happened yet, it was deeper and darker than anyone suspected, whatever.

    Her latest is an attempt to whip up Hillary-level hate against Chelsea Clinton, a complete nonentity if there ever was one, who already completely failed as a public figure when given a TV job she didn’t know what to do with.

    I completely buy that Chelsea Clinton is used to the high life. I also totally believe that certain delusional Democrats, blind to her actual abilities, think dynasty is the way to go. I do not however see any evidence that her finance-sector husband is incapable of providing that high life for her, nor that Chelsea Clinton is terribly interested in (or capable of) the public demagoguery and high-stress lifestyle that would be necessary for national politics.

    Joseph Stalin had a daughter. She wasn’t a great person (during the battle of Moscow he was screaming at her that he was trying to win a war and she was just thinking with her pussy) but she wasn’t terrible either, and her kids turned out normal middle class. If Joe Stalin’s offspring turns out ok, there’s no particular reason to believe Hillary Clinton’s can’t, and denouncing Chelsea Clinton as unspeakably evil in the absence of any particular act or specific evidence whatsoever is a shark-jump in the finest style.

    More importantly, this attitude – ginning up a new object for the Two Minutes’ Hate and absolutely denying the possibility of hope or opportunities or useful political tactics – is a total distraction from the real threats from the left, and the real opportunities presented by Trump. Attacking an incompetent child of privilege who will do nothing except live her privileged life if left to her own devices is a useless, counterproductive, Orwellian move, and the only reason for it is to cover up the overwhelming visibility of one lonely person’s failures and errors – failures and errors she can’t bear to admit.

    Despair is a sin. Trump has reminded us of that. Barnhardt, for all her religious talk, doesn’t seem capable of remembering it.

    I don’t like false prophets. I especially don’t like them when they’re clearly in it as a sop to self-important ego.

    If Ann Barnhardt allowed comments on her site, I’d put this there. But – as is a pattern with false prophets afraid of being contradicted – she doesn’t.

    • outlawpatriot

      Uh, what the fuck does Ann have to do with this thread? Why don’t you save it for when Pete posts a Barhardt piece? What are you? A fucking fed? 🙂

    • Analyzing Barnhardt’s win loss record and whether she throws the spawn of satan under the bus is not at the top of the list for priorities. Kids are getting the shit beat out of them for political views by the dindu’s at the behest of the left regime. Lots of chimp outs as we edge toward the conflagration. Obozo is thinking right now about ways to get his wretched legacy back and that involves lots of people who could be his son.

      • Tom, it’s my view that obama’s far from done. He’s been a very powerful ” useful idiot” for the NWO, the oligarchs have more work for him.

        Look for him in the UN, or some such position. A friendly reminder, that Clintons are far from done. Again their to valued by anti American groups.

        Enjoy the holidays, we’re going to be busy after the new year.


    • Anne Barnhart don’t speak for me. She angers me, which is why I read her shit. Anybody that makes me think, or rethink my position is valued.

      I may fuckin hate you, but I’m listening with my eyes wide open.


  14. Have read something like 44 percent of
    voters did not vote?

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      For every president who took office over the last 50+ years, between 2/3 and 3/4 of the population did not vote for them.

  15. Be careful who you room with if you live in Washington.. Your crazy woman will get you on the protection plan™