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  1. “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  2. Cassandra (of Troy)

    While Donaldus Magnus Rex’s victory’s indeed a thing to celebrate, compare the Reagan & Dubya electoral maps to DMR’s, note what happened in the House & Senate, then recall what Han Solo said to Luke Skywalker after Luke got his first kill.

    This is but one small & TEMPORARY victory in a VERY LONG war w/ MANY more & HARDER battles ahead.

  3. Hey Libtards I’m posting this from 25 feet up in a tree with a rifle on my lap listening to the forest as the suns going down.. Because fuck you thats why. And venison tastes great.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Does’nt Savage call them, “RED DAIPER DOPER BABIES”? And has for years, How prophetic!

  6. The Hillary H arrow should be rotated to the 6 o’clock position to inform all who are with her that she will lead them straight to hell.

  7. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Amongst all the moaning, shrieking, wailing, & gnashing of the Left’s well cared for teeth about Donaldus Magnus Rex’s victory, there’re also the some bits of (VERY short-lived)reflection (a.k.a. intel) about their defeat that SHOULDN’T be overlooked/dismissed & SHOULD be retained for future use.:
    (Note the date)
    (Note the date & how the title’s phrasing differs from other articles as its title/tone are being repeated elsewhere to set up an ‘official’ ‘explanation’ for the defeat, i.e., YOU failed US you stupid ingrates, WE DIDN’T fail YOU!)
    (One wonders what Mr. Mawgun will say should Donaldus Magnus Rex honor His pro-2A campaign promises & go after the anti-2A structure the way He would a rotten building,: Wit a YUUUUUGE wrecking ball!)

    Also note the following which is shaping up as a discreditation tactic.:

    While Donaldus Magnus Rex’s victory is a DECIDEDLY good thing, it’s wise to remember what Vin Scully always said around the 2d-3d inning,:

    “We’re just getting started”.

    And so is the Imperium/its allies.

  8. They certainly got their work cut out for them don’t they.
    They where never friends.
    They got absolutely nothing to offer.
    It no longer matters what they think.
    Alt-Right doesn’t care.
    Dirt people aren’t in the mood for tolerance any more.
    Lot of land where the water, food, and energy comes from.
    Lot of guns and American’s who know how to hunt and kill things also.
    Lot of terrain and high ground, rain, snow, mud, cold, and heat, vast stretches of unforgiving country you must live on to understand how to survive, never mind how to fight for it.
    Come and take it Bitchez.

    • My, what a sheltered youth!

    • …an open letter to Charles Walz:
      Thanks for your hatred and vitriol; and your whining and threats. Based on what you’ve written, you have just made mortal enemies of about half of the country. Sadly, your obviously not very well thought out threat was made to the half of the country that is armed, the half of the country that every hunting season goes out into the woods to shoot a large mammal. You threaten and show disrespect to our veterans. And you want to do harm to us, and to our families? You claim we “voted for lucifer” – when the very things you say convince us just who it is you serve, and it is certainly not Jesus Christ. You, little boy, make us smile. We now call you “target”.
      Let me give you all the warning you deserve. Since you likely have no way of leaving earth, you may want to move from your New York home, to a cave deep in the mountains of another country. Once there, you can sit in a puddle of your own nervous urine; because every footstep, every snap of twig or crackle of dry leaf, may be one of us coming to put an end to your childish, spoiled, ill-regarded life.
      You threaten me, my wife and kids, and my grandkids?
      Sleep light, motherfucker.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Sounds like the boy needs some time for quiet reflection on either the stake or the cross. He’ll calm right down after a day or two.

  9. Another good one by Bracken. Poster time. Pamphleteer time.

  10. Be sure to tell any of these people you run into that getting birth control will now require a background check, fingerprint card, and a monthly $200 excise tax – and that getting an abortion will have a mandatory nine month waiting period.

  11. No One You Know

    While they’re putting on safety pins, we’ll be loading magazines.

    Who will be better accessorized in the days ahead?

  12. And the hildabeast is still yowling out her venom and encouraging the rioters and worse…..

    Hillary stokes riots, says Muslims, gays “scared to death” after election

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • Riots should be welcomed by the alt-right, especially since they will be occurring in Blue areas…Let the HRC backers find out what they voted for…

  13. I wasn’t aware that Hillary and Obama supporters used diapers. I thought they crapped on cop cars.

  14. saw that in one of my Left-source e-mails. Amazing. A few months from now, when Trump has shown all of his true, NY lib colors, it’ll be the alt-Right clowns looking for jockstrap safety pins. Meanwhile, the “Bolton for Sec. of State” tub-thumping is growing louder and louder on the neo-con warmonger sites.

  15. I thought the “Diaper Pin” was spot on to describe the crybabies and how juvenile they have been acting. FYI, I am sitting here at my computer wearing my VA supplied diaper and sitting in my VA supplied wheelchair. I am a registered Democrat but I PROUDLY voted for TRUMP. I am a Veteran of the Viet Nam War and a life member of the VFW. The rioters who are protesting Trump winning should be shot as they riot and destroy property.

  16. The God-Emperor just double trolled the media, with appointment of Steve Bannon to his cabinet, Trump trolled the libtards, the Banksters the cry bullies, Soros, the vagina and her horde, but best of all he trolled them with pepe. But what must be sending the fuckers into pluperfect insanity is he trolled him with the memory of Andrew Brietbart and Alt-Right, because Steve Bannon is Brietbart and Alt-Right, he is pepe personified as an alternative media thought leader. It is the revolution right in the white house:

    …and if that ain’t trolling the fuckers, get this, from Vox:

    “The Washington Post suggests Milo Yiannopoulos may be under consideration for the role of Press Secretary in the Trump administration:
    Washington Post: Trump Could Install MILO As Press Secretary If He ‘Really Wants To Shake Things Up’ Guess who Trump’s other Breitbart guest was? If he really wants to shake things up, Trump could install Yiannopoulos — the self-described “most fabulous supervillain on the internet” — as his press secretary. Just imagine briefings with this guy.”

    Read the comments too.

    More icing on the trolling cake:

  17. The libuturds all still warrant a round to the brain pan. There will be no peace with this collectivist offal who are the enemy. To liberty loving Americans & our unique Republic. I include family, friends & co -workers.For now those behind enemy lines will not be attacked in the dead of night. Flash banged,murdered ,dragged off into that collectivist Fema Camp nightmare.That would of been our fate if that Satanist got ahold of the oval office. I will not be unloading the magazines.As we still have collectivist ,freedom hating ,gun grabbing governors to deal with. They are not happy. HRC is not going to D.C and neither are they.

  18. If someone on our side could harness this call to violence from the left and with the proper kind of instigation “nudge” it in the proper direction…….a legitimate excuse could result that gives us more than legitimate justification to eliminate these POS wholesale….NOW

    i dont want to have to fight these parasite bastards when im an old man and with our backs up against the wall.

    This was exactly the plan the left had in store for us if the whore of babylon had won.

  19. Gosh, Mr. Walz, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel. Forgive me if I do not respond in kind, as I am not given to making idle threats. I will just contemplate as to what my response will be, and we’ll talk about it, then.