Secede And Decentralize: An Open Letter To Clinton Supporters

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-11-04-10-pm(Source: Economist interactive graphic; click to try)

FUSA is not one country.

It is a disintegrating mash-up of irreconcilable interest groups, only a few of which believe in the rule of (objective, defined in writing) law.

Let it go.

Phrased alternatively, how can believers in freedom hold others against their will?


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  1. “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  2. Any state that wants to secede should be allowed to do so PEACEABLY at their first available opportunity, but they need to read up on what it takes to be admitted back in the union… just in case they have buyers remorse.

    Secession is allowed under the 10th Amendment and there is no mention of it in the Constitution itself. Of course the Lincoln and Hamilton bootlickers like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin will point out some unconstitutional SCOTUS decision as the law saying States can’t secede. Bullshit. The people of any state vote on an Article of Secession and cut ties with Leviathan.

    I know, I know it’s not bad enough yet… but it will be… sooner than you think.

    Grey Ghost

    • “they need to read up on what it takes to be admitted back in the union”

      Generally, empires are all too eager to add to their territory, so your concerns here might be a bit overblown. 🙂

  3. Marlo Stanfield

    Their cut of the national debt must go with them. And no more federal funding. No highway support.

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  4. Thank you for superimposing the county-based graphic versus the state by state that was in the linked article. Oregon, listed as a blue state on a statewide basis, is, in fact, far more red. In the national election, had one county, just one out of the 36 in the state, been simply removed from the results, Trump would have carried the state with 38,000 votes and we would have a Republican Governor by a margin of 58,000 votes. A similar story could be told for Washington State and even (gasp) a goodly portion of California. The real gap is rural versus urban, in all states. Pennsylvania is another fine example, with the majority of the state being red but with two population centers skewing the results. Those who bleat for “secession” had better stop to think where they will get their food, and study the experiences of those who survived the siege of Leningrad.

  5. 1) Secession: hogwash. Pure, utter, and undiluted.
    2) Decentralization: Exactly what 48% of the country doesn’t want, ever. Might as well wish for world peace, and a pony. And while you’re wishing, wish me up one of those chocolate donuts with the sprinkles on it…
    3) Nota bene, one and all, outside of Oklahoma and West Virginia, there is no state that is entirely red. Chew on that for awhile, and let it digest.
    And the blue areas are spreading. Some day, you’ll wake up and realize that it’s demographically impossible to blame all that on transplants from California/NYFC/Chicongo, and perhaps start addressing your own growing problems. (Hint: whaddya think is the reason .gov spends all that money on college loans, Medicare, and bringing in immigrants, legal and illegal?) And for those of you who voted with your feet and fled the above thinking you could run and hide from that problem, where are you chickenshits going to move to now??

    • Best be careful, Aesop. I bet there are plenty of people who are willing and able to make you a “chocolate” donut with “sprinkles” on it…

      • So, Mark, you’re not a movie fan.

        Call me when they conjure anything up by wishing.
        So far, throwing tantrums is all they’ve got.

  6. Loss of faith. Unwavering belief and fortitude will pull you through some giant piles of shit.Being a stubborn son of a bitch helps also.The Donald is about to face the Kraken.Unleash the full power and might of the bloated bureaucracy. Nepotism,incompetence running rampant. This is a nation of neighborhoods. Fuck around in the wrong hood, you wind up dead. Nature and simple math.Ballistic pendulum. Secede from life under the thumb of DC. Local,local,local.

  7. unreal. The urban parasites – Jews, Blacks, mexicans, slants, muslims, white cosmics – literally live off us. The parasites will not/cannot go away. And in the longer run, they intend to kill us – the Host – then die themselves. So we need to kill them first.

  8. Do you think we could get 200 years out of the next one?

  9. Boy, the U.S. dissolving into two states, Liberal and Conservative would solve a lot of problems, at least short term. Imagine draining a country of people who are content to live on the dole instead of working. Imagine a country who are free to practice their religion without some nitwit walking up to them and telling them their prayers are interfering with their lives.

    Sounds pretty good to me.

    • tangotango-03

      i dont expect them to secede, the libs that said they would leave are all changing their tune so, by the barrel of the gun we live or we die!

  10. Yes, bring on the national divorce.

  11. This map is interesting because, in our part of the country (almost exclusively red), there’s a direct correlation between democrat pockets & counties with major universities.

  12. That “Freedom…..Free Stuff” agitprop by Oleg says it all.
    Watch the video at the FUSA is not one country linked above:
    3 Brief Minutes Of Trumpian Schadenfreude

  13. That interactive map is going to get shared since this FOG can speak to grand-kids about both ends of the slider.

  14. “Phrased alternatively, how can believers in freedom hold others against their will?”

    In MY house YOUR will is irrelevant.
    Shut the fuck up, or move.

    Whiney children that refuse to listen to common sense will be forcefully removed from the AO and issued a stern warning and possible physical *abatement*.

    ** Beaten repeatedly about the head and shoulders area with a blunt, metal like object.

    • GS,

      “Whiney children that refuse to listen….”

      If they are/have attended .gov schools therein lies your and everyone else’s problem.

      When FREEFOR decides to freshen the Tree of Liberty they may want to include the school superintendant and school board. And that is just gor starters.

      60,000,000 treasonous, Marxist scum supported Klinton. There’s a lot of people nneeding “refreshed”.

    • “In MY house YOUR will is irrelevant.”

      Seems to me, it’s my house too. Maybe you should move instead.

      Normally, until a better way is found, secession is determined by majority vote.

  15. Let them go. Preferably county by county. 30 days before the ‘effective by’ date, pull out all military bases, remove all Federal property & equipment in National Guard control, and all resources from various other Federal agencies. No more Federal money/grants/subsidies. Usual border checkpoints between countries. If they want to import food and other stuff; negotiate a trade treaty. Want to export? Need a trade treaty. Visas, passports…. Cross-border insurance requirements. No more SNAP, welfare, SSDI, they’ll have to set up their own telephone number system, radio & television station systems, set up international relations agreements with the world, appoint ambassadors, oh … And figure out how they are going to PAY everyone and everything. Teach them in a very tangible, adult way, all the things they take for granted, and have no concept of.

  16. Janet Sturgis

    A dream world would be blue states taking their marbles and going somewhere else!

  17. Anyone who hasn’t read Donald Livingston’s book “Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century” should do so. It looks at size and scale of the country. It is clear we are no longer “one” nation under God.

  18. look at that map, you should notice that the heavily blue areas are mostly the heavily hispanic place(Texas southern border, CA, etc).
    Just think how different the country would be if the 1965 immigration act didn’t open the welcome mat.
    Then think if that is where the country is now, where it will be after another 25 years and Hispanics assume even more of the percent of population, the country is going socialism eventually (and the idea that the gop thinks they are going to turn them into gop voters is laughable)

  19. PO'd American

    The silhouette of the “jug-eared” one should be in profile, facing the free shite with his back turned on freedom… just like in real life!

    • PO’d,

      “The silhouette of the “jug-eared” one….”

      You be makin’ reference to that dirtbag Paul Ryan of cheese country ?

  20. 100-200 million useless fucks…
    Exactly like I have said many times before.



    Someone in Oregon is filing an initiative for secession. I aim to sign it. Knowing Oregon, it is probably going to be pretty popular. Everybody here hates the feds. That is why the Bundys got off in Portland.

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