Z Blog: Celebrate Tonight, Fight Tomorrow



Note that the Communists are active and in good form in the streets (with the legacy media [spit!] as force multiplier) in under 24 hours after the drunken concession call from the Filthy Loser Felon Traitor.

They are not going to stop.

They have Soros money behind them.

And a sympathizer in the Offal Office.

Bonus question: When does the EC vote?

Extra credit: What can go wrong there?

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  1. If the EC sells out, it’s game on, even for those that formerly didn’t get it.

    If you think that illegitimacy of .gov, electoral process, media is widely known now, that the discrediting, scorn, hubris, hatred for us is what propelled Trump to the win, imagine the fury if this victory is stolen from us.

    I almost wish they’d try it.

    • For die-hard Democrats holding out hope that they won’t have to live through a Trump presidency, there is a last, incredibly long shot for them latch on to – a surprise twist in the Electoral College.

      Though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 200,000, Trump has won the minimum of 270 electoral votes necessary to be elected president. As of late Wednesday, he had 290 to Clinton’s 228.

      According to the Constitution, chosen electors of the Electoral College are the real people who will vote for president, when they meet on Dec. 19 in their respective state capitals.

      However, there is technically nothing stopping any of the electors from voting their conscience and refusing to support the candidate to whom they were bound, or from abstaining from voting altogether.

      There’s even a name for it: becoming a “faithless elector.”

      Article here:

      And it looks like these people are going to try to use it:



      – Their plan –


      One for Change.Org
      Impeach Donald J. Trump (and he is not even sworn in yet)
      Impeachment Petition: (You would not believe the comments here)



      • Jesus that’s fcked. I knew the electors did the voting, did not know it didn’t happen til 19th. However point of order you are only half correct, there are 26 states in which there are state laws which bind the electors to the popular vote. The rest as you say, are up for grabs.

    • Travis W. Myers

      It does not matter.. Humanity will suffer. Jobs, Outsoursing is less of a issue in Automation, The time we live in and Coal stocks rise? You guys hunt? You wont be for long. Miami is gone. the 150 million dollar pumps bought them about 20 years. Coral Reefs are gone. And you idiots think your idiotic cause matters? Tell your kids you fucked them and thier future for 8 dollar a hour jobs and a imaginary wall. Anybody educated at all knows our economy would fail w/o illegals. The drugs that come over, the cheap workers, all of it keeps our economy afloat. You Fox News guys are flat out idiots. Mindless, trolls who beleave everything. Just fucked your kids and grandkids out of a future for a get ruch quick scheme. Fucking degenerate retards. none of it matter. Old Uneducated Americans like you beleave Fox news. Truth is Trump is a hidden Liberal. He called it in 98. You are a problem, made Democracy a issue… You vote for a man who mocks the end of humanity. Why ya get a Coal check? Disgusting people. Worried about guns. Every election blow smoke up everybodies ass that thier losing guns. Lies that take people away from real issues. Bible n Science are together on this. And you guys want to talk about this? Wow.. stop acting like America wanted this 49% isnt even half fucks. And the odds that 49% was wrong is highter then they were right. Trump won yes. But this isnt how it was drawn up. America is done. Never be great again because of your generation who eleaves theres a industrial boom still. lmao.. So sad… Cant fix stupid.

  2. EC votes on 19 DEC.

    What can go wrong? The Constitution could work perfectly.

  3. EC votes 12/19

    No federal law requires electors to vote equivalent to state totals. Some state laws require it, but not all.

  4. the EC will vote as instructed by the voters; lifelong liberal Democrat Donald Trump will be duly inaugurated. S’truth, though…the NY/Hollywood Jews are having a shitfit. Here’s a good read –


    • The lamentations of the Jew. Thank you for the link, most enjoyable. I expect we’ll see more of this, until they’re silenced.

      • yet CA doesn’t like us to name the Jew

        • Boring. Monomaniacal. Not persuasive.

          You want to start Jew Hate Blog, do it at your own place.

          Not here.

          • Wait a moment CA.

            This Taqiyya-practicing moslem Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed/WhateverHisLatestScreenIs in concert with his KKK pal Hines has been spewing vile hatred attacks against those of the Jewish faith right here at Western Rifle Shooters. You allow it (Yes. WRSA = Free Speech Zone) but, you tell Anonymous to go start a Jew hate blog elsewhere. Hell, he’s only responding and agreeing with the scum commenting before him…..Haxo and his boy Hines.

            Now, am I misunderstanding your response or are your addressing the Jewish faith haters Haxo and Hines ?

    • don’t mention that Soros is jewish….wouldn’t be prudent….only think of him as an ugly azz billionaire who wants to destroy the mostly-white Christian Western civilization utterly for some strange unknown reason

  5. Chuck Noname

    Note to all who take these “protests” seriously – stop it. These are no different than the diversionary tactics employed during the BLM protests this past Spring. They accomplish nothing but provide a steam vent for diseased losers. Do NOT be distracted – carefully observe Infrastructure, watch this White House – closely. Keep track of the saboteurs within our ranks, within the govt agencies – watch them closely, and be prepared to intervene.

  6. I noticed how quickly these protesters gathered. Almost like they planned this ahead of time…… At any rate, do not underestimate these soft bellied hurt fellings types. They have numbers. And coordination.

    • Dont underestimate the ability of these people to move quickly. They have an actual ground game, we aint got shit. They can get a horde of worthless deadbeats, social justice warriors, college students, unemployed artists, and aspiring rappers to the streets with a 10 minute twitter exchange.

      We could possibly put a squad on a corner tomorrow if everyone had vacation time.

      • That’s a squad from a regional emergency mobilization order.

        As I told someone yesterday, we are too big to ignore and too small/snafu to win.

        Bad combo.

        • CA,

          I hate to agree with GREN1 but I do, regarding the disorganization of FREEFOR.

          • Do note that one lone wolf could deal appropriately with at least twenty of the sewage. Or thirty, if he was using 5.56 instead of 7.62. And that’s without a mag changeout…

            Organization is important, but at this stage not essential.

          • Can we remedy that in time that is the question… Those that could lead don’t want too and those that can’t seem to do everything they can to show how stupid Patriots are…Like I said we need a Coalition of the Saints…I name a few here that I would work under…;)
            Now is the time Boys…Winning Awaits…

            • I think we can remedy it quickly but there will need to be an identifiable threat. A real one like these thugs in the streets for days on end. Something that gives focus…..a social condenser if you will.

              • Trust is the big issue and you can’t build trust when you don’t live at least in the same county…You won’t be able to see how someone conducts themselves when the spotlight isn’t on them…That’s going to be the hard part…

          • Well maybe there is hope for you yet.

            You and I do agree on the Haxo StukaOwl so we have that going for us too.

        • Exactly, that squad would never have trained together and be from a tri-state area.

      • Notarealperson

        Say we have the organization and dedicated manpower to counter these scumbags and deploy several hundred to kick some butt. Guess who goes to jail? We do. Remember most if not all major cities where this shit is happening is run by Democrats. That means they side with the rioters, not us. They look at a bunch of whites as nothing more than KKK’ers who need to be put down.

        Our best bet is to let the MF’ers riot to their hearts content. It just makes the city officials look weak and worthless. However if they make it outside of the city to do their shit, then it’s another matter that requires organized intervention and direct action.

        • That is the immediate (temporary) tactic. ^^^^^^

          When necessary, defend your AO. Local, local, local.

          More organization will be necessary, but it will be more cohesive because your (local) countrymen will see for themselves the inevitable.

          Meanwhile, harassing the inner city mob will provide training and perspective, one lone wolf at a time.

          Further: Do nothing to cooperate with any attempts to force Trump into a unwinnable and discrediting situation:

          Riots and lawlessness will require him to crack down. Our side will demand it ( no, not you, Paul, Semper Fido, et alia) but the right in general) and his position as “Leader of the Freee World” will require him to “do something.” Likewise, the state worshipers and Chicken McSkyfallings.

          Damned, do, don’t.

          Kill the enemy, not the friend of your friend. And, do be discreet.

  7. tangotango 03

    the cry bullies are butt hurt, and will not accept the results.

    fuck’em, it sporting time. gear up and lets get er did.

  8. Now more than ever is the time to gird the armor and finish the job. Complacency is death.

  9. There will be no purge. See Trumps wedding pics for why. The last guy to go “off script” got a free ride in an open limo to Dealey Plaza. Trump knows this and he will not piss upwind as he’d rather not become pink mist. I’m looking forward to the moment when people realize they got fckd AGAIN. It’s gonna be precious and a wonderful recruiting moment if it doesn’t erupt in a spontaneous bonfire.

    • Come on Tom nows the time to find your balls and quit suckling Hillary’s tit…If your so worried about it find a solution instead of whining like a bitch…

      • Nice troll. Go back to your hole.

        • Ahhh Tom did I hurt your feelz(pussy)…

        • Tom,

          If there is a troll frequenting the remarks here it is you. Lineman told you to offer a solution, stop acting like a a whining female dog. And the best you can do is call Lineman a troll ?

          Get some time under your belt before you comment like one wothout a clue.

      • the solution was to boycott the fake election, and let Hiligula set the world on fire for us. Now we’ll have to wait until your Trumpaholia subsides.

        this just in, via (((Avivah Schlurman))) @ NPR: stock “market” ponzi just hit new record high. Evidently (((Wall Street))) and the (((Fed))) have been considerably reassured by the Donald.

  10. In other news, the Navy and the Marine Corps are now officially transgender-friendly services. A very happy birthday Marines!

  11. MichiganderJim

    No shit, especially what you wrote here. Now there’s the fascists on the flanks too. And they all believe in compromise and Pragmatism, the whole damn lot of ’em. The Art of the Deal—yeah, art will get us out of this.

    Begin at the beginning and don’t fall for the simplest snooker. Donald Trump is very much NOT the people who put him there. Nobody can do it for a person except that person. That’s WHY the battle has ALWAYS been Individualism versus Collectivism.


    I just read a very disturbing article on the Internet about The Donald’s possible cabinet picks. The names Giuliani, Christie, Bolton and Gingrich jumped right out at me. The bile is rising again in my throat. I hope the President-elect gets some sage advice about these sleazy, neo-con rat bastards. I hope this is not another business-as-usual administration.

    • Yes. A buncha Bush cronies? The same Repig cock-suckers who sold us down the river? No thanks. Trump better get his shit together most ricky-tick.

      • MichiganderJim

        Oh, they’re quite a bit worse than merely Bush cronies. They’re the worst of the worst, who didn’t get all they wanted earlier. The only thing decent about any of those four rotten thugs is that they make it easy to follow the very worst of the troublemakers.

        The Trump candidacy was not about Trump; it was about his supporters. Nor will the Trump Administration be about Trump; it’ll be about The System. This means either Trump is going to protect us, or we’ll have to do it ourselves. Tough call there, eh?

    • Mr. Weasel,

      Instead of M-F’ing the hypothetical cabinet members of Trump admin why don’t you paste up YOUR picks ? I’d like to see the names of those you value.

      I’ll wait.

      • MichiganderJim

        Gee, Dan. Other than you, I can’t think of anyone I’d pick to do the things those guys do. On second thought, I don’t pick you either.

        • And who gives a flying fuck what you think either Klein…For a person who says he doesn’t care what others do you have a habit of sticking your nose into what is asked of others…Notice Dan didn’t mention your name in that question… It just chaps your ass doesn’t it that no one cares what you think and that you are irrelevant here…

          • MichiganderJim

            I missed it…who was talking to lineman? Oh never mind; that was then and this is now. You didn’t turn to the sauce, did you?

            • Lol Klein at least your good for a laugh or two…Be well Jimmy…

            • Typical obfuscation and avoidance.

              One would think that The Ultimate Individualist would champion the rights of Lineman, or any other, to speak his mind.

              Oh, so sorry… that only applies to anyone who agrees with the Ultimate Sanctimonious EGO, The Beatified Klein!!!!

              Get way the hell and gone over your preening self.

              Whatever truth may be known, It’s first principle is that we all are mere evanescent specks of dust on an obscure rock, third orbit from a minor star, waaaay out on the rim of one of an unfathomable number of galaxies, each of which has an equally unimaginable number of stars and planets, great and small.

              That is pure, cosmic epistemology.

              Now go suck it, faithless dust.


        Dan III: Attorney General: Andrew Napolitano or CA. Secretary of Defense: Allen West. Ambassador to the UN: Sarah Palin. Press Secretary: Ann Coulter. Chief of Staff/Consigliere: Kenneth Royce. Health and Human Services Secretary: Dr. Michael Savage. Secretary of State: Jesse Ventura. I’ll entertain suggestions for FBI Director.
        And, we defund EPA(send the $ to the states and let them deal with their “environmental issues”).BATFE will be absorbed by ICE and all of the thugs will be issued a M-4 and put on our southern and northern borders. The SWAT teams of the FDA and other federal agencies will be disbanded and their members fired. Their equipment will be auctioned off to whatever citizen(s) want to buy it. BLM is gone. And, I want a full pardon and a Honorable Discharge for Michael New. Stay tuned.

        • Mr. Weasel,

          I cannot agree with your every named suggestion but, like the old Weasel I’ve come to appreciate reading, you outlined your choices well. Thanks. I REALLY appreciate your specifics.

    • Weasel,

      “I hope this is not another business-as-usual administration.”

      I WISH you had voted for Hillary Klinton. Then you would know just what criminal acts to expect from HER “rat bastards” ! In fact, the more I read of your remarks lately, the more I begin to wonder if you’re not a Klinton troll. That or senility is setting in. In fact your “Weasel” screen name is seeming mighty appropriate of late.

      Like I asked you earlier….post YOUR chosen “rat bastards” for Trump cabinet members. In the meantime perhaps you should consider joining in with the scum protesting and burning and attacking folks in protest of the Trump election !

      Good Lord man ! It has not even been 48 hours since the polls have closed. You already have Trump deserving of impeachment.

      Damn ! You’re becoming quite a disappointment.

      • He has just lost hope Dan don’t be to hard on him…Let’s become the men we need to be to inspire hope in those around us once again… Trump gave us the opportunity to build let us use it wisely… Hope your well and life is bright…

        • Lineman,

          I really appreciate Mr. Weasel. But lately he doesn’t comment as I’ve known him to in the past. It’s almost like he’s had a stroke and isn’t thinking the same. Here’s a guy who was what they once called a Peace Officer, railing against Mr. Trump in less than 48 hours after Trump was told he won the election ! Being a cop when Weasel was a cop took brains and patience. Lots of patience. Can aging affect one’s patience ? Anyway, I do hope all is well in his life.

          A bit off topic….I get really annoyed with the attacks on Mr. Trump before he has had a chance to do anything. Hell, he is not POTUS yet. But, he has already announced four hot topics he will be attacking in the first 100 days. The first one is to go after NAFTA. Another is to start on the Mexican border wall. The other two escape me at the moment.

          Lman….I just want citizens to look at what Trump is going to try to do. Not attack him before he’s cleared the gate.

          Oh, and thank you for your support. I can be quite an asshole at times and appreciate you seeing past my sphincter.


            Dan III: I apologize. I have not lost hope. I have just done a tremendous amount of research on rat bastards like Gingrich, Giuliani, Bolton and their ilk. President-elect Trump needs to stay away from these people. They give off very bad vibes.
            I will revert to my Peace Officer roots and give The President-elect the benefit of the doubt. It is way too soon to pass any judgement. Mr. Trump has a very tough road to hoe. I just do not want to see him ask the wrong people to help him flush out the befouled stables. Bleib ubrig.

            • MichiganderJim

              That may be unfair to rat bastards. You had it correct in the first place. That’s a light at the end of the tunnel alright…

            • Mr. Weasel,

              I’ve been reading your remarks a long time. With all sincerity I hope all is well in your life.

  13. WRSA, these last ten years have been a mental challenge for me to “say” the least; I’ve been weary since O’s bogus senate win in 2006. These last 11 months would have been terrible without the truth being presented somewhere.

    Thanks for this blog, the comments, and the links. Un-bridled discussion and discourse is exactly what this country needs; group thinking being the last thing we need.


  14. ALCON,

    Good to see the rhetorical bullshit of commenters here flowing unimpeded. While you heroes spew your whining about cabinet members the 45th POTUS could pick, none of you have provided names/positions acceptable to yourselves that you would want to see.

    Post who YOU would like to see in the 45th cabinet. Then, whine away.

    • MichiganderJim

      That’s it…keep ’em looking outward. Someone else, always someone else.

      • MichiganderJim/MichiganJim/Jim Klein,

        Why didn’t you post your thoughts on a Mr. Trump cabinet ? Doing so would have been some intellectual dialogue from you. Then again intellectual and dialogue are words not in your vocabulary. Instead you chose to waste bandwidth with more of your rhetorical nonsense. Can you walk and chew bubblegum at the same time ? Yes or No. Simple question.

        No wonder that trucking company you had went down the sewers of Detroit.

    • Isn’t it lovely that you live in Klein’s head Dan;) Lots of empty space in there though;)

      • MichiganderJim

        Funny. Who lives in whose head? Think maybe nobody notices? What are you so upset about anyway…did I offend some sensibilities of yours? Try protesting with those kids; maybe the catharsis will help.

        Till then…when I post something false, just cite it and show that it’s false. Please tell me you know how to do that. No need to worry about your feelz…those are clear enough.

        • Ahhh Jimmy did I get you upset;) You know if you want to tell me what I can and can’t do come tell it to my face and we will chat about it…:)

    • well, OK:

      Sec of Defense: STUKAPILOT



      Labor: (((AVIVAH SCHLURMAN)))


      Educ: WISE CAVE OWL

      State: HAXO ANGMARK

      Climate Change: MAGIC FIRE HORNET

      that’ll about do it. Rabbi Dan can be Trump’s spiritual advisor.

      • oh, f#%k…I forgot ANTON CHIGURH. Now there’ll be hell to pay…

      • Haxo/Etc/Etc/Etc/Etc/Mohammed,

        You forgot one you Taqiyya-spewing moslem….”Mohammed” !

        May i suggest after morning prayers you practice your comedy routine ? You’re such a clown !

  15. colddeadhandsdays

    Here ya go. Never before in my life as a president come out so strongly in favor of the Second Amendment with plans to expand it. Can you go naysayers and assholes calling Trump a liberal Democrat. From the second he announced I stated he would win and I’ve been right on every single count.


  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. So the liberals wanna fight? Have they been to a gun show lately? The Trump army is the largest armed army on earth. Most likely they own 75% of the privately owned guns and ammo in Amerika. Have you liberals heard the name George Armstrong Custer? While the stupid progressives were willingly giving up their guns to the govt, we were buying two more at the gun show. Along with all the ammo we could carry. I loaded up on ammo at the gun show this last weekend. I got a couple good flashlights I can clip on my visor. I couldn’t pass up these two razor sharp pocket knives. Before you libs try to kick the shit out of the next dump looking white dude you see, don’t forget there are a million of us out there that are loaded for fuckin bear, concealed. Legally.
    Go ahead, make my day.
    Get off my lawn.

  18. State Control of Electors
    There is no federal law that requires electors to vote as they have pledged, but 29 states and the District of Columbia have legal control over how their electors vote in the Electoral College. This means their electors are bound by state law and/or by state or party pledge to cast their vote for the candidate that wins the statewide popular vote. At the same time, this also means that there are 21 states in the union that have no requirements of, or legal control over, their electors. Therefore, despite the outcome of a state’s popular vote, the state’s electors are ultimately free to vote in whatever manner they please, including an abstention, with no legal repercussions. The states with legal control over their electors are the following 29 and D.C.:

    Alabama (Code of Ala. §17-19-2)
    Alaska (Alaska Stat. §15.30.090)
    California (Election Code §6906)
    Colorado (CRS §1-4-304)
    Connecticut (Conn. Gen. Stat. §9-176)
    Delaware (15 Del C §4303)
    District of Columbia (§1-1312(g))
    Florida (Fla. Stat. §103.021(1))
    Hawaii (HRS §14-28)
    Maine (21-A MRS §805)
    Maryland (Md Ann Code art 33, §8-505)
    Massachusetts (MGL, ch. 53, §8)
    Michigan (MCL §168.47)
    Mississippi (Miss Code Ann §23-15-785)
    Montana (MCA §13-25-104)
    Nebraska (§32-714)
    Nevada (NRS §298.050)
    New Mexico (NM Stat Ann §1-15-9)
    North Carolina (NC Gen Stat §163-212)
    Ohio (ORC Ann §3505.40)
    Oklahoma (26 Okl St §10-102)
    Oregon (ORS §248.355)
    South Carolina (SC Code Ann §7-19-80)
    Tennessee (Tenn Code Ann §2-15-104(c))
    Utah (Utah Code Ann §20A-13-304)
    Vermont (17 VSA §2732)
    Virginia (§24.2-203)
    Washington (RCW §29.71.020)
    Wisconsin (Wis Stat §7.75)
    Wyoming (Wyo Stat §22-19-108)

    If your state is not on this list your elector can vote any way they want. Faithless sums it up though lol.

    • Two words on the Electors not voting as their state’s votes went –
      Not Gonna Happen.

      • Tom,

        Whew !

        Do you honestly think that:

        1. Anyone here will take the time to read each of those alleged statutes ?
        2. Do you really believe the electoral college will renege on their responsibilities, per the majority of the electorate in their respective states ?

        Methinks you have been indulging just a little too many tokes on that Wacky Weed. Oh, and if the electoral college thumbs their collective noses at the 45th POTUS-Elect, as you want them to do, I’ll:

        3. Apologize to you for suggesting you’re suffering from cranial-rectal inversion.
        4. Send you an ounce of WW to toke on. (Although it could be a slice of cow patty. So check.)

        Anyways…..I’m not too concerned I’ll have to follow through on 3 & 4 above.

        Now Tom, head on over to the Huff Post or Politico where your kind thrives. You’ll be among birds of a feather and will sleep better at night.

    • Tom,

      Whew !

      Do you honestly think that:

      1. Anyone here will take the time to read each of those alleged statutes ?
      2. Do you really believe the electoral college will renege on their responsibilities, per the majority of the electorate in their respective states ?

      Methinks you have been indulging just a little too many tokes on that Wacky Weed. Oh, and if the electoral college thumbs their collective noses at the 45th POTUS-Elect, as you want them to do, I’ll:

      3. Apologize to you for suggesting you’re suffering from cranial-rectal inversion.
      4. Send you an ounce of WW to toke on. (Although it could be a slice of cow patty. So check.)

      Anyways…..I’m not too concerned I’ll have to follow through on 3 & 4 above.

      Now Tom, head on over to the Huff Post or Politico where your kind thrives. You’ll be among birds of a feather and will sleep better at night.

  19. So if they pull this off… then what? Will the trumpeters be the ones protesting and needing safe spaces for their feelings?

    • Protesting, no. Taking down hi-tension lines to the urban hives, perhaps. #MAGA

      • Doubt it. That wouldn’t be law abiding.

        • Stewie, your incessant negativity, cynicism and lame attempts at sarcasm are becoming irritating.

          we are way beyond “law abiding” considering the tactics and utter contempt for law of the opposition. Be careful your smile doesn’t appear below your chin.

  20. Under Trump’s government will we get to see Feds kill liberal pukes like the Obama government murdered a fine man, LaVoy? Like the Clinton government murdered the Davidians? I bet not. Bush never killed any liberal puke commies either. Funny how the commies are about their enemies.