A Simple Question


From over the transom.

29 responses to “A Simple Question

  1. Simple answer: Original sin./ S//

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Some things are best left to their simplest form.

  3. Lots of irony in the world..

    Locks at the cop shop
    Bars with parking lots.
    Cars that can exceed the speed limit.
    Government intelligence.

    There really is no limit…

  4. …….YOU KNOW WHY……… stop fucking with my mind here ! lowest form of thieving gutter tripe worthless sacks of shit ……same as all other government employees (especially the current VA ) how much more do they need to see … hear…feel…..experience…..to know they are doing wrong.

  5. Because cops are scumbag liars and thieves?

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    It’s always embarrassing when someone from another shift borrows your “drop gun” or “drop baggie” and leaves you high and dry for your shift.

  7. Because lawyers walk through there occasionally….

  8. Because sometimes lawyers and politicians go in?

  9. VooDoo6Actual

    Scorpion & Frog metonymy. Who’s the Scorpion & who’s the Frog is the ongoing conundrum of discernment regarding human behavior. Keep your Tribe small.

  10. well its only because a non leo like me might break in and steal it all

  11. Because it’s a LOCKer ROOM………

  12. 50% people are good. 50% people are bad. One’s experience may be different, e.g. Experience more good than bad. That changes when people are not so comfortable during hard times. Integrity more or less gets nullified.

    Personal experience is there are more bad cops than good cops during good times. Must be ego along with their self righteousness…

  13. All it shows is how low the bar is to ” qualify”…

  14. The locks are to protect their steroids and other chemical assistants.

  15. Throw away pieces are easy to acquire. They usually go on sale when a LEO retires.

  16. Yikes, you guys should take a chill pill. All are sinners, every one of us. Some of us are just better at it. You will none of you find any group on earth, human, that doesn’t have some thieves, liars, hypocrites, murderers, rapists, and other off the line people in it. It’s just the way of the human race. Even the lily white never-hurt-a-single-person-in-her-life choir member harbors hate in her heart for SOMEONE, somewhere, sometime. In G*d’s eyes, it is all filthy sin, the stolen pencil, or the murdered mate. Strive for the good, promote it, enshrine it, push it, demand it. You will not get it all the time, but if your emphasis is on IT, rather than evil, more often than not, you’ll reap the good. Just remember, we are none of us perfect, and expecting perfection is the prelude to disappointment, and blind hatred. The love of money, is the root of all sorts of evil.

  17. I’m just happy we got “fuck the police” outta my associates, T-bone and Jolly Roger.

    The only reason I locked my locker was to keep the 18 year old tight underage police explore girls from stealing Those pics they gave me, back.

    Had no idea those girls were that limber, and good sports to!