Your Fellow Countrymen

Ed Klein: Hillary Couldn’t Stop Crying, Told Friend She Blames Comey and Obama For Loss

PS: They still want you and yours broken on the wheel or dead.

It ain’t over.

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  1. This is heading ultimately toward something resembling John Norman’s ‘Gor’ books…

  2. LOL. I still haven’t gotten over the priapsis I’ve had since yesterday when I found out Trump won – now I just peed myself because I was laughing so hard. Thanks a lot.

  3. Nation of infants, capable of wiping our own asses. That’s what we’ve turned into.

    Slobbering, infantile childults.

    Shitlords. All of them. May they fester and rot, throughout corporeal life, and eternity.

    Mediocrity, manifested in flesh.

    This is fruit of the participation award tree.

    • Amen Brother… When they told them that two plus two could equal five I knew we were fucked… It’s all about the feelz these days…Love the way you put thought to paper Brother keep it up…

      • Thanks, bro-stick!

        What’s most incredible, is these shameless losers are openly showing what a gelatinous, invertebrate sack of losers they are all.

        I can’t help but laugh, as they suckle the teat of mediocrity. Feels good, man.

        • Yep and think of how fast they would be ran out of the country if they didn’t have the Praetorian Guards aiding and abetting… Just think about how they stood around while the looters burned and destroyed people’s lives but defend yourself against the thugs and they are ready and willing to SWAT your ass…How sick and perverted the blue line has become…

          • They are just precious little snow flakes. The sooner they die off the better for all of us.

            • Amen Brother that is the harsh reality die off or become productive…

              • Jimmy the Saint

                “die off or become productive…”

                Hi, we’re the priestly class. Have we met? We’ve been around for 5,000 years at least, and we’re still going strong.

                • Well just because you don’t think they provide a service doesn’t mean they don’t… I know I know some of them are worthless but not all…May God give you an extra portion of grace today…

        • This is serious. Not one of those stupid cunts crying has experienced even one second of pain in her entire life. No physical work and not even childbirth, obviously.

          I have worn that ugly crying face thousands of times, alone, in the morning and at night, when I am unable to give my children a hug, because they were taken away from me by the “no fault” divorce system. (They are in my life, but only on weekends.)

          There are millions of men like me. Communists created the modern no fault divorce system along with the nonstop media and “education” propaganda telling white women to hate their own men and not want to be married or become mothers younger than 35. Telling women that they “deserve” to be happy. This matters.

          Gen X men had an entire generation of women stolen from us. This was done on purpose. And the millenials are even worse, obviously.

          Those of us who have managed to build a life and a career have done so not only without the support of our women, but with active hostility from them. They were (((trained))) to be this way, as if they have a natural alignment with African women as opposed to their own white men!!!

          And even now these stupid, childish cat lady cunts cannot understand that perhaps they should listen to their white men, for the first time in 40 fucking years, or at least understand that men have rights too.

          Every attack on white men is an attack on white women and daughters; the women just don’t know it.

          This is it. I don’t know what kind of government or strongman will be in charge in 16 years, but I predict that women will not be “voting” to influence public policy.

          Repeal the 19th. Yes, I know that white women (barely) voted for Trump, but my point remains.

          Giving women and blacks the vote has been an unmitigated disaster for white civilization and all white children born after 1970. This is simply a fact, not an opinion.

      • These are the same booger eaters that wanted Trump arrested for treason because he said he was not sure if he would accept the results of the election.
        These dumb ass bitches saying they will leave the country!
        They can’t walk across campus on Friday night without having to piss in a bush. How the fuck are they going to immigrate?
        Protesting and demanding impeachment.
        Thats a legal process, not a shot of Peach Schnapps and Creme de Mint that you drink off the back of some passed out bar bitch.

        We cant even have a day or two to bask in the glow.
        They are bound to take this to its inevitable conclusion.

      • The problem is as I see it is that ‘they’ will still be around and probably never have an ‘awakening’ moment in their lives – only bitter memories of this period of time. When the next turn happens, ‘they’ will be there waiting: never think that those who oppose you (in this country) will just go away or give up – given that we can not kill them, send them off to somewhere else or even at the least marginalize them, ‘they’ will have to be dealt with and as those of us who are aging out, someone else (younger) will have (that is must) to deal with ‘them’ ….. just food for thought in the future.

        • Well we could if we only banded together into like minded communities but the whole herding cat thing…

        • Remember — “If you are under 30 and not a liberal, you don’t have a heart. If you are over 40 and not a conservative, you don’t have a brain.”

    • “We?” No sir, “them.”

      Get these people out of our paychecks this becomes a self-correcting problem. The only reason it has gone on this long is because we are forced to subsidize it. These are the people who use gov as a proxy to steal not because the lack the will (they enjoy it) but lack the ability.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Those infants will be in charge some day – and relatively soon at that. Their vengeance on everyone who they feel has wronged them will be impressive, to say the least, unless we somehow manage to get them to become adults.

      • Jimmy, this is what happens when kidults go to college to major in Masturbatory Science, or whatever bullshit is floating around, and proceed to be lifelong losers.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Yeah, no doubt. But if you look at the backgrounds of a lot of the 20th Century’s biggest mass murderers, they started out similarly unimpressively. They are, however, all seething with hatred.

      • European American

        “Their vengeance on everyone who they feel has wronged them will be impressive,” How so? They going to beat us with their teddy bears? Or shoot us with a “Trigger Word”?

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Gas chambers, mass shootings, starvation, forced labor – standard tools used for killing unwanted populations for quite a while.

          They aren’t going to be warriors, but they likely will make excellent killers. Look at the backgrounds of guys like Hitler, Lenin, Pol Pot, Himmler, bin Laden, Che, Abimael Guzman, George Habash, Wadi Haddad, Mao, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, etc. With few exceptions, they were *NOT* hard men, they were soft and bookish. But they killed like there was no tomorrow – not with their own hands, true, but it was done at their bidding.

      • We didn’t do anything about the 1960’s hippies and commies, now they are all in our fed government. Are we going to allow these snowflakes the same chance of fucking our country up 20 years from now? I think it would be best to eliminate the threat now, before OUR children have to pay the cost of living under the next communism.

  4. Lelz.
    I’m…like…totally sure I just literally shat myself from laughing and then my penis like literally fell off.

    Plez call an amberlance.

    Thanks. I need the laffs.

    • Zoomie you are a riot Brother and witty to boot…Keep us laughing its good for our spirits……

  5. Just a few examples of the 100-200 million murkins soon to be gone… 🙂

    • You’re an idiot…

      • Not too sure about that. Look at those people. They cannot do a thing that matters. Check oil ? Most don’t even know the hood will open. Change a flat tire ? Build a fire ? Lead ? Follow an intelligent person ? They have safe spaces to protect them from words. They cry at micro-aggressions, whatever that is. They can name all 57 different genders, but know nothing of value. Ever shake hands with one of those men ? Soft non-calloused. My dog has a better grip when he shakes hands.
        If and more likely when something happens they will sit there waiting for real men to rescue them.
        And they will die.

    • tfA-t,

      You declared you didn’t want anything to do with dumb Amerikans. Why are you lurking here and commenting ?

      BTW….you’re in Kanuckistan now. I suggest you concentrate on your new home and the actions of your boy Trudeau and the Kanuckistan shithole of Ottawa.

  6. Parasites usually are dismayed with the prospect of being forcibly separated from the host.

    Just loved the “I’m triggered” – yup, that one I bet is triggered to go eat another half-dozen pizzas!

    The hard reality that Killary wasn’t even going to thank them Tuesday night had to a real slap to the face.

  7. Your fuckin’ A this ain’t over yet, boss. Couldn’t help but notice that the asshole party got organized less than 24 hours after getting porked, took to the streets, and were voicing their displeasure that things didn’t go their way. Not only is this shit not over, they are going to keep it up, and they are going to do whatever they think they can get away with to keep Trump from being an effective President. Remember their MSM mouthpiece will be right there for them to egg them on, and try and make them appear legitimate. Note carefully, and DO NOT FORGET, they immediately began the “not my President” routine. No President, then no Country, No Country, then they are insurgents looking to make a Country, in their own image. This may grow, and get a lot worse. Communists do not like when the rules don’t work for them, and they seek to overturn them by any means necessary. Anybody, or anything that gets in their way gets smashed.

    • The reds have taken to the streets. It didn’t matter who won –someone was going to say “not my prez”.

      Let’s see where this goes over the next few weeks. Maybe it sustains and then the violence escalates.

    • The Electoral College vote isn’t till December. I’ve been thinking in the back of my mind that all these chest thumping Trump voters should shut up and hold their breath for a bit. As you said, this ain’t over.

    • Just for research sake Sean how long do you think they would last if the blue line didn’t protect them?

    • To liberals crying about the election, my response:

      I agree, Trump is not your President! That’s because, really, this is not your country. You are probably here illegitimately, and certainly not wanted. You are the equivalent of squatters who’ve moved into a families summer cottage and now insist it belongs to them. Well the Sheriff is here, and you are all going to jail.

      You really should leave now while you can. It’s actually much, much *worse* than you know. I have friends deep in the Trump organization, it’s going to be like an internal coup. All you people protesting are going to be disappeared, your going to camps. A lot of you are going to end up in places like Kansas and Wyoming for a long time. Your kids, if you have any will be sent to Trump Youth Corp. boarding schools run by Christian Evangelicals. They won’t even recognize you when you are finally released from your re-education camp. Even scarier, you won’t recognize them.

      Seriously, pack your car. Canada has already closed the border. I hear Guatemala is taking refugees, if you leave soon you might make it. It’s like when the Nazi’s took over Germany. People said “it can’t happen here”, well it just did. The people who tried to time the last train out of Berlin didn’t make it. Don’t be one of them. Leave now, or for gods sake before Jan 20 when Trump takes office.

      • Shit Jackson why did you have to go and warn them…You couldn’t keep it to yourself could you…Dammit man and they were ripe for plucking…Oh we will still get a few but shit we could of had trainloads…

  8. The Walkin' Dude

    Meanwhile, disgusting googles attack a white guy for voting Trump…
    Good candidates for a Mississippi windchime

    • tangotango-03

      fucking niggers

    • Dumbass gets out of the car??!!! I’d have locked the doors and run over every one of those Ubangi mother*****s.

      • At the end of the video, one of the attackers got in the car. We now have a felony carjacking. It’s lawful to interrupt felonies with lethal force.

    • I’ve been driving around ready with my tools just waiting for something like this to happen. When I say tools, I am not referring to a .380 pocket pistol.

  9. This is why it’s best to do your growing up spread out over time, from say birth until reaching majority, rather than postponing it all into one Tuesday night once you’re 20-30-60 years old.

    Like chicken pox, it’s cast-iron bitch to go through later in life.

    But at least, as Nature abhors imbalance, the compensatory humor of watching these pampered reality-challenged crybabies is YUUUUUUGE!

    (To be fair though, communism hasn’t been handed such an ass-whipping of such shocking magnitude since the 1980 Winter Olympics hockey finals. At least the Russians had the guts to show up to get their silver medal afterwards.)

    Now, hold your breath, and wait for Lady Macbeth to EVER come to the wholly logical conclusion that her epic schlonging Tuesday was due almost solely and entirely to herself, specifically to her manifest unfitness for the office then, now, or ever, along with her utter inability to ever see that reality despite being @$$-doinked with it like a fisting with a bulldozer.

    I know McCain was bad, I thought Obozo was worse, but the MOST politically tone-deaf human being in all of recorded human history has got to be Shrillary Milhous Capone Crybabypants herownself, and that record by a margin so large it cannot be measured with existing instrumentation.

    It warms my heart to know that her continued existence is to be seen solely as a waiting period until she’s also awarded the Orange Jumpsuit, with handcuff and waistchain clusters.

    At that point, her little waifs are liable to actually shrivel up and die from dehydration at the river of tears they’ll cry, and dogs on Neptune will howl from the cacophony of their mournful wailing.

    I can hardly wait.

    • you’re going to be waiting a long time then….Hiligula agreed to not contest the election provided Trump agreed to let her off the hook. Done deal.

      • European American

        Actually, it was Trump who agreed not to contest the (Popular vote) election. Had he, the numbers would have clearly favored him, to the tune of 75-80% in his favor.

  10. Good laughs-love it. I don’t need to remind the folks here that these softies are not the real commies we are looking for. They are still out there. And I am a firm believer in kicking them in the head while they are down.
    Red in OleVirginny

  11. On the south side of Chicago, there is a neighborhood that is primarily white. It’s comprised of many Chicago employees required to live in the city. It’s called Mt.Greenwood. Negros attending a gang bangers funeral, got into an altercation with firemen because the gang bangers parked in front of the firehouse driveway. One of the gang bangers pulled out a gun and was promptly ventilated by nearby police. Protests by BLM and black racists soon followed. Whites and BLM are in daily confrontation in the area. BLM and gang members are using social media to get blacks to kill white kids in the area. It’s on. Read about it at

  12. You think the democrats or republicans would
    under-stand this old teaching lesson?:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  13. Speaking of “separating”…

    #calexit: news of Trump victory renews push for California to leave the union

    Hmmmmm…who’d a thought?….the collectivists want to secede…

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • Let them. First thing that happens is that the northern half will use that to form Jefferson. What’s left will face a Trump induced 50% import tax on goods to former clients. Within a year the economy will be nonexistent.

      Go ahead, make our day.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      NorthGunner III/10Nov16@11:07,

      The truly funny part is that such vantzim actually believe that the rest of the population of Calif will go along w/ their plans & if not they’ll be able to make them comply. Another funny thing is that the progenitors of these vantzim were shocked/hurt/angered when secession was being pushed back in 92/Statham & 09/Maze (my preference) by those now referred to as “bitter clingers”/”deplorables”. One wonders what such, ‘people’, would say if their proposal was greeted w/ interest & the Maze version was promoted as the best way to go.

  14. Not the pussy libs I’m worried about, it’s you guys that think we can all breath easy now that their “anti establishment” guy was duly chosen by der voterz.

    The cabinet picks are awesome. Treasury will be Goldman Guy vs. Jaime Diamond of Chase. Sound money should be here in………never.

    • Who here is saying we can breath easy…No one that I talk too says that either… You’ve been trolling for Hillary this whole time…She lost Bitch get over it…
      PS I would be worried about us too;)

    • You got me confused with someone else. I didn’t vote or troll for anyone.

      I simply want everyone to stay focused on what actually gets done rather than jack off thinking about how awesome victory was/is. Go read the goals below and stop when you get to number 3. ‘Cause banks don’t have enuff freedom, they are to restricted by regs? And yeah, almost all of the “regs” are designed to line somebody’s pocket (hint it’s not you or me) but that objective smells really bad.

      BTW I love the others I read in that list but I’m a cautious motherfker which I why I’m still alive. Trust but verify.

      • Well then there must be two Tom’s because one of you has been telling us of the awfulness of Trump for some time now and not a peep of the evilness of Clinton which is trolling for Clinton if thats not you then I apologize and fuck the other guy…

        • The Clintons and Obama commie scum should all rot in hell. I have never once said anything positive about them and for you to conflate my focus on the Trumpets as Clinton support is well, breathtakingly illogical. Just because Trump wasn’t my guy doesn’t mean Clinton was. Check your logic there skippy.

          YOUR guy had them in the front fucking row at his wedding. Congrats on YOUR guy winning the race but I’m gonna hold off on signaling all clear right now. Mainly cause I don’t trust ANY politician as far as I can throw them which for most means about 3 yards or so (Chris Christie excluded), I see Trumper as a stalling motion by the PTB. They knew they were fucked with the murderous coke sniffing pederast Clintoncommies but they think they can buy a few years with the right words. I hope they are wrong.

          I hope I am wrong. I hope you’re right.

      • withdrawal from Paris Climate Change Agreement has also been cut from Trump’s website. By the time he’s inaugurated, he’ll have morphed right back into the NY lib dem he was all along. As to the Trumpaholics, let them enjoy their moment. The withdrawal pains will soon be upon them.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Why would that bother you? You wanted Hillary to win, and he’d be the same thing sans vagina.

          • Cassandra (of Troy)

            Jimmy the Saint/10Nov16@18:36,

            It’s funny how so many here/elsewhere who heartily agree that there’s no political solution for the situation we’re in & who’re eager for the civil war & following natl disunion are also some of the biggest supporters of Donaldus Magnus Rex despite Him being the one who’ll possibly forestall if not preclude the need for CW/natl dissolution entirely. If CW/ND is wanted as badly as so many frequently claim then Shrillary would be the desired electoral victor as her ascension would guarantee it.

            Could it be that such DMRists aren’t as ardent for their professed desire as they claim?

  15. I Laughed my silly ass off!

  16. BTW I am still laughing, thanks needed that. The libtard screeching and wailing is epic at this point.

  17. If the footmen weary you, what will you do when the horses come ?
    If you can’t run with the big dawgs, stay on the porch.
    Bunch of infantile cry baby suck-a-bottles.

  18. I have seen that video many times and still catch meself grinning!That said,we have a country to try and get back on track,need to focus now.Who knows,get things spinning correctly perhaps just one or two of the young ones might wake up and realize with a bit of work can improve their and their fellow citizens lot in life.I won’t hold me breath on that but one can always hope!

  19. The Usual Suspect

    This beating by feral super predators is why you never
    venture forth without being armed with a pistol big enough
    to stop these pieces of shit DRT!

  20. I hope Schadenfreude isn’t a sin, because I am filled with it. Pictures of weeping, grief stricken Democrats just warms the cockles of my heart. Their tears are delicious.

  21. American Journalism sat on a wall.
    American Journalism had a great fall.
    All the Boy-King’s horsemen,
    all the Witch’s men,
    couldn’t restore integrity,
    to American Journalism.

  22. The Usual Suspect

    Gives me a woody.
    Liberal tears ………

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

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  24. the woodsman

    She shouldn’t be so hard on herself! Hillary already shattered that glass ceiling – she is the first woman presidential candidate to give a concession speech!

  25. Did it look something like this?

  26. For those dumbshit democrats crying about the electoral collage, don’t forget there are 10’s of millions of conservative voters in the states of Kalifornia, Taxachussets, New Jersey, Connecticut, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Vermont, and New York state where their votes have no value. They don’t register, vote or donate to any campaign. I have family in Kalifornia. Most don’t even bother to pay attention to politics. Go ahead, make my day. Give them a reason to participate. The electoral collage still wildly favors the dems. If they hadn’t put up the worst candidate ever, Trump would have lost.

    • Exactly right. Leftists are retarded on every single issue. If everyone knew it was the popular vote that determined the winner, then tens of millions of conservatives who stay home in California and New York and the other states where the conservative has no chance would vote.

      Yes I realize you just said that. Plus one.

  27. Stockholm syndrome. Ship them off to a reintegration island and let the order of life sort itself out.

  28. Here’s another one good for laughs, but also has a great correlation of what we are dealing with and the direction intended.

  29. pine _tree33

    Thank you, Deep State. Thank you, FBI. I read somewhere a year ago that the Deep State love this country bone deep. Duty, honor, country. That they’d throw Wall Street under the bus before they’d let it go all to Hades.
    Tuesday had multiple fathers. But for the first two named, Thank You.

    • So we conservatives who do things like read this blog DON’T have to worry about the men in black kicking in our doors at 3 AM after tracing IP addresses?

      I hope you’re right.

      I have never advocated any violence, not even close, and I literally live in fear that I will be disappeared one day for simply reading and commenting on this blog.

      I notice the left who just lost the election claim to be in great fear — of Trump, or his supporters.

      This is not a kumbaya concern troll get along thing (fuck the left; they would show us no mercy if they won and they have not shown white men and families any mercy for 70 years), but it is interesting that both sides claim to be in great fear of the other side of the political spectrum.

      • It’s a transference thing.

        They know the evil in their hearts.

        And they assume everyone rolls that way.

      • Different Anonymous

        This blog has been here for, what, most of ten years and ten million page views, and as far as I know exactly zero people have had their door kicked down as a result. I think your fears are stronger than the track record says they deserve to be, and you should fear government less. Government doesn’t have time and manpower to mess with more than a few percent, and you aren’t in that few percent. Instead, they’ll try to paralyze you with fear, because that’s an inexpensive attack using mass media.

  30. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles had some thoughts on the subject…

    Tears of a Clown

    The Tracks of My Tears

  31. Marlo Stanfield

    This is what happens when you cash your chips in with the wrong non qualified people. 

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  32. Stupid brainwashed white cunts crying after we saved them from a war with Russia. Women should not vote.

  33. Different Anonymous

    Wow, take it away and give it to Hillary when the EC votes in December? Maximum upsettedness, even more than if she had won on Tuesday. Revolutions happen when peoples’ expectations are raised. Berlin wall fell due to a mistaken government announcement.

  34. A Letter To My Collegiate Daughter

    Dear Daughter:

    On election night, your brother and I were watching TV in the living room and having a bit of fun at the expense of the ridiculously over-reacting and hyper-emotional Clinton supporters.

    From your bedroom just down the hall, you responded with an online Tweet something to the effect that the “males” in your family needed to “check their male privilege.”

    Disregarding your brothers in all this, I would be interested to know, with specificity, the following:

    -What privilege is it that I currently enjoy that I shouldn’t be enjoying?
    -What privilege is it that I have no right to enjoy?
    -What privilege is it that I enjoy that isn’t rightfully extended to you?

    Initially, I couldn’t think of any privileges I enjoy which you do not.
    But then, after a couple of days of deep pondering on the matter, I came up with a few.

    A list of my male privileges for the last 21 years of your life.

    -Helping to give you a steady, supportive home and family life.
    -Helping in your mentoring, guidance, and protection.
    -Going to work every day, 40+ hours a week, doing a dangerous job that is slowly killing me.
    -Helping to provide the roof over your head, the clothes on your back, and the food in your belly.
    -Providing (and paying) for your health insurance.
    -Helping to keep the lights on and the water flowing.
    -Coming to your aid when I am able when you have car trouble and/or fixing your car in the driveway.
    -Tolerating your opposing political views, and encouraging your political involvement.

    I do these things because I love you and this family. I do these things because I want to. I do these things because it is a privilege to do so. I do these things because that’s what a MAN does.

    In doing these things, I (and your mother) incur certain rights or “privileges” within the household you do not.

    Blues music artist B.B. King said it best.
    “I pay the cost to be the boss.”

    In my own home, I will say what I please, using whatever words I please, whenever I please.

    When the times comes and you are out on your own and making your own way and ‘paying the cost to be the boss,’ you are free to do as you please.

    With your own eyes, you have seen your friends who came from broken, abusive, and dysfunctional homes and how destructive those environments can be.

    You have not been abused. You have not been oppressed.
    You have been extremely fortunate.

    Nothing is “fair” in life. You must earn everything through work as I and your mother have done. Nobody owes you anything.

    Your lack of gratitude is as mind-numbing to me as is your sense of entitlement.

    The manner in which you openly and publicly displayed your disrespect and disdain for me and other family members online is disloyal, unacceptable, cowardly, and disappointing.

    We can disagree without being disagreeable.

    I understand your brothers probably give you a lot of vile feedback about your politics, and I’ve had a chat with them. Their shit-slinging stops yesterday.

    I understand the recent death of a friend is troubling you. I get it. I’ve lost friends. It’s part of life. The grief will pass.

    I understand the recent election results are troubling to you. I get it. I’ve had to get over Obama, the Bushes, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, etc. You’ll get over Trump too. In the big scheme of things, the person in the White House doesn’t amount to a hill of beans unless YOU allow him/her to.

    I want peace in this family.

    I want you to be free to thrive and be healthy and vibrant, but, like it or not, there are boundaries. I and your mother can only do so much, but I and she and this family deserve and expect and have rightfully earned your loyalty, courtesy, and respect.

    What do I want more than anything?

    I want my daughter back.