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  1. That’s about right considering 95% of the ‘kids’ working registers these days can’t make change for $10 let alone anything more complicated.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Most of them don’t even know what algebra is. The graduates, I mean.

  4. FrozenPatriot

    Haha, that’s perfect timing. I’m in the middle of solving a set of fifth-order equations and derivatives to solve an angular motion problem. I love me some algebra…

  5. hbowman1966, and G*d forbid that the electric goes off, and they have to make change using their math abilities. And then they have to figure the tax! Shocking business!

  6. Enter a fast food joint or convenience store.Buy something for $2.00. Hand the cashier ten dollars and 21 cents.Time stands still as the feeble brain cannot grasp what is happening. Hand them more pennies after the register has figured your change.Enter the manager. The transaction must now be invalidated,re-entered and hopefully a call put in to the district manager. Idiocracy is a documentary movie.. If you are going to be a dick,be all that you can be.

  7. ALCON,

    For those of you who missed this story told in the past…..

    #1. One day not so long ago I’m issuing boots to 5 knuckleheads. I ask them “Do you all know how to lace up a pair of boots ?” The five reply in the affirmative. Several minutes later I observe one of them lacing his boot….from the TOP to the bottom ! Einstein was a second year engineering student.

    #2. I’m reviewing some records of Devontae’s. I see his high school diploma has his middle name misspelled. “Yo, Devontae….your school spelled your middle name wrong on your diploma.” “Thas hows I spells it.” says the smart guy. I hold up a copy of Devontae’s birth certificate with a totally different spelling of his middle name and ask him which one is correct. Duh !

    #3. One day I’m checking some records of Tommy S. Tentpeg. I ask Tentpeg “What’s your middle name” ? “Stephen”, says he. Well, as there are 5 ways to spell “Stephen” I ask him how he spells his middle name. Recent .gov high school graduate Tentpeg looks at me quizzically and states simply, “I don’t know how to spell it. I never use it.”

    So there you have it folks, a slice of Amerikana for you. Two .gov high school graduates who couldn’t spell their own names and a second year college engineering student who didn’t know how to lace UP a pair of boots. Better hope you don’t someday drive over a bridge this clown engineered !

    My solution to education in Amerika is to shovel more taxpayer money to the unionized teachers. That should bring up those SATs and have junior know how to spell his middle name before he graduates ! Whaddya think ?

  8. I was a supervisor at a retail store when be great blackout of august 2003 happened. None of the cashiers could do their jobs once the power went out.

    That was 13 years ago. Now a days they’d need safe spaces.

    • There is a certain part of me that is horribly fascinated by the idea of watching people like that after an EMP attack, when not only the registers won’t work, but nothing else electronic will either. There is a tiny part of of my psyche that is going to enjoy their reaction to the non-functioning electronic teat that they have been sucking on for the last decade or so. The rest of me plans on being a long way away from people like that……

  9. At the age of, oh, about 50+, I went with a younger friend to a rock concert.
    Just before the break, we headed to the beer kiosk (two planks over saw horses) to beat the crush.

    First to the planks, I asked the cute but vacant blond for a beer.

    Now, I’ve always looked younger than my chronology but, to my and my pal’s amazement, she carded me! After exclamations and some hooting, I handed her my DL.

    She stood there studying the DOB like a cow staring at a new gate. College students and other youngsters in line next door were watching and smirking as my buddy smacked me on the back, saying,”Way to go, Gramps!”

    So I asked her, “Whassamatter, Honey? Can’t do the big numbers without a calculator?” to much hilarity for the onlookers and anguished blushing on the part of the unfortunate and abused, by neglect of her education, young lady.

    It was funny but I still feel a little guilty for a rather cruel remark. It really wasn’t her fault. What was perpetrated against her and several generations was all by malign design, carried out by ignorant dupes.

    That was twenty years ago.

  10. I make 1/3 pound burgers on my grill. So, I go to the meat counter and tell the young man that I need a pound and a third of ground beef. He looks over at an older co-worker and asks him for help. Dude didn’t know to just load up the scale with 1.333 pounds. The older guy looked disgusted and embarrassed.

    I should probably get 2 pounds next time and make 6 burgers. The older dude might not be there. There could be trouble.