Mosby: Review Of Clandestine Pistol Course




Train now while you can.

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  1. Thank you for the post. Great info.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Reinforcing the value of realism, accuracy, and good decision-making; well done!

    Rhetorical Quiz:

    A. Some people go to the range to show (off) what they can do very well; perhaps under canned, simple, and well-rehearsed scenarios (to look good).

    B. Some people go to the range to find their limitations; they “push it” with challenging scenarios and situations to realize any skills they cannot do very well, and abilities they do not have (to get better).

    Which of the above philosophies can stand a better chance of improved threat reduction or self defense capabilities?

  4. Well said, Buce.
    the wise man works on his weaknesses. Be it weaponry or inner personal growth.


  5. I wish Mosby offered courses east of the Mississippi.

    • Dan, I’ve had the honor of going to roughly 100 shoot schools. Most I don’t recall. don’t get me wrong, all were good opportunities to learn.

      The schools I got the most out of were from men, who wore their convictions, their morals, their principals for all to see.

      These classes were not about money for the teachers, they weren’t about teaching but about a ” buy in ” from the students. Most were LEO schools,,and sadly most Popo are not gun folk,,they re just their to do their time.

      Others like me eat up the instruction, like a loyal pheasant hunting dog, willing to do whatever it took to squeeze every ounce of knowledge out of those special teachers.

      The students pushing the teachers to be their very best.

      I always carried a 1911, which was kinda an odd choice,,with all the new fancy poly guns. Was never one to follow the trend,,the herd.

      Due to the single action, most agencies back then would not allow the 1911 without extra individual scrutiny. Which I eat up.

      Mosby would likey fit into that fantastic teacher group. Not because he’s ex SF, but because he fucking cares. Perhaps making the trip to where he’s at would be worth the time and effort. ” a good/ great firearms teacher is literally worth their weight in gold.

      Dan, perhaps someone here could put together a class out west. With enough students I’m sure mtn guerrilla, would come west.

      In fact if enough people are interested, I’ve got a 5000 ish acre ranch which is my firearms range. I’d host a shoot here in Southern Oregon if their was interest. ” it’s not mine” but I’ve shot here since the early 80s”

      My friends place has a campground, water, a cook house. A pistol range, a m4 or carbine range, and a long range, out to 1400y right now. All the ranges are rudimentary except for the long range set up, ” that’s my gig” so it gets the lions share of love.

      Pete would you be ok with using your site to connect the dots.

      Mosbey would you consider doing your thing if the guys want together and train. What would it take to make this happen.

      Just thinking out loud.

    • Not a shot, no disrespect intended. There are other people with his qualifications or better East of the Mississippi…just gotta find ’em. And then convince them that teaching what they know is worth their time. After all….those of us who are students are the one’s seeking the knowledge and skills.