MDT: A Brief Reprieve


JC looks at the last week.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Reprieve. I’m seeing and hearing that word a lot from various sources not connected to one another.
    Take it as fact.
    Trump is the tide going out before the tsunami hits.
    The commies WILL. NEVER. STOP.

  2. My response:
    Even assuming Trump survives the electoral college vote (remember, the whole point of the electoral college is to reject presidents-elect who are not acceptable to the ruling class), there is no reprieve if history tells us anything. The oligarchy runs this country, and a president can only nudge things a bit one way or another. If Trump does nothing more than avoid nuclear war with Russia, that will be all we can expect from him. Trump’s own personal history does not inspire much confidence.

    But your other point is a very important question. When does blowing off steam become an actual serious threat that must be terminated? I don’t know the answer to this question, but it certainly calls for research and discussion. Of course if this country goes down the shitter (which is in our future anyway due to debt and currency destruction), the trigger point for response to such threats goes down significantly. Maybe free speech is a luxury available only in a stable and decent society? I already question the whole notion of rights as it is:

    • There are zero examples of the EC rejecting a President-elect….There are a couple of examples of an occupying Union army dictating the electoral votes from a State, e.g. 1864 and 1876

    • Let me tell you what happens without rights — commerce as we know it stops. Read some of the old 11th century literature of Britain. The only law of the land was you squatted on it and if you were stronger than your adversary you kept it. You dare never left your farm and fields for long for fear of losing it. As a consequence you only traded with your village when you could have received a higher price in the city.

      Without rights and recognized title you literally have nothing.

    • Bonneau,

      “The oligarchy runs this country….”

      And who might your “oligarchy” be ?

      You like to slap your keyboard with a lot of innuendo, rhetoric and simply left-wing inspired bull crap but, you never get to specifics. So, in your great knowledge of all things hidden from us untermenschen, I call on the great Paul Bonneau to enlighten us, the ignorant masses of just who this “oligarchy” are ?

      Ten names there oh wise one. Ten names Bonneau….enlighten me. Give me ten names who make up your dominant, conspiring individuals you call an oligarchy.

      Who are this oligarchy you write of ?

      • This ain’t exactly a liberal meme. If you want to believe the high school civics version of reality, taught in the government indoctrination centers, go ahead.

        • Bonneau,

          The high school civics version of reality ? What the hell is THAT ? Bonneau, I asked you to answer a specific question in my reply to the rhetoric and garbage you spew about an oligarchy. I asked you for ten names as part of this great oligarchy you contend is controlling my every thought and action. Instead you attach some fucking link that doesn’t say much except go in circles.

          Evidently ten names were too many for you, eh ? Would you have given me some specific names if I asked for only two ? Gave you a chance to have a legitimate argument. You didn’t do it. You couldn’t name names.

          You didn’t let me down Bonneau. You delivered exactly what I knew you would deliver….drivel. Pure, unadulterated BULLSHIT !

          So much for YOUR oligarchy. Go have another doobie.

        • Sure like that oligarchy word. Big word.Three syllables.Quite impressed. Nice job.I can’t wait until next week to read a new big boy word.

      • Regarding oligarchy:

        The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families (Parts 1 & 2)

        The “private central banks” have, of course, taken pains for centuries to conceal their concentrated power with interlocking Boards and Directorates. but this reality is being penetrated. “Using a database which listed 37 million companies and investors worldwide, the researchers studied all 43,060 trans-national corporations (TNCs), including the share ownerships linking them…” to map their worldwide power.
        These 40,000+ are not the “1%”; they are the 0.005%.–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html#.UfApTxZ0vyv
        Highly likely that these are the most concentrated cabal of misery and crimes against humanity.

        The Network of Global Corporate Control

        Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Group Of Wealthy Elitists Is Pulling The Strings

      • 1) Soros
        2) Dimon
        3) Gates
        4) Zuckerberg
        5) Bezos
        6) Buffet
        7) Clinton family
        8) Bush family
        9) Koch
        10) Bloomberg
        11) Brin
        12) Yellen

        …that’s just off the top of my head. Oligarchy in the real world is less like Marvel comics (you know, they can read your mind) and a little more like a vastly influential group of people who direct public policy through soft power (aka economics/public opinion) despite being unelected and having no official .gov title. Not that I’d expect you to read that kind of stuff, but it’s well known Buffet advises Yellen on monetary policy as well as Dimon. Neither hold an official position but both exert more influence than you or I on the FR. If there isn’t a different set of rules for different social classes, then pray tell why isn’t Clinton behind bars? The fact we a) are unaware of the practical and historical definition of oligarchy and b) think it’s a big word speaks to the inefficacy (not producing the desired effect) of the US education system and dearth of historical knowledge and the adult population at large.

        • Word.

        • JesseJames,

          Thanks for providing an answer to the question I posed to Bonneau. An answer he could have and should but, couldn’t answer.

          Understand that I tire of reading, watching and viewing the dissidents rail about something they know little of. But, that “big word” seems impressive like Knuck pointed out above. “Three syllables.”. Bonneau made an effort to editorialize on something he knows nothing of.

        • JesseJames,

          Thanks for providing an answer to the question I posed to Bonneau. An
          answer he could have and should but, couldn’t answer.

          Understand that I tire of reading, watching and viewing the dissidents rail about something they know little of. But, that “big word” seems impressive like Knuck pointed out above. “Three syllables.”. Bonneau made an effort to editorialize on something he knows nothing of.

  3. A fact worth pondering: “Within two hours of the call-to-action, MoveOn members had created more than 200 gatherings nationwide, with the number continuing to grow on Wednesday afternoon.”

    Got comms? Even a “phone tree”?

    • Liguori,

      “Got comms? Even a “phone tree”?”
      Excellent point ! ! ! An argument I’ve expressed and been concerned with for a very long time.

    • Liguori,

      BTW….the Rockwell link is interesting if not educational. Good one.

  4. Enough of the “Electoral College is unfair” silliness. The EC was written into the Constitution precisely to prevent large States from dominating and to preserve each State’s right to choose electors any way it wants to do so. It also eliminates the impossible cost of fighting over every vote. There is not going to be a Constitutional amendment, ever, so the whole topic is just propaganda.

  5. I am beginning to come to the conclusion that the rioters will not slow down until they receive their “participation” trophies. A 30 caliber one (or few) sounds about right to me.
    The latest on Drudge shows their ineptness. The fools picked a state that almost has more armed rednecks than Alabama. Good thing for them they were in one of the more liberal areas.

    • I haven’t noticed any rioters or looters in southern AZ, wonder why? Heh…

    • Watch, that is exactly what Soros and his ilk want us to do. They are goading the useful idiots to riot in hopes that they will become bullet magnets. This will lead to a crackdown and an “emergency continuation of government”. Both the Nazi’s and the Bolsheviks used the same tactics to gain power.
      The PTB are hoping for us to get impatient. They WANT us to react. They WANT collapse of the rule of law.

      • Yeap…”…and lead us not into temptation, but
        deliver us from evil…”

        Sir!…The last private’s out the rear hatch Sir!

        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  6. Some laughs:
    “I am still recovering from physical symptoms it caused.

    On Wednesday morning, I forced myself to go to the office through I hardly slept. At one point, I actually snapped at my manager saying ‘leave me alone’. Naturally, he was upset. On that day, I finally wept in the car, which helped me a little.

    Yesterday, I had to deal with headaches and aching body. I finally took a break from my work and had to lay in bed for two hours before I went back to work.

    My daughter has been very helpful to keep me going. I woke up 3:20 Am on Friday morning and could not go back to sleep. This is how I ended up writing this mail to my fellow DUers.

    I have a planned social event on Saturday and I am not quire sure what I may speak at the event. For I am actually afraid to find out if some of my social acquaintance turned out to be a Trump supporter.

    It will take quite a while to recover. Right now, I cannot watch TV news or news show even TRMS. (BTW, she looked like she was about to cry.)

    The hardest part of this election result was it was against all prediction. I still cannot understand what exactly happened. Why nobody predicted such a decisive Trump win. We discussed on DU about Newsweek article regarding his tie with Putin.” democratic underground

  7. The danger with these people is that they don’t know what violence feels like on either side of it. I’ve been on both, neither felt great. Watch what you pray for snowflake, you just might find it’s not what you want.

    • Gee, I hope someone thinks to forward this to Donald Trump. He may take it as Exhibit 1 of the evidence supporting the notion that it is not yet time to Kiss and Make Up with MSM.

      Further, I would suggest he stop giving interviews to them… stick with those who stuck with him.

      Just a suggestion…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Haven’t you ever seen a horror movie? The monster/maniac is *NEVER* dead the first time you “kill” it.

  8. When I see articles like this — and the orchestrated riots in the streets; it is easy to see how the first wave of useful idiots pose both a threat and will be easy pickings for those so prepared.

    • no. Brietbart is a neo-con operation. Chock full of faggots and Jews: Milo is typical. The alt-Right has already been converged. Before Breitbart, Bannon was at Goldman-Sachs.

  9. today Trump has once again praised the “demonstrators” (i.e., Soros’ hirelings) and just asked his supporters to “stop the hateful acts”. Ah…what reprieve was that?

    no worries, though. Limbaugh says it’s all just a clever rope-a-dope. That’s right Rush…Trump’s dopey voters – desperate, besieged Whites – just got roped.

    • We already won, Haxo, no war with Russia or China, jihadists in Syria soon to be sent packing…Trump reiterates that criminal aliens will be deported.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I think Trump may be smart enough to not show his hand until he’s sitting in the WH permanently, but if he doesn’t prosecute Hillary and Obama for their crimes, the Trump voters were played like a bad violin.
      Will THEY riot then?

  10. I think that Trump does not want to inflame the situation with the (organized and funded) protesters right now, because it is presently on O&Co’s watch. O will of course do nothing. Trump will pick his A/G (prob Guiliani, who has a lot of RICO prosecution experience). From there, the A/G will be quietly gathering facts and evidence and see what can be made of the case against Hillary and Obama. The A/G will look into the FBI and see the real picture of what really happened to the agency because of the efforts of Bill C and present A/G Lynch. They will need the full picture, and how Comey and individuals up the food chain handled the whitewash. This will take some time, and will be under the radar, my guess for now. And Soros and friends need to be on the investigation, too. Everything in due time. Trump won and is heading into a national FUBAR situation.

    Trump will have his hands full getting things done according to his first 100 days. He does not want to throw this effort to the back by having the rubes go bat-sh*t with a Hillary indictment in the git go. He will need finesse and some Machiavellian maneuvers to get his agenda through. Just remember that to get elected, he had to fight the dems, the media, and the RINOS. One only has so many chips going in. He will have to use them wisely.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      It’s OK to say bat-shit, we’re somewhat of an adult blog. Some of us here, myself included, have been known to have childish moments, but it’s mostly adult discussions.

    • European American

      Yes, I agree. We need to be patient. Trump is being very careful what he says now: “She is good”, is code for “We’re going to get her ass, and all the others, when the time is just right”.

      This presidency of Trumps is not necessarily about his “policies” as much as it has to do with a complete overhaul of a totally corrupt system, and that alone may take 4 years.

  11. williambanzai7

    SOROS copy


  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Yes keep prepping and networking.

    Meanwhile, the useful idiots of the collectivists continue to act out:
    Trump-ophobia Riots All Over the World

    “Soros’ affiliated organization released the following press release yesterday afternoon:
    Americans to Come Together in Hundreds Peaceful Gatherings of Solidarity, Resistance, and Resolve Following Election Results
    Hundreds of Americans, dozens of organizations to gather peacefully outside the White House and in cities and towns nationwide to take a continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.
    Tonight, thousands of Americans will come together at hundreds of peaceful gatherings in cities and towns across the nation, including outside the White House, following the results of Tuesday’s presidential election.
    The gatherings – organized by and allies – will affirm a continued rejection of Donald Trump’s bigotry, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and misogyny and demonstrate our resolve to fight together for the America we still believe is possible.

    Within two hours of the call-to-action, MoveOn members had created more than 200 gatherings nationwide, with the number continuing to grow on Wednesday afternoon.
    Now come reports from various protest locations that reveal a substantially coordinated effort, and not the organic grassroots showing by concerned Americans, as the mainstream media is reporting. Photos from Austin, Texas reveal a line of busses the “protestors” arrived in, making their appearance seem substantially less than organic – with a direct implication of being strategically orchestrated.”

    Bad people aren’t taking a rest…neither should we!

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  14. I am actually optimistic with trump and I was against him in the primary because I thought he would turn off so many; he would never win. imo, trump is strong enough, he can push thru kicking out some illegals, rolling back regulations and downsizings some govt that enough of America may back him as actually helping them unlike both dems and the gop has done since 2008.
    however, it may be too late; the avalanche coming from govt actions since bill Clinton may hit soon and may take trump down and if it doesn’t, both florida and texas get a little bit bluer every year with probably both dropping from red by 2028.
    so, trump may have just given us one last moment in the sun and I’m going to enjoy it knowing that we almost had Hillary.

  15. Stealth Spaniel

    I laughed when I read the BLM tweet. The brothers and sisters must be reading survival blogs. Let’s see; water purification, storing extra food-wasn’t that deemed hoarding? Oh! It’s different on the left…….. And then there was the threat warning: “if you live in a red state, you have 2 months to move or I’ll unfriend you!”. Really? Then this moron goes all hocus pocus with threats and omens of various physical harms.
    Use this time of reprieve wisely. More storage, more usable stuff, getting into physical shape, taking care of any surgeries that you may need, etc. I just hope that we have a peaceful end to this but, I am not holding my breath.

  16. Marlo Stanfield

    Need to take back  those blue western states. One at a time. Cali included. Cut off the federal funding for B.S. and those people will either get in line or can go else where. I have met people who moved here from Cali that claim they voted with their feet and brought their bad habits with them. Land wise Cali is a great looking state. Its the damn people who cause the problems. Those people  rely on federal funding and that can be turned off. More than a 100 million did not vote for either Clinton or Trump. 11-15,000 voted for that dead ape. That’s enough to have kept people in their seats or got some one new in.

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