SLL: The Quote


Robert points to the decisive moment.

Savor it.

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  1. that’s correct. Shabbatz-goy Clinton told the non-urban Whites exactly what the Jews think of them. That’s why I wanted her to win. More polarization accelerating the Wheel of History. Now, we’ve got Lee Greenwood in the WH, throwing a (temporary) smother on the Right.

    • BTW, the Clinton/Trump deal was this: “I don’t contest the election, you don’t put me in jail”. Done.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Haxo Angmark|10Nov16@03:37,

      “Now, we’ve got……(temporary) smother on the Right.”

      VERY temporary as the pre-election socio-economic pathologies remain & the Left’s anti-Trump ‘protests’ will only increase in size/vehemence/violence eventually causing the inevitable @ least in-kind response from its victims. And then there’s the things all those anti-2A/pro-thug/pro-dictatorship cultists returned to office in WA/CA/IL/NY/MA/CT/MD will do against the pro-2A residents of their respective PDRs in addtn to CA’s Prop 63 activation @ the end of the year @ 12:01 PST & the response to it when the Imperium’s Calif branch 1) begins going after all of those “high capacity” magazines running around maiming/killing people & 2) makes moves against violators of its ammo restrictions.

      2017 sho nuff looks like it’s gonna be QUITE an interesting year.

  2. There will be no jail. You didn’t elect Sherrif Joe Arpaio (but you should have). BTW Joe lost his election largely due to Soros money. Who is Joe? A guy who took his job seriously and arrested illegals regularly. Wanna make a difference in the world? Find out where Soros is with his debtbux bonanza.

    • So are you making a difference? Do you have the money to outspend Soros if thats your game plan…Like I said quit your bitching and get to work…

    • I would the bigger deal to Hussein was Joe’s probes into the forged birth cert. That’s when things got really jot for the sheriff.

      No worries. Trump will put him in a prominent position in border enforcement.

      Count on it.

  3. I absolutely do not believe that Hillary will go to jail. More importantly, I do not think that she SHOULD go to jail.

    Three months ago? Six months ago? A year ago? Yes, definitely. Now? No.

    If the precedent and pattern of “if you lose an election, you go to jail” becomes established, you get extremely strong incentives to not lose elections, at any cost. For Trump to put Hillary in jail would absolutely crystallize that, and you can bet your bottom dollar the Democrats would see the bet and raise as soon as they possibly could (especially as they’re already sorta-kinda doing it with regional races; see all the corruption investigations for various R senators and governors).

    If Hillary was to go to jail, the FBI and the Obama justice department had to do it. They didn’t. Tremendous harm has been done to the culture and rule of law in the USA; it has been done, it’s over, it can’t be swiftly undone. For the Trump DOJ to do it would cause greater and more immediate harm to the political climate than letting her walk does. The only reason to do it is if you intend and desire to spark full-blown conflict. Which is a calculation that perhaps can be made – but I think it is not completely unavoidable, and not yet necessary here-and-now.

    I expect Trump to let Hillary walk free. He’s put her out of the corridors of power permanently. Further punishment doesn’t serve enough of a purpose, given the risks.

    • Ease up bucko. HRC won’t go to jail if she lost an election. She will go to jail for breaking the law. Secrets law has no statute of limitations. But lets say you are right about the political angle. There are still two ways to go:
      1) NYPD pursues the sex trafficking angle. That is disgusting enough for a nice long sentence for 5-6 people in her camp.
      2) IRS is sniffing around the Clinton Foundation for Al Capone opportunities. They may find them.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Well said, reminds me of a warning I heard many years ago about the consequences of engaging in reflexive revenge w/ the example being what a Bad Czar will do w/ legisltn put in place by a ‘Good Czar’. U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act anyone, the N.R.A. supported 1934 Firearms/1968 Gun Control Acts?

  4. Her crimes were done prior to Nov 8, 2016, sir.

  5. She did many wrong things n broke the law. She needs to know there are consequences for her actions. I figure if she is indicted, we’d see many other Congress critters scatter like cockroaches, hence we could do some house cleaning.
    I you or I did half of what she has done, we’d be pulling hard time at Leavenworth.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    “I you or I did half of what she has done, we’d be pulling hard time at Leavenworth.”

    Well, of course. We’re all peasants, she’s not even nobility, she’s royalty.

    • Not sure that would help in the face of grim determination.

      –Zombie Edward II

      Yeah, what he said.

      –Zombie Richard III

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. The Usual Suspect

    Let them bet, raise and call thats what they do, we should
    destroy them and their mouth piece for once and for all.
    Use the same game rules that they employ, the hell with them.
    America defeated the Democrat champion and they want the
    enemy totally destroyed in detail.

  9. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Q: What’s the worst part of Shrillary’s defeat?

    A: Ol’ Billy Jeff will have her around ALL THE TIME!