War Suicide In Viet Nam


Brock educates all of us on another tragedy stemming from the Americon Communist Party’s betrayal of our RVN allies.

Never forget.

>Stand With Us -- In Vietnamese

9 responses to “War Suicide In Viet Nam

  1. The Usual Suspect

    Our commie Demoncrat party killed S.V.N. by withholding the military
    aid we promised them we would supply when we withdrew with honor.
    Condemning the S.V.N. military to the fate that befell them.

    Our cowardly Republicrat party did not pay the reparations that they
    agreed to and condemned the P.O.W.’s that N.V. still held in case the
    U.S. reneged on it’s promises, which it did.
    They died one by one or were sent to USSR or bloc countries to be the
    victim of experimental mind scrubbing.

    Our combined government knew this and still keep this a open secret.
    Treason .

  2. And how many US servicemen commit suicide daily right here at home? Abandoned and neglected, they’ve given all they can….

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Jimmy the Saint

    Seems like our State Department’s official slogan should be: “You fucked up – you trusted us!”

  5. outlawpatriot

    Vietnam. The war of my generation. History, before and after has proven that we should never have been involved.

    And it’s looking like the wars we have been involved in since fall into the same category.


    • Word. Our war.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Excellent point.
      And the younger generation of our own soldiers seem to treat us with the same contempt that the civilians did then. Why, I don’t know. Maybe they’ll wake up some day too.
      But either way, our time in was not wasted, we learned some great life skills.

    • Yes and the South Vietnamese were so corrupt, fraud was modus operandi whenever they dealt with Americans. Kennedy wrote off the RVN and so did Eisenhower. The military industrial complex and its cohorts in government made that war possible.

      The Vietnamese people were worth saving, but not that RVN government.

  6. Buried a nam-era ,Navy vet,buddy at Ft Logan today. .Marco was 66.