TL Davis: Blue Island People Want Your Republic



They want more than that.

Thing is, they don’t understand the Real World.

Or, as a grumpy old guy said at the gun store last night:

“Do you think these assholes even understand what will happen when thousands of pissed-off armed Americans decide to take just one shot at the target of their own choice – be it human or otherwise – and then go home? College professors, low-level local politician nobodies, media celebutards, elderly leftist icons — they all are walking around every day as if real people with real balls can’t find them and destroy them. Death squads? Shit. I’m talking about death battalions.”

Snowflakes need to read their Bracken.


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  1. I’ve never been threatened by a “low-level bureaucrat, or a college professor” … and I’m willing to bet that none of you has, either.

    They are nothing more than men with bad intentions.

    Real evil resides elsewhere.

    • Bad intentions combined with action in their jobs and the ballots.

      Bob, your country and culture has been murdered while all good Englishmen of yore watched and were well-mannered.

      How’s the Third World treating the scepter’d Isle, laddie?

      And what is the future for the English roses?

      • As you allude, crime requires physical action. There is no crime in having bad thoughts. It’s undoubtedly true that bureaucrats are complicit in the criminality that is the State, but the real accolades must surely go to the “enforcement class”. Cops and soldiers … these are always the men who turn policy into reality.

        It’s no coincidence that you (we) are taught to venerate these men. It’s a deliberate strategy to create Cog Dis in the minds of each of us.

        That’s my view, anyway.

        With respect to these Septic Isles, we shall endure no less than we deserve. The average Brit is deeply Socialist, and the society reflects that, with Socialisation of every important service … from the creation of Money, to defence, policing, healthcare, infrastructure, schooling; so many things. There’s few innocents, out there; nearly everyone has participated in the Collectivism, via the dogma of “Democracy”. I’m at the “fuck it” stage, where I no longer care how it goes down.

        A few people harbour thoughts of repatriating the Muslim and the immigrant, but that’s no trivial matter. We have whole cities which are, effectively, ghettos. Pretty sure that the Muslim/Somali/whatever, won’t roll over like the Jews did. And, there’s enough to put up a real fight. Anyway, those who would repatriate, have no higher ambition than to place themselves into positions of dominance.

        Really, there remains not much worth fighting for. What are you gonna do … fight to preserve the same system which extorts and controls you? Not me. Let it burn. English Roses can spread their legs to all comers; I care not.

        But, let’s assume that British people managed to sever the tentacles of the EUSSR. Then what? In a year or three, Europe will be Islamic, or else engulfed in war. Will the British Isles be unscathed? An Islamic Europe would not suffer the presence of an Infidel England on its border. A Europe at war would assuredly spread its destruction across that narrow English Channel.

        In any event, a full half of the British people want European domination over their lives; they want multiculturalism. The political scene is analogous to your own, with a pretty clear divide… though less volatile and violent, as yet.

        Sounds somewhat nihilistic, I suppose. This isn’t my England. I’m a foreigner, now, sharing little with most of those with whom I come into contact. All thanks to the Internet.

        • I could be reading this wrong, but it kind of sounds like the men and women who are ‘nothing more than bad intentions’ have made major headway into fucking over an awful lot of people, all without a lick of physical action. I wonder then if a person can be dangerous without actually throwing a brick themselves? They seemed to have removed people like you from the equation without a single shot fired…

          • Yes, if I stand in my little corner of England and listen very carefully, I can hear the muted sound of gunfire from over the water … as enraged Americans protest the innumerable injustices that have been imposed upon them by “harmless bureaucrats”.

            No, my mistake … it’s the sound of crickets.

            • It sounded to me like this was a conversation about whether or not that kind of thing can square with your moral compass, not whether or not the streets are running red.

              Suffice to say I doubt that you can hear very much from your little corner of England. Cherrio and rah rah, good chap- we will be alright. Ill probably even ship out when the time comes to save Europe again.

              • You can’t save us. This Europe … this England … these are what we WANT.

                Similarly, we WANTED disarmament. It wasn’t imposed. The masses demanded it.

                When the time comes, there will be no need to come door-to-door, demanding your firearms. You, or your children, will be hastening to hand them in.

                I cannot over-stress the power of propaganda. The mind is everything.

                You’ve already been taught to be blind to the sins of the “enforcement class” … in fact, to venerate them. The rest will come, in good time.

            • You were defeated before your first cowardly blog comment, because…

              Cowardice, impotence, moral dilemma, ennui, defeatism and, er,


              And yet you have the sheer gall to come here and rant at us.

              US! The deplorable rabble who yet have the courage and remnant spirit to pull off the “greatest (unforeseen by the chattering classes) upset” in US electoral history, repudiating all that has gone before in the war on America waged by the
              with all their might for the last ————— years!

              Yes, it ain’t over. Yes, there’s work to do, but rope and lamp posts aren’t that complex.

              Those crickets? There living in your head, rent free.

    • yeah?.. it wasnt some pumped up gym rat on roids that wacoed a church full of independent minds in Texas.. it was an old dishrag with poor eyesight and Parkinsons Educated by liberal communists disguised as Americans , that pulled the trigger.

      You best learn what costume and head dress your enemy wears… and the institutions they cower in while waiting to make their next move.
      The real evil is right under your nose, disguised as a librarian, professor, or obedient low-level bureaucrat.

      • I have no doubt that the librarian and professor mean me ill. But, it is not they who DO me ill. Speaking in generalities, here. There will be some exceptions, of course.

        The crime is in the action, not the thought. IMO.

        If thinking made us criminals, where would we be?

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “If thinking made us criminals, where would we be?”

          The answer to that question is being decided in real time. The whole point of P.C. is to control language and thought, and it is getting improper thought outlawed. Look at “hate crime” statutes: kill someone, bad; kill someone and use a racial/religious slur while doing it, somehow worse.

          • Haxo Angmark

            just a minor addit: who was it that gave us “hate crime” laws? That would be Newt Gingrich and his bulldyke sister. Think Trump’s going to repeal “hate crime” laws? Think again. He’s also Ok with faggots wandering into the girl’s bathroom. And all the rest of the Kosher Culture of Death. Like Cruz said: “New York values”.

        • You are even more morally detached/confused than I imagined… or, as I did proclaim earlier, just plain cowardly.


          Or, preferably, find a spine and some balls, and go kill whatever threatens you and yours.

    • So, these useful idiots are NOT “the droids we’re looking for”?…… Well, I dunno ’bout everybody else but your hollow reassurance is good enough for me…….. Maybe we all just imagined the hateful rhetoric and calls for violence issued by “not these droids” over the last year…….

    • You haven’t been threatened, but your life, and your kids’ lives, have been changed for the worse by them…..

    • Do unto others before they do unto you.

    • viva la revolucion!

      Re: petty bureaucrat. My dad died the day before a bunch of state and federal tax forms were due for our small business. They didn’t get filled out / signed / remitted by me until a few days later. Both the state & the feds automatically generated nasty-grams. (I don’t have a problem with this. It’s software, and tax scofflaws offend me.) We (my CPA & I) wrote a letter of appeal, explaining the situation and reminded them that not once had we ever before been late with a form / payment. The IRS’ response: Sorry about your dad, all is forgiven. The state’s response: Get fucked. Too bad so sad. I still have that letter, and when the revolution comes that mofo, if still alive is going up against the wall.

    • “real evil” requires worker bees…just like any other successful enterprise.

      You’ll actually lose that bet…low level bureaucrats and educators in all levels ‘threaten” Americans every single day…even if most threats are simply the threat to threaten, “If ___________________________” (fill in the blank with a ball point, blue or black ink pen.)

      In fact, the more local the threat to threaten, even at the lowest level, the more effective that threat becomes. “Local Local Local” didn’t drop in on FREEFOR from the ethereal, you know.

  2. Correct, and they haven’t stopped. One way they are doing it is creating local police forces that are going to be federalized through acceptance of fiat candy. See this page for all the evidence you need:

    How about you peace officers band together and get to the bottom of the pedo problem in this country?

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    “Death Battallions?!”

    Every time I wake up in the morning and click onto WRS–I get yet another one of these “happy thoughts.”

    Thank you.

  4. “grumpy old guy”. That’s the problem. IF Trump manages to retard System Collapse for a full 8 years, the Judeo-globalists will have sluiced in an additional 25,000,000 or more non-White collectivists into the country. Meanwhile, non-White births are exceeding White births by an ever larger margin (via: JudeoFeminism), and, beginning in 2012, White deaths began exceeding White births by an ever larger margin. ALREADY the majority of the population 18 years old and under is Jew, latino, black, asian, muslim. Whites are rapidly running out of demographic time, and – factor in the urban White cosmics who have signed on to self-liquidation in return for a cut of the debt-pie – Trump’s patriotard smother will doom us.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing about the demographics for a long time. This is nothing short of an extinction event. We’re already in the mid-stage. It’s now or never. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

    • Expect Obama and company to pull the carpet out from the economic house of cards just before 1/20/17.

      Trump will be handed a shit sandwich and I am not even fully sure he understands that’s between those moldy slices of bread.

    • Amen Angmark! It’s the demographics. Do the math. FedGov-indoctrinated Millennials voted for the Witch and pure evil over Trump 2 to 1. Their numbers are increasing. Patriots are decreasing. I grew up in the 50s. like someone mentioned here recently, it won’t be long and no one will remember what we lost. It is Declaration of Independence time.

  5. I repeat, an Electoral coup by faithless electors would be the “go” trigger for exactly those “death battalions” (Happy Thought!).

    I can’t promise that the leaders of The Diversity aren’t stupid enough to actually go for it, but I can prognosticate their permanent comeuppance at about 3200 ft/sec shortly afterwards.

    If those Little Groups Of Communists are intent on suicide by overreach, bring it on. Open season, no bag limit, screw the hunting regs.

    But I suspect they’re the mumbling, murmuring sort, and their masters know for whom the tumbrels would roll come that day, and are loathe to unleash such a single-edged sword at their own ample midsections.

    They will therefore do no such thing (willingly, at least; I would not rule out miscalculation), and instead will lurch back to trying to grift as much as they can get until the gravy trains stop running, all while agitating the feeble-minded, and hoping for more favorable tides when the pendulum swings back their way.

    They haven’t groked that the pendulum’s arcs are getting wider, not smaller, and that the next time our side is pushed too far, they’ll get the mother of all endgames, good and hard.

    Our side is not the only one given a respite a week ago, we’re just the only ones who know it.

    The maxim for us is the same as to every infantry unit paused on an objective: position improvement. Dig, wire, mine, reinforce, resupply, consolidate. Then exploit the new position.

    • Your a contradiction Aesop…Sometimes I wonder where your coming from…

    • “Our side is not the only one given a respite a week ago, we’re just the only ones who know it.”


      Act on that.

  6. if trump took Lucille thru most of the govt depts, especially the va; and took it to the first two levels of mgt; it would probably not be a bad idea(and highly motivating to the staff)

  7. The army of one, the ultimate in open source …

    There are about 13 million (firearm) hunters in the US and about 70 million recognized gun owners. Lets play “what if”…

    If 1% hit the breaking point and were to engage the establishment entirely independently (e.g. every man as an island) over the course of 1 year, engaging targets whether personnel or material; you now have 43,000 “islands” engaging if hunters only and about 230,000 islands engaging if we assume 1% of all gun owners hit the breakpoint.
    Further let’s be conservative and say that each island engages a single target and there is only a cumulative 1/3 success rate for the islands collectively all over the course of 1 year.

    The 1% with a 33% success rate means that there are an average of 117 successful strikes per day for hunters only. And about 600 successful strikes per day for the 1% of all gun owners.

    The game ends right there! No nation, no army will survive 100 to 600 successful strikes per day even assuming the individual strikes are generally noncritical resources.

    Worse yet (for the establishment) there is no command/control system to attack, all the fancy military hardware is virtually useless.

    Capturing or killing any individual “island” has no direct impact on any other. There is no force-on-force response to 40,000 islands, where each island knows his AO intimately. Once triggered the only response is essentially political acquiescence to the “islands”

  8. Negan is a Metaphor for Government, Hillary and her class are simply the pathological WROLists that want to loot the nation and rape it’s people

  9. “…..pissed-off armed Americans decide to take just one shot at the target of their own choice – be it human or otherwise – and then go home?”

    OH MYYYYYY….this so reminds me of a novel entitled ‘Unintended Consequences’ . So, what would Henry Bowman do?

  10. Ha, I just read that bracken link……. so yes, go read bracken.

    The college professor and low level politicos are like HIV. Just like the virus, the professor and the politico won’t kill you but they break you down and allow the rise of the infection that will kill you.

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