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  1. That man’s writing is like best-grade syrup on butter lathered hotcakes.

    • It IS good writing … and good art, too. I know that’s just a personal preference.

      Anyways, put yourselves into “their” shoes. They see it all slipping away in a tide of “populist right-wing-ism”. Or something. Their very identities and self-esteem are under threat, not to mention their livelihoods.

      Given that the machinations of the democratic machinery have failed to deliver the promised goods, those on the “left” have but a single recourse.

      They know it. You know it. Just a matter of time.

      At the risk of boring you with repetition, it’s worth re-stating that, “The really important questions are always settled at the point of the sword.” On this Earth, there is no higher authority.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    Uncle Remus always makes me feel warm, comforted, and full of hope for the future. It’s like the best family visit, ever!

  3. Nice analogy Badger! His writing is like putting fresh made syrup on those hotcakes, right out of the kettle just boiled down syrup. BTW in order to get syrup the ratio is 40:1 and that sums up the woodpile for me. Pure gold.

    “On the morning of the election there were 4 million dead people on U.S. voter rolls” According to a lot of reports there were also 3 or so million illegals voting (and in my opinion closer to 20-30 million who came here illegally in the first place), but I digress. The calls for EC elimination are a recognition that Red States are being shifted to Blue States through importation of Brown Worker Bee tribes from failed narco states south of our former border. Many are already there. I’ve been to western Washington and upstate NY. Both areas have been heavily seeded with la Raza fodder. Send. Them. All. Home. Not 2-3 million, 20-30. That will cut down on the number Tfat needs to kill. That is all.

  4. I see that he is concerned about Priebus as Chief of Staff. I hate to break this to him, but while President Trump can do much simply with Executive Orders, he will need SOME support from Congress to pass laws. Recognizing that the Republican “leadership” in Congress are Rove Republican swill, choosing Priebus for that post gives him an opportunity to find common ground in the legislative arena. As long as he has Bannon as strategist, he has the ability to remain appropriately grounded. Of course, it’s possible that he only has Bannon for show, and Priebus will be the man behind the curtain. But at this point, I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. Purity of vision would be great, but I’ll be happy if Charles Martel merely starts the battle against the evil.

    I also see that President Trump may choose Mr. Giuliani as SoS. If so, I will be glad that he cannot simultaneously be AG. Giuliani comes off as too partisan for that job, since corruption and fraud is rampant on BOTH sides of the aisle. Of course, to keep some here happy, I should probably spell that correctly; “JEWliani”…

    Once again, I do not see justice for Mr. Finicum nor for Mr. Yantis in the near future, but there may be justice for Mr. Scalia.

  5. Woodpile link led me to this. These satanic bastards need to be stopped. Evil, pure evil. In all the celebration of victory lets not forget what was uncovered along the path. I’d really like to believe this isn’t true but unfortunately it probably is true and therefore people need to hang. Paging Vlad the Impaler, pedo problem on line 1/

  6. That was a good read. People need to hang but won’t. The Central Banks ruining the planet & running the show won’t allow that. They need the Barking Moonbats for cover & concealment. In this version of a Machiavellian hybrid warfare they desire constant tension – anxiety – angst – fear et al etc. Identify / Target / Infiltrate / Exploit repeat as necessary until desired fracture points occur then bring out the Kinetic stuff. The Amygdala HiJacked Moonbats by in large, haven’t figured out they are the canon fodder still. When American Patriots long ago knew things were FUBAR & called for a revolution the Moonbats gloated in the schadenfreude. Now that TRUMP is the POTUS the Moonbats are crying revolution. As long as it is ‘their idea’ it sounds good. Demonstrates how far apart & politically divided it is. The chasms & schisms on multiple levels. ‘Ordo ab Chao’ is the agenda. Tick Tock….

  7. This ending notice high-lighted the reality on the
    ground, so study the terrain before you land:

    “Their tools don’t fit. Were they smart rather than deviously clever they’d notice the periscopes in every direction. They don’t and they won’t. Stay away from crowds.”

    Above All:
    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”