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WaPo: Nationwide CC And An End To Gun Bans


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  1. Hopefully, trump,will remember his pitch. An armed America is a polite America. I’d also like to see the suppressor aft stamp system go away. Cans are a respectable way to save ones hearing.


    • Along with the entire tax-stamp-for-a-constitutional-right shuck, the 1986 machine gun freeze needs to be erased. Recall how the freeze was foisted on us: a late night dubiously-called voice vote on a rider when a quorum wasn’t even present. It would be poetic justice if it was erased in a similarly sneaky manner, but far more satisfying if passed openly as a rider on the overturn of ObamaCare (actually HillaryCare for those who remember the she-devil’s efforts in the 90’s).

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I’ve never understood why no attorney ever took on that vote. Illegal as hell, all on film, and yet everyone, including our oh so beloved NRA, turned a blind eye and acted like it never happened.
        But if they repeal NFA34, all that shit is gone too.
        Nothing like getting a head start on collecting while the parts kits are still cheap…………

        • The NRA is forever waiting for what their attorneys call “a sexy client,” someone for whom communist judges would feel sympathy. If it wasn’t for Alan Gura, we’d never have had the Heller win.

        • The reason no lawshark ever took it up, or ever will take it up, even a super rich one Pro Bono, is that the Courts, all the courts right up to the mighty SCOTUS itsownseff has, on many occasions, commented that how the House or Senate does it’s “internal” business is none of the courts business.

          Something to do with this Constitutional principal of “Separation of Powers”.
          No court, absofuckinglutely NO court, will ever accept such a case.

          They might rule on a laws constitutionality, but will not ever rule on how the law was passed.

  2. Pete, don’t know if you’re familiar with the push to make cans cash-and-carry, but the Hearing Protection Act is good stuff.

    I hate plugging my own shit, but at the end of this I’ve got a link to contact your representatives urging them to support the HPA, as well as a form letter if you prefer snail-mail or direct e-mail.

    Ultimately we have to get the “Sporter Clause” repealed, but any victory is a step in the right direction.

    The HPA would be a tremendous step in the right direction.

  3. I mailed off my CCW renewal yesterday. It’s a FL non-resident permit. I live in MD. Only criminals, politicians, lawyers and judges can carry in this Marxist mecca state. No others need apply. PA, which is just up the road from home, changed their CC law a couple years ago and will not recognize non-resident permits. Delaware, also just up the road, is the only state I can legally carry in. All my other ‘permits’ and state issued documents are 100% recognized across the land.
    I relish the day I can 50 state carry!

    • Bowman,

      Review the below, linked resource. It appears from my quick review that your CCW permit from the Demokratische Republik von Maryland, is honored in the Commomwealth of Pennsylvania.

      The anti-gun bitch Kathleen Kane, FORMER PA attorney general, should be reporting soon to SCI Muncy to start serving her sentence for several felonies committed as state attorney general. Kane is the one who voided all of PA’s reciprocity agreements with numerous states.

      Take a peek at the link.

      • DAN III Thanks! I gave it a look and it says PA is a no go. Oh well….
        My wife and I cannot wait to get out of this state and leave it’s lousy uber lib politics in our wake.

    • Bowman,

      You CAN carry across all 57 states. Just don’t get caught CCW’ing in AOs where the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has been compromised by .gov scoundrels.

      “Better to tried by twelve than carried by six.”


      And let your conscience be your guide.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      A while back I came across a forum about CCW permits, and every single one of those assclowns was bragging how many out of state mail order CCW’s he’d already collected. Kind of like collecting beer cans.
      You one of those CCW collectors?
      If you can’t ignore a simple unconstitutional law, what makes you think you can shoot someone when the time comes? You’re going to be more worried over the legality of the action than the consequences, which it seems you’ve already studied half to death.
      Interesting how you named yourself, when in reality you’re anything but………..did you actually read the book?

      • Q1: No, I don’t collect out of state CCW’s. That makes as much sense to me as collecting beer cans.
        P3: I will stay on the side of ‘legal’ if I can and I have no hesitation to shoot or harm anyone who is intent on harming me. I am fascinated how you extrapolated me into a position of concern about legality than consequences (i.e. inaction). Amazing leap of intellect.
        -I (for now) live right in the very NE corner of MD where DE and PA are within a mile. You get caught carrying in MD, it’s jail time and huge legal bills. I’ll pass on that potential for now. I keep my ass out of MD as much as possible.

        Don’t pretend to bust my balls about UC. I’ve read, no studied, the book many times through. You? The only book I’ve read and studied more is the Holy Bible.

        I train and study relentlessly in all forms of shooting: pistol, rifle, long range rifle (okay maybe you got me here….my range only extends to 500M and so you don’t think you need to call me out on that number: Atglen Sportsman Club is where I shoot. Atglen, PA. ) and muzzle loader. I read voraciously (books and texts, not so much the blogs) on all topics gun related. I have been reloading 100% of my center fire since the 70’s when I was a sophomore in high school. I shoot many thousands of rounds a year.

        While I feel no need whatsoever to ‘justify’ (biblical double entendre for you LMAO) any friggen thing to you, I felt the need to let you know you’re full of shit and have zero clue what you’re talking about.

        If you did serve in the Corps, thanks for your service! Our country needs men willing to kill people and destroy stuff. And I do sincerely mean that.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I relish the day I can 50 state carry!”

      You can carry in all 50 states. You are not permitted to do so in many.

      There is a difference.

      • Very true Jimmy…..a point many on this thread seem to miss. We (at least most of us) don’t drive around without a license, and it’s stupid to ‘carry around’ without the legal cover.

    • “I relish the day I can 50 state carry!”

      If that was true you would already be doing so, so stop lying.

      I carry a gun whenever I want and will never ask permission to do so.

      • Let me revise my comment to be ‘I relish the day I can ‘legally’ carry…..’ That’s all I meant.

        Like you, my God given right to self defense begins and ends with me. The 2nd exists to kill criminals and tyrants, nothing more, and the 2nd doesn’t end with ‘as long as the ‘state’ allows you to keep and bear…’

        I’ll stay on the side of ‘legal’ as long as I can. Afterwards, who gives a shit.

  4. ALCON,

    Trump’s proposal not 100% defined. If he defines his proposal to be:

    1. Constitutional carry, no issued “permission slips”, in all 57 states = YES. (A+)
    2. Shall Issue Carry Permits, no training requirements as in Pennsylvania (- the shithole of Philly), just wanting the permit = Yes (B)
    3. May Issue Carry Permits with completed carry training = Yes (B-)
    4. May Issue with approval by the Chief Law Enforcement thug as in District of Criminals, NYC, Philadelphia; politically connected only = No (F)
    5. No CCW permits except for badged thugs as in California = No (F)

    Mr. Trump’s proposals are all dependent on the definitions applied within the proposals/policies. Time will tell.

    “Shall not be infringed….”

    He’s not perfect. No person is. Some of you ass clowns I’m reading here should have voted for/supported Klinton. If that treasonous bitch had been annointed you’d be selling your AR-malites, Kalashnikovs and BB guns to the highest bidder right about now. That or burying them. Or most likely, standing at the “Assault Rifle Collection Point” yelling enthusiastically to the badged thug confiscators “Here take mine !”, “Hey, I’m ahead of you. Take mine first !”

    Oh and yes, I know….19 DEC the electoral college meets. Should they disavow Mr. Trump and annoint Hillary than I would think such an act would ignite a violent response courtesy of Rules 556 and 308.

    • Update your info, Dan.

      Most of CA issues permits to anyone not a felon nor insane.
      Just not the lefty coastal counties.

      • A simpler solution is to just get rid of gun laws for anyone not in custody or on probation for violence or parole for violence/depravity or under mental care.

        The later 3 categories should normally have a minder assigned to them anyway

        Everyone else even former felons who have done their time and finished a reasonable parole ought to be allowed to buy guns and carry them in most places.

        Those who can’t cope need a bullet, a cell or a noose.

      • Since 95% of Californians are urban (a fair proxy for “lefty coastal”), it is my first rough approximation that 95% of Californians are unlikely to be issued a CCW.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Plenty of CA cities issue permits *on paper*. In practice, they simply reject the applications.

      • Aesop,

        “Update your info, Dan. Most of CA issues permits to anyone not a felon nor insane. Just not the lefty coastal counties.”

        REALLY ? I beg to differ.

        California does not issue CCW permits to ANYONE not a felon or otherwise. The below numbers tell the truth of the concealed carry permit issuance in the progressive (read Marxist) state of Jerry Brown’s and Gavin Newsome’s California:

        According to a report from the Crime Prevention Research Center, “Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States” dated 16 JUL 15 (CA data from DEC 14):

        1. California has 70,234 active CCW permits.
        2. The percentage of the California adult population with CCW permits is 0.24%. That is less than 3/10th of 1 percent of the adult population of 30,024,075 (US Census 2015).

        Comparing with Pennsylvania:

        1. Pennsylvania has 1,064,360 active CCW permits.
        2. The percentage of the Pennsylvania adult population with CCW permits is 10.64%. That is more than 10 percent of Pennsylvania’s adult population of 10,035,281 (US Census 2015).

        “Update your info, Dan.” I did. Courtesy of your “gotcha”, Aesop.

        Per California “law” your state can claim to issue CCW permits. However, the reality is California denies citizens the legal right to carry a concealed weapon. So, in keeping with your “Gotcha” I moved California up into my #4 category. “May Issue” with approval by the Chief Law Enforcement thug as in California, District of Criminals, NYC, Philadelphia; politically connected only = No (F).

        Technically, you were correct in that California statute “allows”, for the issuance of a concealed carry weapons permit. Per California “law” both your state government and citizen progressives can claim to issue CCW permits. However, California is a “May Issue” state meaning “we can issue if we want to but, we don’t have to and we don’t”!

        Thus, the reality of the CCW permit issuing in Jerry Brown’s and Gavin Newsome’s progressive paradise of California, is that it is non-existent for all practical purposes. I really don’t care what your law states. CCW permit issuance is non-existent for all but the most connected individuals. Yet the common slob, the untermenschen cannot obtain the same, “May Issue” permit.

        So, what is the bottom line to all of this ? Carry wherever you go. Permit or no permit. But be aware that should you decide to engage a threat, your life will be over as you knew it before the draw.

        Let your conscience and your training be your guide.

        And consider this axiom: “Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.”

  5. It’s still “getting a permission slip”.

    But as you know, people like me notice and accept incremental restoration. It took either 151 or 82 years to get here (depending on when you start counting, obviously), and we are actually pretty far up from the nadir (open carry restored in Texas after being illegal since 1865-ish, anyone? Though yes, a fairly easy-to-obtain permission slip remains necessary).

    So– it might take a bit longer than anyone would like to restore full Constitutional gun rights to the whole country.

    Like religious rights. I SO approve of DJT’s stated intent to remove LBJ’s ban on preaching public policy issues from the pulpit. 50 years of that particular tyranny, and we– may have– voted our way out of it?

    • MichiganderJim

      “Though yes, a fairly easy-to-obtain permission slip remains necessary”


      Who should have the power to decide and from where did they get that power? Should they also have the power to give permission to eat? If not, why not and what exactly is the difference? Seems to me that self-defense is about as basic as eating.

      • What about drawing breath?

      • Howdy Jim,

        Maybe these 5 questions will help clear things up:

        The Five Questions
        1. Is there any means by which any number of individuals can delegate to someone else the moral right to do something which none of the individuals have the moral right to do themselves?

        2. Do those who wield political power (presidents, legislators, etc.) have the moral right to do things which other people do not have the moral right to do? If so, from whom and how did they acquire such a right?

        3. Is there any process (e.g. constitutions, elections, legislation) by which human beings can transform an immoral act into a moral act (without changing the act itself)?

        4. When law-makers and law-enforcers use coercion and force in the name of law and government, do they bear the same responsibility for their actions that anyone else would who did the same thing on his own?

        5. When there is a conflict between an individual’s own moral conscience, and the commands of a political authority, is the individual morally obligated to do what he personally views as wrong in order to “obey the law”?

        Incidentally, when one truthfully answers the above one finds that one must come to the logical conclusion that there is NO such thing as ‘legitimate government’ and that the very idea of ‘gov/authority’ are rooted completely in superstitious belief and not at all in reality.
        Please read Larken Rose’s “The Most Dangerous Superstition” to understand this fully.

        The Most Dangerous Superstition (free PDF copy! download and print!)
        (and for those statists that worry about ‘copyrights’….)
        “A Note About the Copyright”….
        A “copyright’ is usually an implied threat (Don’t copy this, or else!). While I hope that anyone who likes the book will buy additional copies from me, if someone does copy this book without my permission, that would not make me feel justified in using force against that person, or, my own via “government”. I copyrighted this book primarily so that no one else could copyright it and thereby use the violence of the state to prevent me from distributing it”
        -Larken Rose

        Read, Share and Repeat!

        Yours In Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

      • Because law. You can, of course, choose to break it.

        You did see above where I’m against such permission slips, right? I guess I’m just not principled enough to carry without one. (I don’t have one, and will not apply.)

        Since you’re so principled and stuff, I bet you’re carrying a full-auto MP-5 into banks, without a tax stamp and the other assorted BS.

        Just so you know, I think the Second Amendment would allow that. Actually doing it right now would be on a high order of stoopud.


    If the dindus and gimmedats in the Blue Hives do not know who is packing, maybe these “knock-out games” will have different results. One can only hope. I look forward to more leftist MSM head explosions on prime time.

  7. I am all for this,lets though,bypass the permit part thank you.Any with the special decoder ring that shows in 2nd the permit part please contact me,so far,I cannot find the permit requirement anywhere!

  8. This will not end well unless the “Constitutional Carry” is a de facto declaration of decriminalization with zero government paperwork and licenses required. If permits issued for 50 state carry, these can be used for evil ends by a different regime in the Offal Office.

    About time for suppressors. New Zealand has cash and carry suppresors with no problems.

    • Except for the ‘laws’ that were created to keep newly ‘freed’ blacks and other non-WASP’s from exercising their inborn unalienable human rights to self-defense, there weren’t all that many victim disarmament ‘laws’ floating around in America. “Constitutional Carry” existed far before that fetid piece of Hamiltonian fraud was egregiously penned and foisted upon the newly ‘freed colonies’.

      The problem is the confusion of rights vs. privileges.
      “Trump said in the paper he has a concealed carry permit. The permits, which are issued by states, should be valid nationwide like a driver’s license, Trump said. “If we can do that for driving — which is a privilege, not a right — then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege,” Trump said.

      Sorry trumpy…you failed the quiz..and henceforth the test.
      Being able to transport oneself from where one currently is to where one
      wishes to be (whether it’s by foot, automobile, plane or sparkling shower of pretty pretty teleporter lights) IS a RIGHT, not a frigging ‘privilege’. As such,
      it’s just as much a duty to protect with necessary defensive violence as a threat to one’s life, liberty and property when some thug threatens it whether
      he or she is a freelance thug or wearing the overpriced Halloween costume and under the mental psychosis/delusion that ‘authority is legitimate’ or that ‘gov exists’ (no it isn’t and no it doesn’’s a total superstition as Larken Rose so clearly proved to those who look without fear at his logical thesis on it).

      “Constitutional Carry”/…sure trumpy pass it if it sends a thrill up your leg;
      it doesn’t mean Jack Shit to any of the rest of us who’ve removed ourselves from the ‘Cult of the State’…we’re FREE regardless of what some statist parasites declare or enact, regardless of what flavor of statism they adopt.

      Yours In Daily Armed Liberty w/o any ‘permission slip’!
      NorthGunner III

    • ^^This^^

      I want guns back in the hardware stores next to the wrenches, with the same rules for purchasing (“Wrenches $5 and up, revolvers $50 and up, semi-autos $60 and up, cash and carry, and what is a ‘sales tax’ anyway?”)

      It isn’t that way. Acting as though it is would cause me more trouble than I want to deal with right now.

  9. Conceal carry is one’s personal decision. Don’t worry about ‘laws’, just understand the consequences. Moreover, just be really good at what you do, utilize awareness, practice avoidance, and be responsible with your own sense.

    If one ever gets in a situation where they happen to break a conceal carry law by using their firearm for fear for their life or serious bodily injury, it is justified by not only you, but “your people”. Other than that, no one knows you are carrying.

    Rule of thumb: do not disclose to anyone that you are carrying, even to le, less one is about to be searched. Chances are, act like a ‘regular joe’ and you are good to go.

  10. One of the problems with Nationwide Carry is it will require a national database unless it is Constitutional Carry. Good luck with Constitutional Carry early on. If passed it would be tied up in court for years.

    The USC states that it is a right. Asking the fedgov for permission is not a right and that permission can be rescinded.

    Let’s get the HPA and go to work on the rest of the NFA. Then work on the unconstitutional state laws. Get rid of those and it will fix the national carry issue.

  11. A Trump 45 in every home?

  12. Muzzle Blast

    Given the medical/recreational pot legalization tide moving across the nation, they’ll need to undo/unwind all of the marijuana/firearm/ammo possession laws for it to be workable. Having a .22 round and a roach in your pocket, irrespective of being in a legal weed geography like Colorado, is still cause for being hit over the head by a fed, tossed into a cage and all your shit taken from you Constitutional carry or not.

  13. Per, Pete permission, I just sent a email to Mosby regarding doing a class out herein southern Oregon. Thinking the ideal,time here is spring.

    Gents, I think,you all would enjoy the range site and the oppertunity to meet and greet each other face to face. I know I would. Not sure if Mosby will respond here, or to,me, regardless I’ll keep you all posted.

    Now for the business part,,if you were attending,,what kind of training do you want to do pistol,,shotgun, carbine, or long gun. Heck we can do,them all if you want and John would allow it.

    Again no,cost for camping, or shooting on the range, the bill is your travel, and payment to John, plus ammo.

    Lastly for those who,wish to,train but don’t have weapons. I’ve got a reasonable selection of M4s, 1911s, a few Glocks 45, and I’ll loan my sniper guns with the understanding that if you bend it,,you mend it. ” I beat the shit out of these rifles” their solid, high end rifles with Schmidt and Bender Glass or the new Vortex gen II.

    I’ll also,do a tri tip dinner, and throw In a keg of micro brew, from my friends micro brewery. Everybody is welcome at my range.


    • Dirk,

      Comments closed before I could reply to you in an earlier essay.

      In your earlier reply to me you seem to think I was wishing for Mosby classes WEST of the Mississippi. Not so.

      Mosby and a magazine load of trainers seem to conduct the bulk (99.9%) of classes south of the Mason-Dixon line/west of the Mississippi. I was wishing he’d conduct classes in the Mid-Atantic states.

      Good of you to make the training coordination for your neck of the woods.

  14. Tribe met this morning.Firearm safety training for the young-ins at the top of the list.Implemented the NPT. Neighborhood protection team. More formalized than before. Now is not the time to get comfortable Get off your ass and teach,train and build.

  15. It is much simpler than Mr. Trump makes it sound. Force the States, ALL States, to recognize the Second Amendment. Force non-free States (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, California, etc…) to recognize the rights of their people first and nullify all restrictive “control” statutes.

    All the States in the Union would then be “Constitutional Carry”.

  16. And the reason we are getting excited over an article published in the WaPo on September 18th, 2016 is?

  17. By Katie Zezima September 18, 2015
    Looks like the article is from 2015. Hope he still does it though…

  18. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m still waiting for Obama to close Gitmo.

  19. Well, we have one pro-autofire vote on the Supreme Court already: Alito. Add Cruz makes two for sure. Now, find three more young-ish (45-55) Alito clones and we are in business! Proper select-fire rifles all around!

  20. Serf Peasent

    It’s a national ID card that will only target firearm owners. If you want to restore our natural born rights, simply repeal laws not make more. Regardless, filling out an application for a permit is the simple act of begging and forfeits your natural born rights. This has the strong odor of NEW WORLD ORDER. He also believes that traveling is a privilege. What a sick bastard. Not as bad as Hillary, but a NWO shill nonetheless. I suggest we let go of our legal constructive fraud illusions and live as real flesh and blood humans. We are born with rights, man only dishes out privelages at the end of a leash or gun. Have a fantastic night everyone !

  21. Alfred E. Neuman

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  22. The only thing stopping anyone from carrying concealed is their personal choice. Asking for permission to carry is what this is all about. I have a CCW now, in California, but I carried for years without permission. Just like obeying other laws. A lawless government breeds a lawless citizen. Just be as careful as you would be with a CCW. Don’t broadcast your weapon. Chances are no one will ever know unless you need to pull it and at that point, it is easier to get forgiven than to rise from the dead.
    Hopefully, all those stupid gun laws laws get reversed, and people become free and responsible for their lot in life once again.

  23. “If voting changed anything, they wouldn’t let us do it.” Mark Twain.