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It ain’t over.

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  1. Does someone here think that the NSA, can’t look into your black boxes. Your phone, at will. You would be better served communicating via black sites or the dark web, then wasting money on these gimmicks.,

    Maybe I’m wrong, I just think it’s foolish to assume your blacked out, I’ve said this before, but if you want almost complete immunity from scrutiny.

    Then consider the US,mail, and burn the message upon review. Old school, and effective. O yea don’t use your return address, and mail from a PO box, not home.


    • Technology does not have to provide perfection, immortality, and a throne in Heaven to be useful. Level IV armor can be defeated, but still adds a worthwhile increment of protection. Analogously, Verus phone and Sepio laptop add worthwhile increments of utility and protection. As a very satisfied customer, I urge you to buy them and learn how to properly use them.

      Snail mail “old school and effective”??? Old school? Yes. Effective? Hardly. Low tech mail interception and surveillance was likely used even before the Sumerians.

    • Dirk,

      USPO now scans the meta data on the envelope these days. If you are on a target list the postal authorities can open your mail. Oh and if you type your messages for the envelope do not use a color laser. All such devices these days lay down a specific yellow dot pattern unique to each machine. (thanks SS) You want secure? Meets face to face in a park and walk while talking and know who you are talking to.

  2. snowflake meet flamethrower

    While I’m sure lots of folks with vouch for the vendor, I’ll do my own security, thanks.

    No easier way to infiltrate an org than to supply them with “secure” comms when you’ve backdoor’d all of them.

    I suggest that everyone handle their own security and only trust vendors you can deeply vet.

    Because OPFOR will do anything needed to win. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/11/fbi-operated-23-tor-hidden-child-porn-sites-deployed-malware-from-them/

  3. I bought one of these a few months ago and I never use it. I will sell it for $350 to the first firm offer.

    • If you REALLY have a Verus phone or Sepio laptop, I accept your $350 offer.

      • Al, I don’t know what a Verus phone or Sepio laptop is. This is the tablet depicted in the picture provided in the link above.
        I’m not savvy enough to even begin to utilize all the features provided in this tablet. That is why I want to dump it.
        If you’re serious, contact my email … alvault at hotmail dot com

        • If you are interested Vince, shoot me an email and I will do my best to walk you through any issues you may be having with the Libertas tablet.

        • No prob, Vince. As best I know, the Verus phones, Sepio laptops, and Graybox routers began shipping 2 weeks ago. I am pleased to have a set. Still lots to learn, but I think everything of value takes effort. I would love a second set for our tribe, especially at the price I misunderstood you to be offering. I don’t like tablets—”neither fish nor fowl.” Sorry.

  4. Well that didn’t take long. The voice of apathy and ignorance rears it’s head. You call these devices “gimmicks” and yet endorse the utility of using the “dark web”. Do you honestly believe accessing the “dark web” from your Windows or Mac computer is keeping your identity safe? It is common knowledge at this point that both those systems are deeply compromised and readily accessible by state level actors. Have you studied my devices? Are you experienced in intelligence collection? or even information technology in general? You are making dangerous assumptions, I assume nothing. I have used my experience and knowledge from years in the intelligence community to build a better, safer option for communicating. If you want to go full Luddite, more power to you; but don’t believe for a second that just by using the U.S. mail service you will be safe. Along with those “old school” defenses are “old school” attacks that are still taught to this day in CI schoolhouses around the world. Oh, and it will take them about ten seconds to derive the actual owner of that PO box. As with anything martial, you constantly seek to improve your position. This concept certainly applies to data and communication. If you have honest questions “Dirk”, feel free to email me with them. Otherwise, stop being part of the problem and peddling fear porn.

    • I probably missed it in previous postings at your site (or at Sam’s) but did that tablet review go live at Guerrillamerica? Just can’t seem to vacuum up everything. Some further specs/capabilities on it at the store page would be helpful otherwise. Thanks.

  5. I applaud the effort and entrepeneurship of CSG. We all should. Buy his product or not, he is doing SOMETHING.

    There is no such animal as perfect security. The Germans fell for “ENIGMA”, the Japanese for “PURPLE”. Individuals should understand that they are NOT nation state actors, do not have the resources of them and woe be unto those who mistake this difference as something readily overcome.

    Security is in the end a mindset, a mindset that you may or may not use tools to augment. Above all, to assume that you are always secure is very dangerous. Do what you can to understand your situation… just who IS interested in YOUR comms? Spam marketers? Ex spouses? Out of control agencies? If your nemesis is a nation state, just what in hell have you been up to to be more than a mere blip on the screen? Now, how would you KNOW you are? There are some assumptions that you have to make when you get up every morning.

    I suggest that people interested in this sort of thing broaden their base of knowledge on the subject before casting stones. Just keep in mind that the philosophy of “no enemies on the right” is a powerful enabler. Seize it from the left.

    Here are a few links to dip a toe into the subjects addressed, purely for academic interest:

    There is a lot more out there, and some of the stuff may not be what you want to find/read. Sacred cows make tasty hamburgers.

  6. As it is relevant to the subject at hand, fellow readers may want to check out https://grugq.tumblr.com/ “Counterintelligence, OpSec and Tradecraft for everyone” and drink it in.

    His views are interesting, relevant, irreverent and quite different than what you will normally look at. No matter the deficiencies as you may take them to be in his political outlook, take your knowledge from where you can.
    He’s got a twitter feed that is germane.

    Items you can find there:
    http://globalguerrillas.typepad.com/globalguerrillas/2008/03/starting-an-ope.html (really, go read it)
    https://blog.acolyer.org/2016/11/10/when-csi-meets-public-wifi-inferring-your-mobile-phone-password-via-wifi-signals/ (side channel leakage… who knew?)
    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/04/political-memes-2016-election-hillary-clinton-donald-trump?CMP=twt_gu (memetic warfare)

    Pooping outside the litter box since 196X.

  7. Having purchased both goods and services from CSG I would endorse what he offers (classes and electronics) as highly as I would Sparks and MaxV. Yes if you REALLY WANT to invest the time you could save a bit of money, research and buy the hardware, and develop your OWN custom Linux operating system / download and install a bunch of software (you did remember to verify that you got what you think you got, right?). And if you have sufficient expertise and are willing to work for about $1/hr (cause you are going to have a LOT of time involved in coming up with something comparable), go for it.

    Me, my time is far too valuable. I trust K@CSG and am delighted to support an independent businessman. IF you have an interest in REASONABLY secure computers and such, I challenge you to find anything REMOTELY comparable for the price.

    • I agree 100% on all points.

      Imagine how your life would be if you trusted nobody. You wouldn’t trust your doctor or dentist, so you’d go to med school, dental school, or home study the equivalent. You wouldn’t trust your lawyer… or your mechanic… or your cleric. You’d spend decades of your life before you’d be able to make even a simple professional level decision. What kind of life is that?

      I am totally aware of the monsters that abound and I am in favor of PERSEC, but I also like my life to be worth living.

      Make your best call and live it.

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