ZH: Purple Revolution In FUSA?

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Watch and see.

The game has only begun.

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  1. We need to find a way to leverage this into serious active session movements by the left coast states and the northeastern states. If we can get them to push to leave, they may just get it as the media won’t demonize them, as opposed to us if/when we try to do the same. It’s the only way that I see an avoidance of a Jugoslavia style breakup in the FUSA.

    • wealthy farmer

      So who controls Bartertown?
      Answer: US, the dirt folk in flyover country. We populate the vast landscape from which the geographically tiny coastal hive enclaves draw ALL their: FOOD, WATER, ENERGY, TRANSPORTATION.

      They know this and that’s why we’ve seen a very serious effort to demographically flood this country with utterly alien cultures. Problem for them is the graft is going to take at least 25 years to take hold, no matter how many welfare-supported babies those brown wombs can produce.

      It’s a little thing called WINTER……

    • Heh.


      A guy named Christian Trejbal, and some lawyer, is pushing something similar in Oregon.

      I haven’t heard anything about Washington state yet. Yet.

  2. I continue to wonder why Soros is allowed to continue his nefarious deeds. Bring in the Putin.

  3. how do the citizens of any nation allow Soros to do what he does. Isn’t it amusing that team Clinton have already shown their colors ” purple” and the significance of purple.

    Looking into the fish bowl, this latest social direction really sheds light on who was really running for the presidency, of the United States. A sick fuck named Soros.

    The Clintons are the lowest form of white trash, with cash. Truly sick people. This latest scam highlights their willingness to sell out to anybody willing to pay them.



      Dirk: I would add that they are out-and-out criminal psychopaths. They are still very dangerous and frightening people. They and their followers are still capable of doing a great deal of harm. Just look at the riots in Portlandia. We are still not out of the woods.

    • Yes white trash, Scum. Sock puppets for some truly lethal folks though. Ponder the pile of bodies behind them. These two coke sniffing idiot pedo’s didn’t make that pile, the pile was made to shield them from further scrutiny. The pile was professionally pruned and stacked.

      They are just pimps for the true evil lurking behind them. I wonder where they got their chips in the big game? Little airport up in bumfuck?

      • Mena???
        Ya think??

      • Well, that was the start of it…look into the federal funding provided to small business under Bush I. I don’t recall its exact name, but Josh Tolley referenced it in an interview with Doug Hagmann, several months ago. It was basically a way for a governor of a small state in flyover country to suckle the fed’s teat…all in the name of investing in small business.

        Also, peer into the backgrounds of Tyson Chicken, Wal Mart, and Murphey Oil, and as well, the back country home of a branch of the Rockefeller tribe…all this in a little ole’ backwoods state called ARKANSAS.

        You do realize don’t you, that Bill Clinton held a semi-private sector job for a total of 2 years…”Law Professor at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville” while awaiting reelection to the office of Governor, a post he held for a total of 12 years, before being elected POTUS? In other words, he has not earned a private sector dollar in so long, that he does not have the qualifications to flip burgers for MacDonalds.

        He, not unlike his nemesis, Obama, has enjoyed nothing less than the best America has to offer, all on the tab of the American tax payer. It is no wonder he hates most Americans…they are so easily fooled…and he is proof…living large proof, at that.

        In the bigger scheme., what’s a couple of overly curious teenagers, dozens of women, and a few dead bodies when compared to the life of ease and luxury, replete with absolute power, and freedom from immediate natural consequences for abhorrent acts, without even the patina of conscience to restrain his (and her) need for instant gratification?

        Verily, verily, they are the monsters spawned by tax payers…as are most who claim membership in America’s TRUE WELFARE CLASS …The Elected Officials’ Club.

  4. Jesus Christ! A fucking Color Revolution in FUSA?

    For fuck’s sake, Soros needs to get sandbagged, dragged to Gitmo, and face the wrath of the Barney theme song inside a shipping container 24/7/365 until he expires of natural causes or tooth-gnashing, whichever comes first.

    Cocksucker is a 4GW War Criminal. Period.

  5. wealthy farmer

    Trump is either:
    1) A bump in the road on the way to globalist-corporate-techno-collectivism
    2) America’s Vladimir Putin, putting our national interests first, getting us back to healthy nationalism without going through the hell of 70+ years of collectivist genocide and elite looting of the landscape down to the bedrock. Since I don’t believe in shortcuts, and since most people don’t really learn anything until they hurt, I’m leaning toward #1 at this point..

    Orban is right: communism is like the last Terminator model-you blow it apart and it reforms like blobs of mercury. It can shift shape into any form it wants, and it is VERY good at pulling on the heartstrings of middle class women (who it despises, btw). It is also relentlessly deadly and hostile to life….

  6. Notice the next wave of dynastic oppressors. Alexander Soros and Chelsea Clinton are being mobilized against us.

  7. A list of those to be arrested is being made, the jails begin to fill…………

  8. I say hit Soros where it hurts: his kids. They are the ones who will carry on his activities for the 60 years after he dies.

    Perhaps Assange could quietly out their position to Vlad. We all know what happens when the Russians pit their minds to something like, say, rendition to some shithole in Siberia (polonium in their tea would also suffice, but I think Putin would rather see them suffer).

    Que the Beach Boys in “Wouldn’t It be Nice”.

  9. yes soros has always tried manipulating from behind the curtain.
    I dont understand how he gets away with it for so long, apparently he doesnt even hide the fact that he has been paying protesters all this time for all the riots and other protests for who knows how many years.
    I thought causing a riot and buying elections, and promoting anarchy and sedition was illegal?
    I was just talking with someone from Ukraine that was saying, about the voting there and how the people rioted in mayden square in Kiev and now thats what started the seccession in Crimea and Russia moving in.
    They wondered if it could happen here?
    I told them no.. because its just a bunch of sore luck fucking. liberal hippie fags, who need to be shot in the head anyway…
    but then I started thinking… well thats what happened in Ukraine too…so…
    Soros needs to GO and all his minions too

  10. Purple – the exclusive color of self declared royalty.

  11. Soros can’t live forever. Sooner or later, he’s either going to eat a bullet, or catch a chestful of heart attack. Win-win.

  12. The following audios are good follow-ups on
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  13. Amazing & incredulous that despite all the so called self-anointed genius & experts, that not one MSM has been able to figure out to arrest or detain George Soros the proven & know Inciter of Global Riots & Color Revolutions. Tells you how much & how far humanity is fooked that one guy for 8 years can Terrorize the planet w/ his hired cohorts & not one MSM
    Demi-God can figure it simplest solution still after 8 fookin years of Terrorism in plain sight. GGGgggeeezzzuuuss H C why not just scream FIRE in the crowded movie house folks. It’s not rocket science for cripes sakes. He is a known & proven sponsor of Terrorism & War Crimes.
    Whether it’s Terrorists – Activists – Anarachists – Freedum Fighters – Rebels – Moderate Rebels – Insurgents et al etc. Soros is just changing names in the scripts is all it is.

  14. Really? Soros, the Clintons and their snowflake/BLM/SJW followers think they’re going to end Trump’s presidency by ….. protesting? This I gotta see.

    • I note that Trump (via Michigan not called) is being held @ 290 EV; Soros/Clinton just need to flip 21 in the EC to “win”. Not likely…but possible.

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    Large wager on the Purple turning Red (as in Gus Hall red) in a hurry, if it is successful.

  16. He’ll be dead by June. Count on it. The gloves are coming off.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. Trump told Al-Jizz to go fuck themselves. Soros is about to see his assets seized. Family life for the Soros offspring is about to become sporty and interesting. Bounty hunters.Large sums of money will be in play. The only way to ever get anything done in NYC, let alone be one of the largest developers, is to fucking pay. Unions,politicians,wise guys.Trump knows this better than anyone.Money will change hands and the Soros family will disappear.The mechanism is in play.That is how it happens in my perfect world. It is nice to have a bogeyman to point at. There is nothing likable about Sauron. Easy to hate and blame for shit.Useful idiot. Sauron is a front man. A shill. Who do you think pulls his strings? Corporations like Skynet and OCP are functioning and prospering. See who benefits from all the bullshit.