Fred: OK, Now What? – The Party is Over, Cometh the Hangover


Questions, with answers TBD.

Interesting times.

13 responses to “Fred: OK, Now What? – The Party is Over, Cometh the Hangover

  1. Shinmen Takezo

    Fred… I ususally enjoy reading your rants.

    But this time, I think you’ve had too much to drink and have been smoking too much of that Mexican funny-weed down where you live in Veracruz.

    You’ve gone from enjoyably cynical, to outright insane with this missive.

    Thank god you don’t run things in this country–we’d have surrendered long ago.

  2. Fred’s “predictions” are correct. But not because any of the things Trump promised to do for his besieged non-urban White voters are “impossible” or even that difficult. They won’t be done because Trump is a lib democrat fraud, a Performance Artist. Something the ZOG vomited up to keep the Whites participating in the System while the System destroys them. The only plus I see in his victory involves the ongoing Zionist catastrophe in the Middle East. Instead of further efforts to destroy the Shi’a regime in Syria, which has become too dangerous what with the Russians in the way, Trump and his handlers will likely attempt to break the other end of the Shi’a Crescent: Iran. Notwithstanding the fact that this will set the entire Middle East on fire. If (((John Bolton))) – a ferocious neo-con warmonger – is appointed Sec. of State, that will be the sign.

    • “If (((John Bolton))) – a ferocious neo-con warmonger – is appointed Sec. of State, that will be the sign.”
      I gotta stand with Haxo on this one. The mere fact that name is even mentioned in conjunction with ‘Trump administration’ is deeply ominous.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      We may need to start calling you “History,” because you keep repeating yourself.

  3. All I read was one straw man after another. Sounds like a CNN or MSNBC contributor. He most certainly is not an American Nationalist.

    Fred is usually great but he’s been living in Mexico far to long. 

  4. One can always count on Fred, once given a pony, to focus on its shitpile in the yard.

    Of what will he curmudge if things don’t devolve as he predicts?

    For a guy who pulled stakes and decamped to Mexico in the first place long years past, he really needs to STFU for six months, and crawl inside a tequila bottle.
    He mainly sounds pissed off that he got what he wants, and cannot wait to find fault with what he imagines the result will be. Normally, he would be well-advised to either seek out a vendor of anti-depressants, or simply cut the suspense, find a straight razor, and open his veins. As schtick, it’s long past its freshness date, and if he’s serious, he’s mentally ill, as at this point his sole form of pleasure in life seems to be finding people upon whose head he can piss without getting punched in the face.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      He’s only living down there because the booze is cheap, and the whores are cheaper–and he has liberal access to Cuban cigars.

  5. Wall? How about a quarter mile deep belt of toe-poppers? The first screaming illegal thats rolling around waving a drumstick or two in the air will slow things down to manageable right fucking quick. Hell, we don’t even need to sow them, bound to be some of those tube launched fascam left over collecting dust somewhere
    Better yet, we give miserable little countries a dollar a mine that they dig up and we’ll take and plant them in a new home. Give each of our illegals one to bury on their way back across


      LFMayor: During the VN War, the USAF used to scatter “GRIT” as an area-denial tactic. “GRIT” were little mines the size of an Ohio Blue Tip matchbox. They were plastic. They were stacked on pallets and kept frozen. Once they were scattered from the rear of a Caribou, C-123, or C-130, they armed themselves as soon as they thawed. I would think the hot weather along our southern border would bring them into action quickly.
      As far as that blowhard’s comments about the wetbacks, The Donald does not have to threaten LA or any Blue Hive who harbors these invaders. All he has to do is station ICE vans in the parking lots of every hospital emergency room and free clinic. They will scatter like Cucarachas.
      During the reign of Jimmy the Simple, USINS agents would regularly hang out at the Greyhound Bus Depot in downtown LA. Their haul of wets was impressive and effective. Then, the ACLJEW and other “civil rights groups” sued in LA federal court and judge Terry “the Mad” Hatter ordered them to cease and desist.
      The Chamber of Commerce did not complain, since this action insured a steady supply of cheap labor for the LA garment industry and the other Dead Elephant business owners. The rest is history. I hope it can all start to reverse itself on 01/21/2017. Fred really needs to watch, wait, and STFU. His prior columns have contained a lot of spot on observations. This one, not so much.

  6. how about we give our newly elected president a chance. I’d like to start by adding what he’s already accomplished,,and he hasn’t even taken office yet.

    Bye bye TPP.
    Bye bye, NAFTA,

    These trade agreements were NEVER in the US’s best interests, costing 1000s if not millions of American jobs.

    Bye bye, sanctuary cities. It’s simple, illegal aliens are criminals, again a matter of law. Anybody harboring criminals is guilty of a plethora of,crimes, state and federal. Hold those folks accountable.

    Hello the wall. The wall was voted for in Congress, AND PAID FOR, in the late 80s, early 90s. As usual the money was squandered by the same fuck sticks we keep sending back to DC. Mexico will be paying for the wall, one way or another.

    Much of Trumps 1st 100 days, plans are do-able, with a cell phone and a pen!


  7. Great ! Someone who doesn’t even live in the U.S. already telling us that Trump has failed before he even takes over the reigns of power.

  8. “My predictions, subject to ingestion of crow: No ethnic cleansing of illegals. No wall. No tight ban on Muslims. No punishment of sanctuary cities. No termination of welfare by states. No major decrease in military deployments. No war with Russia. Few or no jobs repatriated.”

    Fred is right on target. Yeah it’s cynical, but who in their right mind is not cynical where Washington DC is concerned? “If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.” Hell, I am still waiting for Obama to shut down Gitmo. Politicians have been known to lie in order to get elected, after all.

    There was one good thing in that list: no war with Russia. That’s something at least. I hope it’s true but the neocons will be fighting him every inch of the way.

    To me Trump’s lies were more like the boasts of a blowhard in a bar. Nobody really believed he is going to make Mexico build a wall and pay for it, but they liked to hear him say it. He didn’t sound like a politician while saying it, and that is what they were looking for.

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