Z Man: “In 2020, the one-legged Latina lesbian the Democrats offer up against Trump will have the best data team and ground game in the history of mankind.”


The difference between sh*t and shinola.

Discernment is a cardinal virtue.

27 responses to “Z Man: “In 2020, the one-legged Latina lesbian the Democrats offer up against Trump will have the best data team and ground game in the history of mankind.”

  1. Sign holder obviously went to Publick Skool and Learnt Hoe Two Spill.

  2. In regards to this shit-stick you have pictured here and the protests involved, I say let’em have at it, they are only burning down their own Liberal shitholes. Just “Roger Trinquier” their asses; cordon off the whole city and let them riot rape pillage and plunder to their heart’s content. Eventually they will turn on each other, so why not let the problem work itself out naturally. Side note, I have set up several troll accounts on FB, twitter and others, “tryna ack like dem an ecorage dem to start riotin inna racist suburbs and country areas dat elected Trump” in an effort to be able to get in a little real-world ballistics testing.

  3. you know, in reading all the nonsense written about this election and Trump in particular, I have evolved a simple theory. No doubt many reasonably intelligent people have reached the same conclusion many times before. It’s this: while book learning is useful, what one really, really knows about the world is critically bounded by one’s direct, personal experience of it. And not one out of a thousand people writing about this election and Trump have any such experience with the Donald. I lived and worked in NYC from the early 1970’s thru the mid-1990’s, and observed Trump’s daily antics up close if not personally. The word “scumbag” does not do him justice. So it doesn’t surprise me in the least that, w/in 72 hours of his victory, he has already served Notice of Betrayal on virtually every promise he made to his beseiged, non-urban working class and middle class White voters. Dirt People whom he in fact detests with every cell in his pampered body as he gazes out from his penthouse in Trump Tower. I’ll credit Trump with this: a terrific year-and-a-half long piece of Performance Art. How cleansing it must be for him to be back among the cloud people, rubbing shoulders with a now-admiring Obama, Gingrich, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the Beltway Mob. And doing exactly what they, not we, want done.

    • Haxo: Was in NYC from 86-2003. Scumbag is a little harsh.

      Got specific examples?

      Your caveats really the NYC cabal re guns are spot on. Rudy also threw out the 4A to effect his crime reduction as well.

      • God could rain Manna on us (again), and you can bet your soul Haxo Angmark would bitch up a storm about it and claim it was a scam of some sort or another and we’re all stupid (excepting himself of course) for believing in what we received.

      • reference is to Trump’s endless sexual scandals, mistresses, stiffing small business sub-contractors, incessant eminent domain rackets w crony politicians, and so forth. Twice, while making deliveries to his office, I was waved upstairs because he wanted the package right away. Both times he signed the delivery slip w/o looking up, shoved it back toward me, and no words exchanged. The Donald does not like the Dirt People.

        Sean Young, then holed up at 310 Mercer St., was much, much friendlier.

    • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/ETC/ETC//ETC/Mohammed,

      You stated numerous times that Mr. Trump would NOT be elected. What can possibly be your problem with Mr. T ? He’s not Jewish. Maybe in your blind hatred for all things not moslem, you inadvertantly failed to spew your vile toward Jews ?

      GFY you Taqiyya-practicing POS !

      • Content-free agit-prop, Dan & Bowman. Your kindergarten name-calling has no value and no impact. You are shooting blanks.

        • Al Liguori (aka Haxo/ETC/ETC/ETC),

          What “kindergarten name-calling” is that ? Be specific Mohammed.

          BTW Stuka Pilot, my salutated remarks must have impacted YOU. They got your attention enough to reply to tell me they have no value.

          Hahahahahaha ! You’re such a clown. Too bad circuses went the way of the DoDo bird.

    • What a fucking douche bag.

  4. You grabbed the wrong pull quote.

    Should have been:
    “She lost because she is an awful person with nothing to offer.”

    That’s the takeaway lesson on all Democrats, forever.
    They haven’t run a non-awful person in at least 50 years, if ever.
    The succeed like Lucy getting Charlie Brown to try kicking the football, because they continue to occasionally bamboozle a plurality of voters into thinking they have something to offer.
    It evidently takes about 7-8 years for them to realize they’ve been had.

    Thus “Democrat voter” can be seen empirically to be a euphemism for “slow learner”.

    By contrast, Republican voters tend to expect some small measure of return on their voting investment, thus some measure of payout is either forthcoming, or those voters stay home in droves, and the country is once again left at the mercy of the window-licking short-bus crew who always shows up, and avidly consumes their side’s snake oil.

    Like serial marriage, the only explanation for repeatedly voting with any serious expectation of long-term improvements, is the human predilection for one’s hope to overcome their actual experience.

  5. When analyzing the data these maps posted earlier by mtnforge shouldn’t be lost in the noise:

    “Geographic Landslide” is indeed a correct title. Geography doesn’t translate to population. If the data is to be believed, the popular vote was evenly split in the FUSA. The majority of the population is bought off through patronage (this includes many so-called conservatives) and they believe in a flexible socialist democracy where every word of the Constitution is negotiable du jour rather than a Republic operating under a fixed transparent rule of law. Note that each of those socialist urban population centers is also surrounded by a socialist geographic buffer zone. This means plenty of upper middle class white suburban soccer moms who send their kids to private schools still voted for the unindicted bitch of Benghazi.


    The socialists see those red counties with very little population and think to themselves “Those uneducated backwoods bumblefucks shouldn’t get to override MY vote. Counties with 30000 people shouldn’t be able to dictate how my city with 3,000,000 people ought to live. That’s not democracy! This isn’t fair!” [followed by foot-stomping, twitter rants, multiple $5 coffees, more twitter rants, screaming, taking to streets and defecating in public].

    Also, keep in mind that the Electoral College has yet to meet and actually confer the real votes for the next POTUS. If this scenario suddenly flipped and they anointed Hillary, what would you do? What would those rural populations do when the closest city of 3,000,000 tells them how to live? Suck it up like they have been for the last three generations or do we get the tipping point for that civil war?

    There are still many ways for this to play out and the last thing people should do is settle back into their comfort zones and fall back to sleep. I know I’m preaching to the WRSA choir on that point, but how about the average Trumpite out there? Do they get active if their vote is nullified next month? Do they get active as Trump continues to turn his back on his campaign statements?


      After viewing the “half the population” county map, one thing comes to mind about the left coast: Where is Cascadia Subduction and San Andreas when we need them? SMOD has not arrived yet. Sad.
      Seriously, though. I firmly believe the FSA and their cheerleaders will not go gentle into this good night. This whole matter will only be settled by force of arms. Whether that takes place within the Blue Hives by cops/soldiers or “knots”(H/T to Molon Labe and Mr. Royce), it has to happen. You will not convince these Marxists and their useful idiots any other way.
      It is not an issue here in Rawles Land. The whiners have yet to come out of the woodwork. But, we are close to the Peoples Soviet Republic of Washington State. It is fast filling up with “refugees” and the Melissa Clicks of the world. I have already started to plot the lines of drift and am finding out who is who in the zoo. Keep prepping, my friends. Anything can happen.

    • As I have said before, the hive supply chains are long and tenuous, and if they experience “difficulties”, the hive dwellers are quickly up shit creek.

      Can YOU think of any way to disrupt the supply chain of your :local” hives???

      • Jimmy the Saint

        It cuts both ways. Half the population lives in cities. That means the other half isn’t overly concentrated. Gonna be hard to hold those farms and water sources with a rump battalion or so when an army group is coming to capture them.

  6. ALCON,

    Unnamed “sources” have identifed the righteous protestor holding the sign in the above, attached photo, to be a PhD in nuclear physics from MIT ! He is known among his colleagues as “Einstein”.

  7. Literacy test for voter illegibility.

    Deport illiterates!

    • Following up with you, oughtsix.

      Thumping the Bible while contradicting it avails you nothing, oughtsix. For 1½ millennia Christians recognized and professed rock-solid Biblical support for the papacy (1), honoring Mary (2), praying for the intercession of the angels and saints (3), purgatory (4), faith and works (5), Apostolic Tradition (6), etc. Then, following the lead of the Pharisees who defected from the Mosaic Covenant, the Bible haters defected from the New Covenant, ripping inconvenient books from the Bible. Those Protestant Deformers edited what remained of their “Bible” according to the bowdlerized post-Christian Masoretic “Hebrew Bible” fraud. Your anti-Biblical theology is exposed in detail here: http://judaism.is/neo-pharisees.html

      (1) Matthew 16:18-19, 18:18; 28:18-20; John 20:23; et al.
      (2) Luke 1:26-55; et al.
      (3) Apocalypse 5:8; Tobias 12:12-15; Zacharias 1:12-16; 2 Maccabees 15:7-16
      (4) 2 Maccabees 12:46; Apocalypse 21:27; et al.
      (5) James 2:20-21; Matthew 7:21; Matthew 19:17; Mark 10:17-21; Luke 18:18-22; John 8:51; John 5:28-29; Galatians 5:6; 1 Corinthians 13:2; Phillipians 2:12; Matthew 24:13; James 2:14-18; Romans 2:13; Romans 8:12-17; Romans 11:21-22; Hebrews 5:9; Hebrews 12:14; 1 Timothy 4:16; Matthew 16:27; 2 Corinthians 5:10; Apocalypse 20:12; Apocalypse 21:27; Matthew 25:31-46; James 1-22-27; Galatians 5:19-21; et al.
      (6) 2 Thessalonians 2:14 and 3:6; John 21:25; Mark 16:15; 2 Timothy 2:2; 1 Corinthians 11:2

    • P.S. “illegibility”

      illegible |i(l)ˈlejəb(ə)l|
      not clear enough to be read: his handwriting is totally illegible.
      illegibility |ˌi(l)ˌlejəˈbilədē| noun.
      illegibly |i(l)ˈlejəblēəˈlejəblē| adverb

      Maybe you meant “eligibility.”

      eligibility |ˌeləjəˈbilədē|
      the state of having the right to do or obtain something through satisfaction of the appropriate conditions: your eligibility for benefits will depend on your income | restrictions governing the eligibility of candidates.

  8. The murkins believe they have “won”.


    If you’re still broke – you’ll remain broke.

    The time to make hay was when the Sun was shining…

    • tfA-t,

      You’re getting like this bogbeagle guy who comments here. He’s in England and you’re in Kanada. You both need to worry about circumstances in your AO and not what is/is not happening in the fUSA.


      Comprende ?

  9. All the rules were broken in this election. When all the assets of the ruling class were added up, Trump was out spent 20 to one. Hillary employed the most extensive data harvesting operation ever. Yet Trump ran, and won, the most effective campaign ever. He won over 300 electoral votes yet he lost the popular vote. That may be the most astounding election fact ever recorded.
    Trump had almost no internet paid staff and his trolls were an unpaid, unorganized mob. On the other hand Hillary had a huge paid internet staff with thousands of paid internet trolls. Yet the top down model Hillary used was utterly obliterated by Trump’s unorganized mob. Trumps mob was insanely creative and were light years more nimble. Trumps mob would find an issue, meme to death in hours and move on, while the Hillarybots were 5 issues and several days behind them. Trump had no idea what was going on behind his back and in his name. Yet this internet war most likely won him the election. And it was completely without management or leadership from his campaign. I’m trying to explain what happened in this election, but in reality, it is unexplainable. It just happened. Go figure.

  10. Nothing kills more than poverty, structural violence or IGNORANCE (conscious or unconscious). Nothing even comes remotely close. It takes a special Snow Flake to protest for special interest groups – refugees – illegal immigrants that will be replacing or placed into the very jobs the protestors themselves will need to survive. That is specail kind of conscious stupidity that former species like the ‘Do Do Bird’ et al etc. know all too well. Vocational Seppuku – Career Apoptosis unmatched & unparalleled on planet dystopic fooktardia.