Grinding Noises From The Transition


Stilton snarks at the maniacs.



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    • Yes, I think President Trump has got the “you’re fired” part down pretty cold. As to Soros’s retarded servants rioting in their university towns or blue cities, I can only applaud their exercise of First Amendment rights. In Red areas, of course, that part of the amendment doesn’t apply, but the 2d amendment applies in full….

  1. Paul Schrader of “Taxi Driver” calls for war:

    The frenchman was right. Leftism means “be my brother or I’ll kill you.”

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      John Random (@JohnRandom1234)/14Nov16@21:35,

      And the more that happens & is CALMLY & WIDELY shown the more ‘nice people’ who’d be inclined to excuse that & worse behavior will be pushed inexorably to a more positive view of FreeFor’s position just like when the Rodney King riot erupted. Seeing LE cut & run & the Bradley admin prohibiting gun/ammo sales in L.A. then decreeing that those seen w/ a gun for ANY reason (except for The Select, that is) WOULD BE ARRESTED & PROSECUTED & if they resisted disarmament WOULD BE SHOT (Officer safety, ya see) opened a LOT of people’s eyes outside of L.A./Calif. Same w/ N.O./Katrina, Ferguson, & Baltimore.

      Patience & self-control (along w/ the judicious spotlighting of such behavior, appropriately disappointed sounding commentary, & careful needling of the opposition) will only help us & hurt them. Use their Alinsky playbook AGAINST THEM & they’ll go nuts because they’ll KNOW what’s going on & will have a REAL hard time trying to ‘expose’ you w/o incriminating themselves/leaving themselves open to accusations of being conspiracy theory crazies.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. They keep proving over and over again they have the minds of children.

    The most ridiculous aspect is that they believe steep LIEberal arts college debt is some how related to education but there is not one provable instance showing that to be true. If anything it reinforces the childlike capacity of their (collective) brains.

    Further, throwing tantrums out in public all day is proof that they are lacking in employment – additional reinforcement of their immature minds.

    The remedy is plain, as it has been all along, though not stylish of late.

    A robust piece of hard maple, rounded on the edges and a handle on one end, with 1/2″ holes drilled through, 2″ on center each way, dipped in salt water, then administered powerfully and swiftly to quaking nude buttocks for 8 cycles, then a 1 minute cool down period, then 8 additional cycles.

    This remedy is assured of creating the desired attitude adjustment for a period of no less than 30 days, at which time the remedy may be re-administered as necessary.

    Whiney kids.

  4. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Lest people think that the subject of the above Hope n’ Change is just a joke……:

    Personally, all this squalling & balling from the Left’s just a manifestation of their basic childish female mentality,: Say yes to whatever they want (no matter how stupid &/or ultimately detrimental it is) & everything’s fine, say no & (even after giving WELL beyond what a relatively reasonable person would require as a sensible explanation of your refusal) you’re a heartless/cruel/vicious/hateful/evil MONSTER. The good part is that their increasingly insane behavior’s making our point about their fundamental dishonesty/duplicity/immaturity/hypocrisy to ever growing numbers of people who’d be inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt/try to excuse them. The smart move’s NOT to deride/denigrate/threaten to ‘whoop/stomp/kill their a$$ Bah GAWD!’ but instead calmly point out to the potentially sympathetic wafflers that these are the same people who go on & on & on about how caring/giving/kind/loving/peaceful/unselfish (i.e., ethically/morally/spiritually) Superior they are to everyone else & how things would be EVER SO much better if everyone was just like them.

    And for those who may think what I’m advocating is weakness/cowardice, review Sun Tzu’s advice about proper conduct toward enemies who’re committing suicide. Defend yourself/yours of course, but DON’T engage in what your enemies/their allies would surely portray as an ‘unnecessary/unprovoked/HORRIFIC’ attack on their ‘innocent/harmless’ widdew folkses ‘who weren’t doin’ NUFFIN!’. Recall how the ‘nice people’ reacted to the L.A./Ferguson/Baltimore rioters & the subsequent LACK of LE protection & you’ll get my point.

  5. “They’re upset that Rudy Giuliani, Pete Sessions, Newt Gingrich and others may end up on Trump’s team.”

    Um, yea… that. As the above, along with the Klintons, are the problem (and have been for decades) not the solution. Adding such to his team demonstrates either grave miscalculation or outright collaboration with the enemies of true liberty.