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The Reds will not stop.

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  1. 1) Paul who?
    Some guy who was almost somebody, like 50 years ago?
    Yah, got it.
    2) People talking about violence to solve a lack of liberty and tolerance.
    Irony much?
    3) The douche in question is 70 years old, and safely ensconced in NYFC’s environs, at least look. He doesn’t even have the energy to wet his Depends in public. Probability of him even owning a gun there is about 1%.
    Paying him any heed at all is the worst thing you could do.
    All he can do is try to instigate (as if anyone in his target demographic under 35 would listen to him in the first place). Or crap his drawers.
    Ignore the dopey old f*cker; he’ll be dead in a couple of years, and with any luck or karma at all, from getting mugged by the Diversity.

    • Well, I was going to go there, but you beat me to it. 😀
      Where are the thought police now? LMAO!

    • Well aren’t you the asshole, decider of age? I just turned 70 and I am nothing as you described. Matter of fact if I could meet you in an alley somewhere I’d fucking kill you and cut your nuts off to feed some rangy dog. Just for spite. Don’t let your testosterone get to running your mouth, punk, you are nothing until you experience your body at 70 years old and your mind still at 30 years old and ready to take care of any business necessary.

  2. cool! Let’s play Taxi Driver. I’ve always wanted to truck a Mohawk and shoot scumbags.
    I don’t mean to bring you boys down but let’s look at this from a data point of view.

    They’re bussing in scrotebags and creating some minor fucking disturbance in urban areas where tv cameras are convenient. Damage: minor. This is the usual paper tiger from the left. They’re still fighting the last war, thinking if they can only get mentioned by ted koppel that they’re winning. Is this really sweat off your balls? If yes, move your ass to someplace decent.

    Read that some high schools and middle schools had all their kids “quit in protests”. Where did those kids get them ideas? Put your local hipster teachers on your list. Which you should have already.

    Let these fucking idiots waste time, money and effort on this useless shit. Let you in on a little secret: if they do manage to fraud the electoral college then GOOD. Just proves the rot is too deep to be cured and we all know what the only solution is beyond that point, now don’t we?
    Now get your asses back to prepping, you’ve fucking gold bricked around enough. Besides, all this happy shit is helping us by waking the somnolent couch potatoes. See that they get shown the way. Lead by example and turn off the dickhead lights until they’re really needed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “They’re bussing in scrotebags and creating some minor fucking disturbance in urban areas where tv cameras are convenient. Damage: minor”

      One the one hand – yes, that’s true, it’s only minor damage. On the other hand, they are largely getting away with it. That’s not insignificant.

    • “Clarity Checks”

      I do so love Clarity Checks.

      This is one of the better ones.

      Thank you.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “cool! Let’s play Taxi Driver. I’ve always wanted to truck a Mohawk and shoot scumbags.”

      We’re in, since we get to bang 13 year-old hookers!
      – Bill & Hill

  3. These progressives may be the dumbest apes on the planet. They have willingly given up all their guns to the govt and now they want a street war. The govt used to be Obama. It’s going to be Trump. Trump will soon have all their guns and now they want a war? They are insane off the scale. You add in the fact that the Trump voters, along with the Alt-right and the Patriot community most likely posses 90% of all the privately held assault weapons in Amerika. The commies are looking at a mass suicide a million times that of Jonestown. They think we are so dumb. But they wanna attack us armed with rocks, molotov cocktails and baseball bats, while we are standing there by the hundred thousand, each armed with Ak’s and Ar-15’s along with a shitload of ammo. These nutcase libs are currently rioting and burning down their own neighborhoods. Lets see if they are dumb enough to come into our neighborhoods and be violent.
    Get off my lawn.

    • That sounds better every time I read it. They are kinda dumb, maybe the’ll come… NAW!

      • Haxo Angmark

        I don’t know about this. They’re organized and flashmob quickly. If a Soros Black Einsatzgruppe of say 200 armed niggers showed up in my White suburban neighborhood tomorrow AM, they’d find one opponent: me and my .308. I’d drop a few of them and then be overwhelmed. The rest of the local Whites, cosmics and Foxtards, would then be EZ meat.

  4. Here ya little commie fartstain is what will happen should you attempt actual violence.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Another pissant…

    Hey, Pauli, careful what you wish for…

  7. John Brown’s plan did not work because the blacks did not rise up when he wanted them to. Same scenario will run with the 70 year old progressive.
    1. Plan a rebellion. Attack and raid Harper’s Ferry Arsenal.
    2. Foment a black rebellion of slaves. [no rebellion happened]
    3. Slaves are free. [ because of the failure of (2) John Brown was hung and the slaves weren’t freed]
    Beware of presumptuous assumptions. They will come back and bite thee in the a$$, or fill you full of lead.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Remember the eventual endgame, though – guys singing a song about John Brown accomplished what he wanted. He was a pawn (self) sacrificed for a bigger gain.

  8. I can’t personally do anything about the EC becoming faithless, nor can I personally stop the “protests” about Trump becoming President. I can however, do what I’ve learned to do in the past, and that is wait patiently for the “protesters” to chimp out enough and wind up in my neighborhood, ie: field of fire, or near enough to it for me to occupy a pre-planned fighting position. Yes, I have an insertion and egress protocol, supporting elements, and backup plans for the backup plans. I don’t get all dressed up for nuthin’. Either case, I’m not going to interrupt my enemies while they’re busy making mistakes, and when they reach the critical juncture of my locality, and enter the range card area, well, let’s just say a reversal of their intentions may be in order. I also have pursuit and finish plans. Ah, the switch from defense, to offense, and the ignorance of my enemies to activate the whole thing. Christmas may come early this year. Side note, anybody that can do anything to help Joe Robertson, in solitary, 77yr. old disabled vet, in the Littleton Colo. Fed lockup, for creating a pond on his own property and put there by the EPA, please look him and the whole thing up. Called my Congressman twice today, and found they can do nothing. Real helpful, those congressmen. Anyway, Joe is not a well man, and is being mistreated even more than his unjust imprisonment. Please take a gander. He is old, and needs help. You can find out about him at redoubtnews. com.

    • Thanks. Will do a post on him.

      • If he can wait until 21 January, he may be OK…

        Although the right person would need to know…

        • Haxo Angmark

          and who would that be? Trump? The Trump who collected $1,000,000 “for the veterans” in Iowa, then sat on the money for months until the MSM shamed him into handing it over? Yeah, that Trump.

    • The thing you got to think about here is The Great Fuck You is just getting it’s Donkey Kong on: The revolution happened, but there is a real different aspect to this revolution that is outside the box, the revolution was easy, it’s the mopping up operation you got to be thinking about. The red diaper babies got their ass’s handed to them, and their going fucking nuts trying to figure out how they where outsmarted. The Great Fuck You seriously baked their noodles. This astroturf liberty they are squawking about isn’t going to cut the mustard, there’s no popular support on the scale required like indigenous grass roots support The Great Fuck You has.
      It’s a serious conundrum for the bastards. They dealt themselves really bad cards, they got nothing but shit stirring and a legacy media that is all but bankrupt and despised. Whats killing them is their false narratives and memes are so yesterday, and that just pours salt on their wittle booboos.
      But the best part is events are beyond control, all they can do is play catch up. The Great Fuck You is a true open source insurgency, it is the dirt people getting inside their OODA loop, and it not only outflanked the sonofabitches, it got into their rear and fucked with them something fierce. They are so far behind the curve now they can’t even see it.
      The fall back position is to shit stir and make a spectacle of themselves, strut around like bandy roosters and act like nothing happened to their precious cultural revolution, double down on the Walmart grade violence and rioting, and call million upon millions of American’s racists hoping everyone will grovel and cower in politically correct subservience. But the full scope of it hasn’t sunk in yet, those of us they hate and fear, well in simplest terms, we really don’t care.
      They got nothing, thats the bottom line, they really got nothing to offer, no culture, no prosperity, no happiness, it’s a human dead end, it’s an empty suit like their chocolate savor, and thats the epiphany that has dawned on millions of dirt people: Because fuck you thats why.
      You can’t scare people who don’t care about your fucking happy horse shit PC Kubaki theater. It doesn’t work, because it means when dirt people no longer care, they no longer are ruled by fear, and when the totalitarian instrument of ruling souls with fear no longer works you not only loose power over those people, you loose those people for keeps.
      There is no going back for the cultural marxists, their long march went over a cliff. It’s done, Toast. Kaput.
      But these spoiled brats are going to be a long time, and the hard way, learning that.
      That’s the mopping up operation. It’s gonna be the hard way, because seriously, you can’t fix this kind of stupid. But you can exterminate it with extreme prejudice. And that is where nationalism and grass roots populism happen, local local local. This isn’t a generals war, it isn’t an oligarchs war, it isn’t a politicians baliwack, local or otherwise, the underlying currents of the revolution is a sea change thats left them all for dust also. This is a local war, it’s being fought by hearts and minds, as it rightfully, and righteously should be. It’s the only way, because the paradigm in all this is everyone in on it has figured out it all begins with each of us, nobody was going to, and never will, save us but ourselves, it is that manifest thing, as it should be.
      Us dirt people, us deplorable’s, bitter clingers, they where right to call us so, it’s the truth of truths here. But what they really where calling us was provincial. And what have all of them despised more?
      We have the power now, that almost undefinable indescribable motive power, it is a power to see the future, without them, and there is nothing like it, it is unstoppable if we want it to be. Nothing or nobody can deny us. We could bring this government to it’s knees, destroy it without a shot fired in aggression or anger. It would only take days, maybe hours. We hold all the keys now.
      If that isn’t the most blood curdling terrifying existential thing imaginable to the status quo, I couldn’t imagine.
      And that is what they are trying to do, that is the battle right now, they are trying to false narrative and distract that truth of us, it’s all they got. It’s all they ever had. Because us dirt people always had that power to begin with.

  9. Hey Commies, Build a Wall! And make sure we armed Patriots are on the other side.

  10. Confederate miner

    Off topic. I’ve got to thinking about these retail drones they are selling. They might prove to be very useful. I have yet to play with. Anybody here know much about them have one? Any thoughts?

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    Add Joss Wheedon to the list, also.

  12. This guy is a whackjob.


    TRUMP took Michigun.

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    Typical Hollywood Self Appointed Important Person: I grew up with and around these assholes. They say you are as valuable as your last movie, and if your last movie was TaxiDriver……..ain’t nobody reading your stuff. Ain’t nobody taking your phone calls, ain’t nobody inviting you to fancy dinners or a People cover shoot. Hollywood High has bigger bad asses than you.

  14. The closeted homosexual Robert Dinero never took a risk that didn’t involve a stuntman doing his dirty work…..bring it old man. 🙂

  15. Irrelevancy announcing itself.

    Many of these people ARE going way, and all we have to do is ignore them.