TRUMP™: Everything And Nothing Has Changed


Read it once.

Let it digest.

And then read it again.

What he said.


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  1. Mt only realistic hope for a Trump presidency is that he can slow the decline. Any delay to the end only increases my time to prep. Make it count.

  2. It’s been three whole days and Trump has done nothing!

  3. Absolooootley! I am changing nothing that I am currently doing. More PT, more saving $, more training, more beans, bullets and bandages. Dunno who said it but I’ve always liked it- “Every day we’re not at war is a day we get to sharpen our hatchets”.

  4. THEBigFatPanda

    Note to all Americans: there is no political solution to a spiritual problem.

    Trump is not our ultimate answer. Though I believe God put him in as a stopgap, he is not the answer.

    Only God is.

  5. Ja, Schadenfreude for a while. Then, back to it. Agree 100% with S & W above

    Demographics are destiny, and that trend has been Turd World – ed since Teddy the Huts’ Immigration Reform Act. Shitstainians ? Sure. Europeans ? Nyet

    Throw in generations of youth indoctrinated into idiocy, and the numbers are cold and daunting. Eloi progtards + feralGroids + LaRazites = oops ! Mark Steyn wrote an entire book about this.

    If there is some bigass discontinuity, there might be some renaissance coming out of that narrowed chute. Or if some internal strife facilitates debridement of gangrenous tissue. Elseways it’s a slow spiral down, until it accelerates. Pray for the nation and for PrezElect

    Prepare Accordingly

  6. I say, savor the victory. The half that voted against Trump will see he is not a monster. The only path to victory for a terribly flawed candidate like Hillary ( and Jimmy Carter) was to paint the republican as a Hitler. After the dust settles down, I’m guessing many Hillary voters may end up liking Trump. They will see that it was Hillary who had the worst judgement of the two (by having her Filipino maid handling top secret documents). Sure, Iran has the bomb now. Social Security is totally bankrupt. Europe is on the verge of a horrific race war.
    But hey, Gilligan’s Island is on and Ginger is making a pass at the Professor. I’m gonna waste the rest of this half hour seeing if he grabs that pussy.

  7. “They’ve got the watches, we’ve got the time.” (but not forever)
    No excuse for not learning that bad-atmosphere method of communicating you thought was in the “too-hard to do” category, or baselining your AO’s rhythm (police, crim elements, just finding out what normal looks like). Maybe that fancy PVC adapter won’t be in-stock at the hardware store; do you have someone that can teach you how to join 2 pieces of pipe together the old-fashioned way? And stuff like that, etc., ad nauseum.

    Like the piece said, write it down, make an action plan, check them off. It’s a liberating kinda thing.

  8. I understand the demographics are against us, especially with the illegal invasions and mooslem sleeper refugees; But I was also an idiot and voted for McGovern and Carter, but then Reagan gave us a breather, until the Bushies killed that revolution and now here is Trump for another breather.
    Liberty vs Tyranny is a constant war on planet Earth, because Evil is inherently embedded in each of us, some control it better than others, while a very few relish their immersion in it. A very few enjoy killing too. I restrain myself until there is no other alternative, but preparation for maintaining Our Liberty must never be neglected. This article is well worth reading, understanding, and preserving especially for posterity.

  9. Amen, thank you for putting that down.

  10. I agree with the article… never trust ANYONE elected into the leviathan located in District of Criminals or your state govt for that matter. Given the chance, they will screw you over and tell you they are helping.

    I don’t mind being contrarian… I’ve won more bets that way.

    As for Trump… my best hope for him is to turn the “economic ship” around, and destroy the LEFTIST DEMONCRAP party for 20+ years by converting a new political base that was a long time ignored non-voting DEMONCRAP section. Over 100 years of progressive Federal Reserve meddling and Democommie Presidents will NOT be “fixed” in 4 years or even 8 years. IF Trump and the next President are able to turn the economy around then I’m hopeful the Millennials will be persuaded to the capitalist economic engine over the fascist/statist debt fueled economic engine. Time will tell.

    I was wrong about there NOT being a Presidential election, and I am glad that I was wrong. I still don’t trust the psychopath muslim in the Whitehouse to not pull some shit before 20 Jan 17. His legacy is on the line and he knows it. So does the 4th column of MSM who could easily cover for any “crisis” that comes up.

    Ah to be a fly on the wall in the Trump and Obama 1.5hr “initial meeting”.

    Grey Ghost

    • GG,

      “….never trust anyone elected into the leviathan….”

      Based on my interactions and experience I believe ALL levels of what folks call “government”, are to be despised. Even the dog catcher is a no good hack.

      Anarchy. Or limited government at best.

  11. WTF? Gingrich? Seems he was solidly Trump. I will give the non-politician Trump a chance. Does that mean trust? Never.

    • I’ve met the man a couple times and spoken to him, though I will not claim I know him. He’s no different than the Ryan school of thought, a big interventionist and ok with statism as long as it’s his flavor. No thanks.

      • Gingrich FYI, not the Trump.

        • MichiganderJim

          I’ve watched him fairly closely for years. Fascist for sure, possibly of the sadistic variety. While I’m personally thrilled that Trump supporters did what they did–even better, many with an understanding that Trump wasn’t the point–I’m quite sure that the very worst of rotten sick-fucks rose right along with them. An otherwise trivial minority to be sure, but they can cause a lot of ruckus in the middle of our current phillosophical swamp.

          I mention it because it should be of prime interest to readers here IMO. Here everyone knows that Law & Order doesn’t stop any sick-fucks, and in fact can be a fertile breeding ground for them.

    • Gingrich: For those who want to know what this globalist puke is about –> read this Kelleigh Nelson Post …..His record is there for all to see. Read it and weep,

  12. Many valid points by JJ, but mellinial’s didn’t win. The political left and most of the cucks running for office lost, lost big.
    I think it remains to play out. There is far more motive power behind The Great Fuck You than it appears. Still, even after the election, this is not about Trump at the core. Trump is indicative of something much larger, he always was, and will remain so regardless of him or any other political factor. This is about culture, and the motive power of people who are right, who know full well what they are about, Trump won because those factors are upstream of everything. The statists have nothing to offer. Without a leviathan to hold their special snowflake hands, a powerful coercive media in control of the memes and narrative, they have no power over culture and individualism.
    What is happening is a 3rd turning of liberty. It could only begin this way. The use of organized revolution and armed defiance as employed in 1776 and 1892 will not be the way this 3rd act of revolt is waged. We live in an open source insurgency epoch now. The profound aspects of the internet has shaped and effected a connection between people never seen. Preference cascade, truly open source in style, is the great dynamic of the day. History is circular, yet this 3rd turning is unique, where winning hearts is still an art, but winning the mind is different because of science.
    A cascade of preference that comes into phase with itself in rapid open source ways now defines how a plurality creates the motive power that changes the world. For long, the statists and cultural marxists have owned that social battle ground, it has taken the freedom movement a relatively long time to finds it’s legs, and the fact Trump won is because of that equilibrium of phase, of hearts and minds.
    It portends great possibilities, of potential unlimited, and with a concise victory in hand, a kind of maturity has been attained, yet it is only the smallest indication of the power of consent that is possible.
    The greatest of things are usually the purview of the dirt people, they begin in modest and humble ways, belying their potential, the only positive change in the world is always because of the dirt people, it is the dirt people who through history, who have effected positive change in this world. And it always appears humble and meager, while behind it all is a great power, unlimited potential, because it comes from individuals, it originates with self determination, and that is an indomitable thing at the individualistic level, when it becomes open source rebellion, it is a motive power that has almost exponential potential as the cascade of people involved come into phase in hearts and minds. So really, who can determine a limit, even if there are limits to such a thing?
    In it’s simplest equation, if I writing this think this and act upon it, remember, it is the act that matters, what limits are there for others to think/act in kind? And what cultural limits is there when the moral imperatives, long held hard learned traditions of long established historical emeratives are a component of such a grass roots movement?
    It blows the statists away is what I see and believe, leaves the cultural marxists for dust, because they have nothing to offer me. They are barren things, their adherents bereft of honor and principles. All they have to offer is coercion, fear, and the need for the company of misery and the lowest common denominator of the human race.

  13. Old coot here. The Republicans’ NDAA destroyed our Bill of Rights. Not one shot was fired. That was 5 years ago. I guess we just don’t have what it takes to refresh the tree of liberty.

    Voting will NOT get our liberties back. It won’t be long before no one will be left who remembers what we lost.

    • Well change that then. Your right, TINVOWOOT, but that does not imply it does not begin with each of us. It all begins with you and I, it always has. That is what they have tried to destroy about us and why they are throwing a hissy fit. The one thing their power to control us dirt people pivoted on, destroy our dignity of liberty and self determination, make us think our consent and power to withdraw it was worthless.
      And even more seriously, what does it matter those who do not care or have the courage to do what matters? It is us who do who define our country who change the world. Did you not notice us dirt people just beat the transnationalist’s at their own game on the 8th? I’d say it is pretty clear there are plenty of people who remember very well. And if that was not the truth there wouldn’t be riots and an outpouring of psychotic lamentations from the human extinction movement that us dirt people just destroyed their self pity – self destruction party.
      Sorry, but it really sucks to be you. Too bad. Go pound sand fuckers.

      Got news for you, you change one mind, it begins right there, and you change the world. That is how all great and good things come about, it is how they are possible, it is how we became Freemen to begin with.
      Those you lament about only have the power to destroy if they are given the legitimacy of consent to their insanity. It is time to destroy them. That is accomplished by de-legitimizing them. It is simple, turn your back to them, they are spoiled brats, they got nothing to offer, and they are desperate for attention. They are infantile attention seekers, they thrive on it, let them beat their heads against a wall for all it matters, and when the worst of them become desperate to go beyond the pale of tolerance for their antics, they will have worn out all sympathy, it will be time to eradicate them.
      You’ll see, they are and always have been their own worst enemies.
      This is a great time to be a dirt person, liberty has been handed to us on a silver platter by those who have done everything to destroy it, and these totalitarians among us you speak of, regardless of how evil they are, no matter how hard they have tried to destroy us and our primal freedoms, they created a new culture, a rebirth of principles and values, the one thing they did everything to destroy, has become more powerful than it ever was.
      It is they who are now afraid, and that instrument of control, is now turned around and bit them on their ass. And damn if that isn’t poetic justice.
      The bottom line here is the dirt people aren’t afraid to be free any longer, they aren’t afraid of the memes and narratives, the big lies have no power, and the culprits and actors who brought us cultural marxism are toast. That is the revolution, as natural and righteous as breathing the free air. That is what The Great Fuck You is about: Because fuck you thats why. Let the fuckers beat their heads against Trump, it’s his job, it is why people voted for him, it is why he won, because Ol’ Trump is no dummy, he is a rock the tide crashing into can’t wear down. Trump is a symbol of something much larger and much better than Trump, it is why they are terrified of Trump, because Trump is The Great Fuck You personified, and the indomitable will that is The Great Fuck You is the end of the human extinction movement’s power to rule souls. It is why he was elected, it was a signal time is up, he tapped into that motive power of “I Won’t!” and MYOB! as easy as breathing.
      No, this is not the end of freedom and liberty, it is the next natural stage in it’s evolution. There is a legacy here to be tended to, that is what our founders created, not a Republic, but a people with the character and fortitude to carry on and make it their own. We are the only people on Earth born into Liberty, it is something in the blood, and as it goes “You can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him”, is proven out by events. The Fabian’s started their “long march” over two centuries ago, and after all this time, after all their money, their mountains of dissimulations and lies, after all the agent provocateurs, all the usurpers past and present, this is all they got? In one act of defiance by us dirt people against their “long march”, they got nothing, they offer nothing, their “Overton Window” wasn’t moved to the right, it was smashed into smithereens by a wrecking ball called Fuck You.

  14. Where to start. Hannibal and Lee failed to understand what kinds of war they were fighting. Lee needed to stay on the defensive and wear out the Union with hit and run Fabian tactics. Hannibal had a clear path to Rome after Cannae, and didn’t take it, allowing Rome to recover and use Fabian tactics on him. Trump will do better, I think. Yes, the country is much weaker than it should be, but Trump is ruthless enough to get a lot done. iIf he sees a plan, he will follow it regardless of the shrieking of the disgraced press and idiot college students. Indeed, the students and their Soros handlers continue to do Trump’s work for him, alienating the normal population. Yes, financial collapse looms, but Trump is a very frugal guy. Getting out of NATO and eliminating our foreign colonies, while sharply limiting immigration will be a start.
    Furthermore, the globalist billionaires can use a crisis against Trump without taking enormous losses themselves…..Things are not hopeless yet, and JJ is preaching way too much defeatism.

    • wrong. Lee and the South lost because they wasted the first two years of the CW fighting and winning useless defensive battles while the North grew stronger and stronger. Secession can never work unless the central government is first destroyed. By the time Lee moved northward, it was too late.

      “Trump is a frugal guy”. Not with other people’s money and debt he isn’t. He is in fact an exponent of Krugmanomics: grow debt exponentially, and with his remarks about rebloating the Pentagon budget, “rebuilding the inner cities”, and a vast infrastructure program, he clearly intends to do so. By the second fiscal year of Trump’s regime, annual federal debt accretion will hit $2,000,000,000,000. I have no idea who is going to buy all that paper. The (((Rothschild))) Central Bank, I suppose.

    • In regards to the fate both of Hannibal and of Lee: I kindly would submit for your interest the following.

      God is in control of all events. Men could go no farther than the Almighty has determined.

      For instance, “Hannibal might have taken possession of Rome without any trouble and difficulty, since he had defeated the most expert military leaders and armies of the Romans. But God kept him in check. However, since others did not understand this reason for his failure, they exclaimed: ‘Hannibal, you know how to conquer; but you do not know how to use the victory’. But Hannibal was not to rise any higher” (Martin Luther).

      Indeed, as George Bancroft, the biographer of Washington, once pointed out: “Great is God, and marvelous are His doings among the children of men…. [But] it is when the hour of the conflict is over that history comes to a right understanding of the strife and is ready to exclaim: ‘Lo, God is here, and we knew Him not’.”

      With kind regards.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Hannibal & Lee

      Hannibal’s decision was reprised first by ‘Bonnie’ Prince Charlie/London, then later by Mark Clark/Operation Shingle & Dwight Eisenhower/Operation Cobra non-follow up w/ the same outcomes. Had BPC taken London & afterward made it sufficiently clear to the English (via the judicious use of targeted savagery, the threat of an Erinese/Welsh/Scotian/French alliance, & the extraction of SUBSTANTIAL Danegeld) that ANY moves north of Hadrian’s Wall by the English/their Lowland lackeys would result in the TOTAL destruction of major English cities, it’s quite likely that mine/other Highland clans would still be there & the Bwittish wouldn’t have been able to use them to create their Empiah.

      The South should’ve used raids by Lee to suck the Union into repeated, & increasingly costly, bushwhacks, had their 5th columnists do Jedburgh/Maquis ops such as aiding the NY Erinese, made alliances w/ the various Aboriginal tribes inside the Confederacy/to its west for use as guerrilla forces in exchange for post-war autonomy, & also cultivated ties w/ Maximilian in Mexico for financial/mil aid via his Euro connections. If successful, such actions would’ve created a potential 3-4 front war thus well & truly corkscrewing Ol’ Abe’s Imperial ambitions for the South.

      Foreign colonies

      One move Donaldus Magnus Rex SHOULD make is pushing HARD for TOTAL Puerto Rican independence as doing so would present the Leftocrats w/ a substantial Problema Politico Grande con Los Latinos y Negros. The thought of how the Leftocrats/their brown & black PR & other Latino allies would try to justify keeping PR/its people in U.S. ‘hegemony’ against their repeatedly expressed will (recall the PR ‘freedom fighters’ currently in U.S. prison) would be a joy to behold since ANY opposition would allow the Leftocrats/their allies to be charged w/ racism/imperialism/hypocrisy. And DMR just might have a MUY simpatico, ‘untouchable’, & solidly anti-Leftist ally from a former American colony to help him.:

      Ay CARAMBA!

  15. Remember this = C.O.G. ?

    The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

    The Clinton Pedophilia Connection

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  16. I didn’t vote, but I am pleased the Donald won. Having said that, I too wish him the best, but the problems are systemic and will not be fixed by one man after one election. He still has to deal with 535 criminals in the congress! Many of whom are hard-core statists and hate him regardless of their party affiliations.

    I’m in Asia now and I can report that the Trump win has been widely seen as a good thing here.

  17. Told you guys so.

    No fireworks from here till Inauguration Day.

    • Mtnforge,

      Remember that August letter signed by 50 National Security hacks, former and current ? That letter where they stated they could not support a Trump presidency and woukd not vote for him. Former dirtbag Pennsylvania governor and first director of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, among the 50 signers.

      Well, Trump is being Trump. He has started the purge amongst the many Bushies in National Security that the illegal Kenyan kept. Not Trump. Can you say:

      “You’re Fired !”

      Why use a small brass hammer when you can use a 20# sledge ?

      Go Trump !

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Pic #2: Pat’s right, tell’em to choke.
      Pic #4: That very thought popped into my head when all those Lefties started up w/ that BS, & please stop calling Red vermin ‘liberals’ since they’re about as ‘liberal’ as the W.C.T.U. fanatics & their anti-2A descendants. Btw, have you heard that the “I’m Gonna Leave!” bunch are backtracking? Sure would be fun to see Sam Jackson’s response when asked if he’s still moving to SoAf.
      Pic #6: Just like cops, there’s never a horny male Muslim ‘refugee yoof’ around when you need one.
      Pic #7: I saw that yesterday & wondered if there were people laughing/telling them “You’re right!” & it was edited out.
      Pic #12: If you compare the Reagan & Dubya electoral maps to Donaldus Magnus Rex’s you’ll see something a bit disquieting.
      Pic #18: Saw a poster like that back in the 60s w/ Winneh grinning a particularly evil grin & flashing the V gesture while cradling the Tommy & thought that a bit of his mother’s Americanness was manifesting itself, always liked that one & haven’t seen/been able to find it since.

  18. So how are we supposed to look at the left’s latest bad behavior?

    Tolerance Looting?
    Compassion Riots?
    Virtue Arson?
    Equality Beatings?
    Acceptance Hatred?

    It’s like these booger eating babies read 1984 and wanted to be INGSOC when they (never) grew up.

  19. Stealth Spaniel

    What Jesse said, and take this breather seriously. It will not last forever. But I bet that each of us can use more prep time. And buy MORE guns & ammo. You will need it-later.

    • And get yourself to a good location… It’s a lot easier to have solid secure base to work out of than to have your base be in the middle of the shit and always on the defense…

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Picture the reaction if Donaldus Magnus Rex said okay then announced it’d be donated to the Second Amendt Fdtn.

  20. Agree 100% with this. He’s just one person and his list of cabinet hopefuls are of the same venom as bush 43.

    He will most likely be blocked by the GOP house and senate on just about every issue as they think of their fortunes first and the people who voted for them dead last.

  21. I think maybe Trump is a detonator of sorts. See Sidney Blumenthal (what a commie shitbag). Hey Sid your awful smarmy sounding for someone who is trying to start a war and get people killed. Hey libtards watch sid push you into the ring. You won’t like how it ends but he doesn’t care because he’ll probably be at Epsteins Island when it kicks off.


    “The new arrangement – perhaps reviving the name of the old North Atlantic Free Trade Area – would exploit the close trading ties between Britain and the USA.”

  23. Marlo Stanfield

    Third Monkey? Now that is a idea for a patch if I ever saw one. Or the name for an elite unit Hmmm?

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  24. “Briefings from inside the Clinton camp,indicate no senior aides saw the defeat coming.’ Are you shitting me? Hundreds of millions,perhaps a billion dollars spent on the Bushpigs campaign with no exit or defeat strategy. This is people who are so busy filling peoples heads full of shit…they embraced their own make believe,made up fantasy world.Total and complete incompetence from top to bottom. Run a washed up hack, with Parkinsons dyskinesia, ravaging her carcass, with no exit plan. Fucking brilliant. Retards.

  25. Games are being played

  26. New York Post mentioned this:
    Not sure the legit status of info but with all the crazy stuff that is going on why not? How would that be for a SURPRISE psychological f bomb? Money, threats, could change some minds of the final E C folks. I believe it was here on WRSA that it was mentioned that there are a lot of days between now and Jan. 20th…plus it would test the folks integrity and grit when they stay home and whine and not go out and do “????”.

  27. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Since the pro-2A ardor in Donaldus Magnus Rex’s camp has markedly waned (if not disappeared entirely) as His fortunes improved, one wonders if He’ll keep the promises He made to His pro-2A supporters now that He’s won. Should He wish to REALLY upset The System (“Drain The Swamp”) to the extent He’s claimed, the PUBLIC repeal of the following in the first 2-3 weeks of His initial 100 days would send an unmistakable message that what He said about protecting/strengthening the 2A wasn’t merely ‘campaign talk’ to be dismissed post-victory.:

    As 2 of DMR’s main advisors (Christy & Giuliani) have a record of open hostility toward the 2A/its supporters & #3 (Gingrich) has shown himself quite willing to toss it aside to advance ‘Traditional Republican/Consurrrrvativ Issues’/a.k.a. Bux & Babies, doing the above from jump “would be a good first step” in demonstrating that He’s sincere about busting up the joint.

    • End the Fed. Return to real “Constitutional” money. Drain the swamp.

      Absent that, it will be “business-as-usual”.

      I would judge that “draining the swamp” will be impossible. It will require the death of the dollar. The currency needs to find its true value in the “global market”.

      They’d openly kill Trump, before permitting any such thing to happen … and the peasants would cheer at his demise.

      At best, the election of this man is but a “breathing space”, as has already been pointed out by so many commentators. Some have even suggested that Trump has been positioned so as to take the heat when the markets collapse. Plausible.

        • Cassandra (of Troy)

          Concerned American/12Nov16@07:08,

          Heard about that & it’s “a good first step”, it’d be even more delicious if while the anti-2A cultists were flippin’ out over that DMR quietly rescinded the aforementioned XOs. Imagine the reaction after THAT was discovered & when some ‘journalist’ asks the press secretary about it he/she/it replies,: “Stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool!”.

          It’d also be mucho wannaful if said press secty responded to the inevitable “FENDER BENDER FIREFIGHTS!/PARKING SPACE GUNFIGHTS!!/RIVERS OF BLOOD IN THE STREETS!!!” hysteria mongering attempts w/,: “Don’t you people ever get tired of peddling the same old line year after year in state after state even though you know it’s BS?”, & then tell the public to go to a website where they can find news stories (from appropriately anti-2A sources) listed by date for proof along w/ ones featuring local LE officials confirming that nothing bad’s happened since CCW reform was enacted & that the anti-2A doomsayers were wrong &/or lied to them.

          Picture the howls THAT would cause!

  28. ” a hashtag is not the same as standing in line and voting. The systematic problems have not changed one whit. An uneducated populace incapable of self-government?”
    Nope. Definitely no irony in those sentiments.

    “millennials were voting for statism ” Is it somehow possible to cast a vote that ISN’T “for Statism”?

    “The statists are not going away,” They sure aren’t. They are queuing up to vote.

    You can’t change the system, because you ARE the system.

  29. I cant belive all the bitching by this community against Trump.
    You have the absolute most pro freedom platform candidate in generations get elected and he has a congress who is same paryty as him and people still complain.

    On freedom issues (2A, immigration etc) he is to the right of Reagan.

    Heck the man evcen talks about the danger of globalism and the global elites’s agenda and uses Soros as an example.

    What more can we possibly ask for???

    Or are we so married to our own sense of gloom and doom that we can’t recognize or can’t accept a good turn when it happens?