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Regular email updates are available from the Trump presidential transition team. You can sign up for them HERE.

Remember the old saying, “the revolution will not be televised”? Maybe not. But it apparently will be shared via email. Kind of like getting updates direct from the revolutionary Central Committee as the revolution unfolds. Sweet! :–)

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. In 1970 Nixon beat McGovern 520 to 17 in a 49 state sweep . He got 17 million more votes than McGovern out of 75 million cast . Then within 1000 days he was out of office a broken despised man.
    To think the Libtards will go quietly into the night you would be very wrong. Stop with the pats on the back and remember the battle was won but the war still goes on.

    • *1972.

      *Actual criminal acts committed on behalf of the campaign, and covered up by members of the administration, with at least the tacit approval of the President.

      But yeah, the fight is far from over. “Chimpy McBusHitler” will seem tame compared with the attempted hell that will be unleashed.

    • no one will impeach Trump. He is a lifelong NY lib democrat, has already reneged on half the White/populist positions that got him elected, and yesterday had a 90 minute love fest with Obama. His latest tweetstorm expresses “admiration for the passion of the protestors”. The whole thing was 18 months of Performance Art.

      well done, Trumpaholics

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Again, why do you have a problem with this? If you’re convinced that he’ll simply be another Leftist in office, you should be celebrating.

        • because Clinton would have brought the Storm, and damn quick. With Trump it’s another Bush43, patriotard smother of the White Right. Just look at who’s flocking around him: Gingrich, Goldman-Sachs banksters, Giuliani, Bolton et al. And we are running out of time. Each and every day, 7,000 more legal/illegal Blacks, mestizos, slants, and Muslims – collectivists all – pour into the country…while our race and civilization continue to die a slow-but-accelerating demographic death.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Likewise, ignoring his many, many, many, many, many, many own goals and unforced errors, witness the calm and quiet period that was the Bush II presidency.

      The Left has the word “HATE” tattooed across the knuckles of its hand. However, in acknowledgement of the yin-yang nature of life, it has “MORE HATE” tattooed across the knuckles of its other hand.

  3. I was willing to give them my email address, but not my phone number and home address. I don’t trust politicians nor future politicians.

    I was under the “silly” assumption that tracking my every move, and knowing everything about me, was something this revolution was against. My bad!

  4. Ron, don’t shit yourself, “they” already know exactly who each of us are.
    They know our favorite color, and exactly what our rifle choices. As well as our porn preferences are.

    I like to throw em off with a lil barn yard sex action. Keeps them honest!